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PDF Hack: iPhone, iPad Users Susceptible – Symantec Warns Apple

A PDF hack could be used to compromise an Apple iPhone or iPad, and Symantec has warned Apple of the problem.  A PDF hack works like this: an unsuspecting user visits a Web site, and a corrupt PDF file is then downloaded.  This file gives users access to the iPhone or iPad – full control.  This compromised security can be used to mess up your files and application.

In short, the PDF hack works like a jailbreak.  This, of course, is bad news for Apple users.  After all, a commonly believed piece of information is that Apple products are virus and hack proof. That is not true.

So what is the savvy iPhone or iPad user to do with this issue at hand? Steer clear of opening PDF files directly! That’s what you can do.  Only open PDF’s from trusted sources until Apple is able to download a patch.

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SkyGrabber: A Download Allows People to Intercept Downloads – Where to get SkyGrabber

SkyGrabber is a download which allows users to intercept text messages, music and movie downloads, and more.  SkyGrabber is said to be the culprit behind insurgents hacking US Drone planes and reviewing footage.

Sounds complex, doesn’t it? While SkyGrabber sounds like a sophisticated government-grade program – it’s not.  In most cases, a SkyGrabber download costs less than a tank of gas.  For just $25.95 you can download information without even having your internet connection on.

According to the Web site,

SkyGrabberis offline satellite internet downloader. It intercepts satellite data( movie, music, pictures ) that downloadind by other users and saves information in your hard disk. So, you’ll get new movie, best music and funny pictures for free.


I can’t help but wonder if the tabloids and gossip magazines used programs such as SkyGrabber to get information for their stories.  In the litigious society we live in, I really don’t think that tabloids would run stories without having at least some form of proof that a story could be true.

With the advent of SkyGrabber and reports that it can be used to hack some of our military’s most sensitive information, it wouldn’t be surprising if this type of software will become illegal over time. 

Head on over to to check out this download.  The site was so popular today that there were actually times when the site was completely unavailable.

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Tiger Woods Text Messages: Alleged Text Messages Still Sent to Mistresses

Tiger Woods text messages remain a popular topic.  It is rumored that Tiger Woods sent text messages to at least two alleged mistresses, even after his November 27th car accident. In addition, it is also rumored that despite divorce rumors Tiger continues to be in “continuous” contact via text message.

Given the sheer drama of what has happened in Tiger’s life, don’t you think he would give up any form of electronic communication that could potentially land in the hands of a gossip magazine or tabloid? I guess the old saying is true – a leopard can’t change his spots just lie a Tiger can’t change his stripes.

That being said, maybe the golfer is smart enough to keep the text messages G-rated.  At the time the scandal broke,  Jaimee Grubbs released about 300 text messages to Us Magazine. The contents of the text messages were very racy.

TMZ reported that Tiger Woods actively pursued Rachel Uchitel – even text messaging her – after his car accident.  This is after the tabloid reports surfaced and announced their affair and after the world was already making speculations because of the bizarre car accident.

What can we all learn from the scandal? Don’t text anything you wouldn’t want everyone else to see.  Today it was announced that Satellite program allows users to intercept messages and downloads and store them on their hard drive.  Don’t think for one second that your text messages are safe!

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DDOS Cyber Attack North Korea Suspected

July 4 which is celebrated by all the Americans as their Independence Day has another chapter added to it in the history of computer attacks. You will be surprised to know that several government websites got knocked off due to a unique widespread cyber attack. I am sure quite a few of us have experienced the problem of cyber attack at some point of time, but that is restricted to the private sites. This is one of its kind, where several official websites were down at varying points.

It came into notice when quite a few of the websites such as the Transportation Department, Federal Trade Commission, The Treasury Department and also the ones that are responsible for fighting against the cyber crime were all not opening up. As a matter of fact, there are various sites that have been experienced major problems even till Tuesday evening. This incident is being linked to the cyber attack on the government and private websites of South Korea.

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Orkut Criminal Outfits Take Cyber War To Next Level

It is a known fact that on popular social networking websites, rivalries between countries exist. Usually they are friendly rivalries. However post Mumbai attacks saw a different turn into the meaning of rivalries. Orkut is a very popular social networking site in both Pakistan and India. Recently, an Indian group known as HMG (Hindu Militant Guards) committed a gross criminal offense by hacking into the largest Pakistan community in Orkut.

The community for 41 thousands plus Pakistani members was hacked using brute force and owner’s profile was compromised very badly using sophisticated hacking methods. Their reason for hacking into a largest Pakistani community was to avenge the Mumbai attacks. Its shocking how something that had happened in real life, had to transcend into virtual life.

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Online Movie Piracy: Watching Movies For Free

Take a look at this site.

This is how the online version of a business take down looks like.

Most of us enjoy watching movies. It would be even more fun to watch movies and not have to pay for it. Internet has made that possible. Easy availability of music online has already sounded the death knell for music publishing industry. Record sales have fallen down like there’s no tomorrow and totally stripped this business model of any respect.

Now the same could have happened in the movie business too but the Hollywood moguls have learned their lessons well. They smartened up and took the fight right into the enemy camp. The pirates have no where to run and hide.

Cinematube is one example of that. This site was not even well known. Even then Hollywood went after it (and its ilk) with hammer and tongs to act as a deterrent for other such similar piracy businesses online.

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Chinese Web Vandals Attacking Western Targets

Many of you would have noticed the heavy chatter in the media about China and its atrocities in Tibet. With the oncoming games, people are the world are protesting about the excesses China has been committing.

Apparently, CNN too couldn’t resist jumping on the bandwagon when one of their hosts trashed China on its harsh policies.

This ruffled quite a few feathers. Besides the Chinese government coming out against CNN, a bunch of hackers planned to get back on CNN by launching a full scale cyber attack against the online presence of news giant.

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WordPress Blog Hacked? Now What

If you still have the old version of WordPress deployed, remember your site can be easily hacked because of known exploits. The hackers may or may not have a lot to gain by injecting malware or spammy links on your website but if you own the website, it could be your worst nightmare.

A spammed website will most likely be ignored by search engine crawlers resulting in dropped rankings. In fact, Technorati is totally junking the older versions of WP from its system.

Sites like Security Focus are publishing a bunch of hacks possible on older versions of WordPress. So before you get mugged by a script kiddie, take the necessary action.

Lets say one fine day you wake up and realize your blog has been a victim of such an attack, what do you do?

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Computer Commands That Hackers Use

What I am about to tell you should be used primarily for learning and education. Certainly not for any dubious activities. It is possible to connect to another computer through the internet and browse through their directory structure, update and copy the file etc. Before you can connect you are prompted for a login and password so obviously (and preferably) you need the other person’s explicit co-operation and consent.

If you try to login without consent and approval, it is deemed as hacking. Still, if your intention is neat, meaning you just want to probe and not damage, then you are a white hat hacker. But if you want to hold the other person hostage, then you are deemed a black hat hacker.

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WordPress Under Repeated DOS Attacks saw DOS attacks beginning Saturday, and the attacks were continuing till yesterday as some of the users still could not log on to their site.

Matt Mullenweg, the brains behind WordPress and its spokesman, also confirmed these attacks. There were spikes of about 6 GB of incoming traffic rendering the blogs inaccessible by some users for almost up to 15 minutes.

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