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Meet 74 year Old Bodybuilder Tsutomo Tosaka

74 year old bodybuilder Tsutomo Tosaka has been pumping iron for almost 50 years now.

Tosaka’s competed in a competition at the age of 74. This Is Genius greased up the guy who took the video went specifically to meet him and see him take part in the contest.

One thing to keep in mind is that Tsutomo Tosaka is not an aberration, you will see plenty of body builders around the world who are this old and still going full speed at doing weight lifting and participating in competitions.

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Brother Speed Motorcycle Club Blamed For Chaos On I-5

On Sept 18, two dozen Brother Speed Motorcyle Club members were involved in an accident on I5 according to the Oregon Police. The interstate was closed for hours because of this.

According to eye witnesses, the bikers were behind the cars and because of the traffic the cars and bikes tried to slow down. But instead the bikers collided with the cars and from then on the Domino effect took hold. Because of the collision many bikes were scattered on the pavement.

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Keisha Nicole Nichols Pics

I am going to present Keisha Nicole Nichols Pics in this article but before I do that, a few words on one of the most unlucky girl of the week.

Any girl would hate being Keisha Nicole Nichols because of the fate played its hand and left her hanging/perching precariously on the dangerous ledge that is marriage.

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Napoleon Death Mask

 Napoleon Death MaskWhat the heck is up with Napoleon Death Mask? All my friends are talking about this mask which looks eerily like Napolean.

I will have to find out more about this quickly because I don’t like it when people everywhere are talking about Napoleon Death Mask and I have no clue what the heck this is.

So what I am going to do is, use crowd intelligence to find out what Napoleon Death Mask is. What crowd intelligence means I am going to write this article and request the readers to point me in the right direction using the comments section below.

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Houston Car Chase 2009

A man in Houston led the police on a wild goose high speed car chase, driving his vehicle for over 25 miles before pulling up in a parking garage. This is from July 06, 2009.

The driver was in a white colored van and the high speed chase in Houston went on for nearly an hour and zig-zagging through two counties in Houston, Texas.

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CPR AEG 10002 Submit Jackson

 45539818 006977414 CPR AEG 10002 Submit JacksonI know the internet is going all topsy turvy with Michael Jackson’s death but recently my business intelligence unit came across this terminology CPR AEG 10002 Submit Jackson.

Even though we have not been able to place it appropriately so far but if asked to venture a guess, I would say this term also has something to do with Michael Jackson. So what does this term  stand for. Lets break it down and see where it leads us.

CPR AEG 10002 Submit Jackson

The first word of the sentence CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and it is an emergency medical procedure for a victim of cardiac arrest or, in some circumstances, respiratory arrest.

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OK Magazine Cover of Michael Jackson

47835151 OK Magazine Cover of Michael JacksonOK Magazine paid a kings ransom to buy the photo of Michael Jackson as he lay dying on the emergency services stretcher.

It is a grim photo of King of Pop Michael Jackson when he was in the throes of his last minutes.

Worldwide, the coverage of Whack Jacko has been quite positive as everybody uniformly recognizes the significant contribution Michael made in the field of music.

But tabloids will be tabloids and cannot take this away from them.

Media Week is reporting that international tabloid and magazine OK! paid somewhere in the neighborhood of half mil.

Thats right, about $500,000 for exclusive rights to photos of the dying star as he was rushed to the hospital before he passed away on June 25.

These are not pleasant picture of  Michael’s fans want to see him as. Lying helplessly on the emergency stretcher.

>> Show Some Love. Grab Michael Jackson Ring Tones!

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Pabst Wins Ugliest Dog Contest

dog pabst 180 Pabst Wins Ugliest Dog ContestPabst is a mutt owned by a gentleman in California who has now been labeled as the proud owner of the world’s most ugliest dog.

If you can’t have the world’s cutest dog, to hell with them. Be a man and get the most bada$$ dog.

Pabst is basically a hybrid of boxer that was rescued from a shelter by Miles Egstad of Citrus Heights, California.

Now he has won the annual Ugly Dog contest.

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Melissa Missy Giove Busted

One of my favorite sports stars of yesteryears, Melissa Missy Giove was busted by the police and DEA for trafficking  the banned substance marijuana.

Melissa Missy Giove is 37-years-old and not so long ago she dominated the arena of downhill bike racing when soon after she retired. But not before she won a lot of medals and trophies and earned a special mention in the world of Bike Racing.

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Glass Frog Information

An exploration expedition to the still undiscovered pristine forests of Ecuador near the Peruvian border uncovered about a dozen new species, including a salamander that Conservation International said looked like E.T., the alien from the Steven Spielberg film and a frog with a skin so transparent that you could see its internal organs. The frog has been christened as Glass Frog.

Glass Frog Information

The discoveries in the Nangaritza region of the Cordillera del Condor included what the researchers termed a “remarkably ugly bug-eyed salamander,” a red poison arrow frog and a frog smaller than a “pinky” fingernail. A lizard, a third frog and seven grasshoppers also were among the newly found creatures.

The findings by herpetologists in the upper Nangaritza River basin that’s geologically isolated from other parts of the Andes also featured a glass frog, so-called for its semitransparent covering that goes for skin which allows a viewer to see the internal organs, and two bird species endemic to the mountain range.

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