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Bob Fratta and Farah Fratta Saga

Bob Fratta Farah Fratta and Children

This is an extremely sad and shocking tragedy concerning Bob and Farah Fratta. Back in 1994 Farah was filing for divorce proceedings against her husband Bob Fratta and he grew extremely agitated over it.

So much so that he hatched a plan to have Farah killed because if he could not have her, nobody else also should not have Farah.

Farah Baquer Fratta was described by those who knew her as a loving mom of three young children. Farah was 33 years of age when she was fatally shot after she parked her car in the garage. Neighbors in the vicinity saw the shooter run from the her home.

Bob Fratta Bio & Wiki Info

Bob was an employee of Public Safety in Missouri City. The city ran a dual office for police and fire department where Bob worked. Bob and Farah had three children during their years as a married couple. The name of their children were Amber, Daniel and Bradley.

Bob Fratta Execution Date

I am still trying to get more details on this. If you know the date, please post the answer below. Bob is currently on death row. His trial had to be held again back in 2007.

The details are still emerging and I will update this article as and when they become available.

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Former Hoosiers Player Todd Leary Arrested for Fraud

Todd Leary, a former Indiana Basketball player and current broadcaster, is arrested in connection with a multi-million dollar real-estate fraud.  The 39-year old Leary was booked into jail on Thursday night in Monroe County jail in Bloomington, IN.  However, the warrant for his arrest was served by Allen County.

Leary faces 17 class-B felony charges against him including conspiracy to misappropriate title insurance escrow funds by improperly transferring $1.3 million to a bank account he controlled. Leary’s mate Brian Evans cooperated with the police to unfold the fraudulent scheme. Court also documented that Leary once worked for Joseph Garretson, a title insurance broker, who pleaded guilty in a $2.3 million scheme.

So far it has not yet been determined if Leary is being represented by an attorney.

Leary was a star at Lawrence North and played for the Hoosiers in 1989-1994, including their 1992 NCAA Final Four team. His career statistics achieved 77 three point field goals that are at 11th place in the history of Hoosiers.  He presently serves as a color analyst for Indiana University’s radio broadcasts (but I guess not anymore!)

The news of Todd Leary has definitely shocked the basketball fans.

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Post Office Hostage Situation at Wytheville VA

This is just off the police radio. It is being reported that about five hostages have been taken at a post office in a village in Virginia.

The mayor of village Wytheville, Trent Crewe has reportedly said to the media that five people who happened to be inside the building were taken hostages. There is no report as to who is holding them, or whether its one person or more than one.

Out of the five people, three of the hostages were employees at the post office and two were said to be customers. Emergency police radio reported gunfire shots but no one has been injured.

State police in Virginia has set access points and have ordered the SWAT team to help out in this situation. Reports of an explosives team on the site are also being made to the media.

The hostage situation at Wytheville VA started at about 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Are you a local or know somebody from that area? Do you have any information on this?

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Manu Sharma’s Parole- The Controversy!

It began on the night of 29th April, 1999, when Jessica Lal, a model  in Delhi was attending  the party of a leading socialite Bina  Ramani , who had organized a party at her recently inaugurated restaurant, “Tamarind Court”.Although they were not authorized to sell liquor, yet drinks were being served on the house, by many of her friends and models. Continue Reading

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Orlando Office Shooting: 2 Dead 5 Injured in Orlando Office Shooting, Workers Barricaded in Office

The Orlando office shooting is horrible. The Orlando office shooting is horrific. The Orlando office shooting is the second shooting in 2 days.  The Orlando office shooting has left 2 dead and 5 injured.  Many more Orlando office workers are barricaded in their offices.

Police are searching for an armed suspect wearing blue shirt and jeans.  The Orlando office shooting is so significant that I-4 in Orlando has been shut down.  The police believe the suspect is Jason Rodriguez DOB 9/28/69.  He may be in a 2002 Nissan SUV Silver Florida Tag D119UX, according to a Live Fox News Report. Call 800-423-TIPS if you have more information.  Motive in the Orlando Office shooting is unclear, although the suspect is believed to be a former employee of a company in the Orlando office shooting.

The Orlando office shooting comes less than 24 hours after the Fort Hood shooting that claimed 13 lives and injured 30, including Kimberly Munley – the civilian police officer that took down gunman Malik Nadal Hassan.

There is no actual official confirmation of the victims and body counts.  An official on Fox News indicated that reports stating that there are deaths are not true.  There are no confirmed deaths at this time, but that could change at any time.

For the most recent information, tune in to Fox News or CNN. Officials cannot release information about the victims for obvious reasons, and as we speak the crime scene is still active.  Fox News reporters state that 2 may be dead, however these are not official reports.

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10 Bodies Found: Authorities Found 10 Bodies Inside Cleveland Serial Killer’s Home

10 bodies found? 10 bodies were found inside a home in Cleveland. 10 bodies were found, and the 10 bodies found are victims of the Cleveland Serial Killer.

The Cleveland Serial Killer is Anthony Sowell.  Anthony Sowell is a convicted rapist and registered sex offender. Since he is a registered sex offender, he must make regular contact with the police. No one ever thought that a search of Anthony Sowell’s home would lead to 10 bodies found.

One of Anthony Sowell’s victims escaped.  She is the one that alerted authorities that she was raped at the home.  Authorities searched the home and found 10 bodies. They also found a human skull.  They are expanding their search to vacant homes around the area, and plan on knocking the walls in the home down to see if they can find more bodies.

Neighbors have been complaining of a foul odor in the area.  A nearby cheese and sausage processing plant had to put in a new sewer because the citizens of the area thought the stench was from the plant. Not so.  The 10 bodies found inside Anthony Sowell’s home were what were making the smell so horrible.

The Cleveland Serial Killer preyed on transients and drug users.  This is partially how Anthony Sowell got away with having 10 dead bodies in his home.

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Brooke Wilberger Case

Brooke Wilberger case might get a breakthrough it desperately needs. The suspected remains of Brooke Wilberger might have been found.

The Brooke Wilberger case has been lying in deep freeze for almost five years now.

Brooke Wilberger was the bright young and cheerful university student at Brigham Young University who vanished from an Oregon apartment building and now media reports say the remains found might be hers.

Joel Courtney was arrested by police in this case and upon interrogation told the police where he left the remains of Brooke Wilberger after abducting her. Right now the police have not released much details and the location of the remains need to be confirmed.

Joel Courtney, 42, has confessed to the incident and pleaded guilty. The deal allows the prisoner to stay in jail for life without hope for parole. As part of the deal, Joel Courtney agreed to divulge the location of Brooke Wolberger remains so that she could be found and finally buried by her family.

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Death of a Cheerleader Jasmine Thompson

An 18-year-old man suspected in the fatal shooting of a Bayshore High School cheerleader has turned himself in to the law authorities on late Saturday.

Daniel f. Williams was wanted by the detectives since the Friday night shooting of Jasmine Thompson. Daniel walked in to the office of the sheriff and turned himself in.

Daniel was immediately arrested and charged with second-degree murder. The circumstances of the incident are still being investigated and police did not reveal much details about the case.

Quite an unfortunate tragedy and again underscores the importance of reining in guns that are freely available to troubled individuals which can then lead to such grave loss.

Do you go to the Bayshore High school or live in that neighborhood? Do you have any inside details about the case?

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Brother Speed Motorcycle Club Blamed For Chaos On I-5

On Sept 18, two dozen Brother Speed Motorcyle Club members were involved in an accident on I5 according to the Oregon Police. The interstate was closed for hours because of this.

According to eye witnesses, the bikers were behind the cars and because of the traffic the cars and bikes tried to slow down. But instead the bikers collided with the cars and from then on the Domino effect took hold. Because of the collision many bikes were scattered on the pavement.

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Delonte West Arrested

Delonte Maurice West  is a professional basketball player for the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. Right from school Delonte was famous as an athlete. While in his junior year at college, Delonte decided to pursue a career in professional basketball and leaving college midyear.

Delonte West is currently hogging the limelight because recently he got arrested for carrying loaded weapons. On September 17, 2009 Delonte West was pulled over by a police officer after he cut off the cop while driving his motorbike.

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