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Time Traveler In Charlie Chaplin Clip? Experts Say No (Video)

Footage from a 1928 Charlie Chaplin film premiere has had the Internet buzzing about the possibility of time travel, but it appears it isn’t what it seems. Continue Reading

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Girl Throws Puppy into River Video Angers Animal Adorers

A girl throws puppy into river video is going viral today, and it’s angering animal lovers. I can’t say that I blame them.  After all, seeing a puppy thrown into a river with no defenses is BEYOND disturbing.

Last week, the viral video was of a woman throwing a cat in a garbage bin and walking away.  She did this thinking that no one would see her, but she was caught on video surveillance.
However, this more sinister video is of a girl taking a bucket full of black puppies and one by one throwing them into the river. No emotion is shown.

Some are calling for the arrest of the girl, but there is no information on where the video was taped and who posted the video.  Animals are innocent, and I can’t help but feel sorry for them when they are preyed upon like this.

Here is a link to the girl throws puppy into river video.  What are your thoughts…should she be punished for this action?

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Topless Women Fight for Right to go Barechested Like Men

Topless women in several cities around the country went topless today to fight for the “Constitutional” right to be barechested in public just like men.  Venice Beach, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Denver, Miami Beach and Seattle are all cities where organized protests.

In order to avoid getting arrested for indecent exposure, women covered their breasts with red tape and band aids.

Counter protesters from the LA Bible Believers group showed up at the protests, claiming that just because men do something doesn’t mean that women need to do it too.

Seems like a kind of strange thing to to be protesting with all the problems in the country such as the 9/11 mosque and the quest for the unemployment extension, don’t you think?

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Canadian Mounties Discover Bears Guarding a Pot Farm

Canadian Mounties find bears guarding pot farm. Canadian Royal Mounties look for the country’s illegal pot farms, or “grow-ops.”  What they are used to finding are guards, but this time they were met with docile bears.  Yes, bears were actually guarding the grow-op, but they had a very friendly way of doing so.

The bears were also fed dog food, which is illegal. You see, this makes the bears “docile” or friendly.  They will always seek people out to feed them, as they don’t have the skills to hunt. They will then sometimes hurt people and damage property looking for something to eat.

Hopefully the pot guard bears will be able to find a new home. Otherwise, if they are a safety risk, they could be “destroyed.”

The “grow op” owners aren’t very smart.  The bears didn’t do their job guarding the crop – the police still confiscated it and destroyed it!

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Pop Tart Restaurant in New York City?

A pop tart restaurant in New York City? Ironically, a pop tart restaurant is opening up in NYC which will sell creations such as marshmallow crème sandwiched between two fudge pop tarts.  Or a cinnamon roll topped with cinnamon pop tart crunches.  Or “pop tart sushi” which is different fruity blends of pop tarts minced together, then wrapped in a fruit roll up.

For those who want to be health(ier)  you can eat “ants on a log” which is celery, peanut butter, with wild grape pop tart sprinkles.
I am not joking.  The heart attack is awaiting New Yorkers, and soon they will be able to taste all these delicious creations.  If I were a dentist, I would be sure to plop up an office right across the road with all the sugar being served up there.

Will you try a dish from the Pop Tart restaurant, or do you think this is just a fad that will boil over?

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Obama Birthday Cake Blocked from 49th Birthday Celebration for ‘Security Reasons’

Obama’s birthday cake was absent from his 49th birthday celebration, raising the question as to what good a birthday is with no cake. It’s not that the cake was forgotten, it’s that the Secret Service blocked it for “Security Reasons.”

Unions were supposed to give the Commander in chief a celebration, complete with a delicious treat.  Obama expressed his disappointment, and joked that the Secret Service was likely eating it at that very minute.

Sad.  A birthday without a cake is like…a car without gas, it just doesn’t run.  However, when it comes to safety, I guess you can’t ever be too secure – especially when the President of the United States is at risk.

Not only did Barack not have a cake, he didn’t have a family, either.  Sasha and Michelle are in Spain and Mailia is at sleepaway camp.  Everyone did call him, though and as the Press Secretary Robert Gibbs announced, those phone calls were the highlight of his big day.

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Parasailing Donkey a Retired Donkey, Won’t Fly Any More

The Parasailing donkey brought a lot of controversy a couple of weeks ago.  The donkey was parasailing over the ocean in Russia after some marketers thought it would be a good idea to feature the four legged animal in their commercial.  Unfortunately for the donkey, this meant being ripped across the air for about 30 minutes while children cried and onlookers watched in horror.

The Russian police opened an investigation, as they didn’t know why no one called them when the animal was above the ocean.  They found out about the incident through cell phone camera footage.
Since the donkey lived and was not harmed physically, they couldn’t do anything about the incident. No charges were filed (hmm…perhaps that’s why no one called…they knew you wouldn’t do anything!)

Now, the animal is retired and won’t be at sea anymore.  She’s at the Kremlin Stables undergoing observation – after which she will retire to an animal sanctuary in Great Britain.

What do you think about the donkey’s treatment? Is it warranted?

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Dog Eats Infected Toe, Saves Owner’s Life

A dog ate an infected toe, saving his owners life.  In Michigan, a man got drunk of beer and “huge margaritas” only to wake up from his drunken stupor to find that his dog ate off his severely infected toe.

The man got a cut on his foot which became infected.  As the infection grew, the man did not seek treatment.  He also said that he likely would not have sought medical treatment had his four legged friend not munched off the appendage.

This saved the man’s life. Without treatment, the infection could have gotten into the blood stream killed him.

Sadly, the dog credited with saving its owners life is now under observation to ensure that it is not a menace. This is very sad, as the dog should be getting the royal treatment for saving a life.  It should be the man who admitted he wouldn’t have went to the doctor to heal his own infection that should be under some kind of observation, not the dog!

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Dog Mistaken for Coyote, And Released into Wild by Kentucky Animal Shelter

Copper, the Dog Mistaken for Coyote

A dog mistaken for a coyote was released into the wild by a Kentucky Animal shelter.  The problem? It was someone’s pet! The authorities had to find a couple who realized that the shelter mistaken their dog for a coyote. 

The 11 year old registered Shiba Ibu disappeared from its owner’s home on July 3, 2010.  A cop responded to one of the many posters put out in the area, as he took the dog to the shelter. That is how they found out that it was mistaken for a coyote.

The shelter stands by its decision to release the animal in to the wild, as if it truly were a wild animal it would be illegal to house it. Not to mention the fact that it could have harmed the other animals at the shelter had it truly been wild.

Take a look at the included picture.  Does the dog look like a coyote to you? To me, it really doesn’t but I could be biased because I read the story before I saw a photo of the dog.

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Stickynoodz and StickyDrama: A Jessi Slaughter (Kerligirl13) Favorite

Sticky Noodz and Sticky Drama became famous when the Jessi Slaughter (Kerligirl13) scandal broke. Slaughter is an 11 year old girl who had a very widely viewed meltdown on the popular site, YouTube.  Webmaster Christopher Stone owns the two dirty sites. One of them,, is actually a dirty site for high school students.

Slaughter was active and quite popular on StickyDrama. She said her meltdown started because she was mad that people were lying about her sexual history on the site.  She never in a million years dreamed that her bizarre YouTube meltdown under her handle Kerligirl13 would go so far.
She received death threats, nasty comments on social networking pages, and unwanted deliveries.  The phone calls, letters, and blatant threats were too much for her parents and they had to ship her off.   

In the rants, Jessi Slaughter screamed that the “haters” should get AIDS, and also made reference to popping a glock in someone’s mouth and making a “brain slushy.”

Needless to say, the beautiful young girl needs some serious help…and she’s been placed in protective custody with her state’s Department of Family Services.

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