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Playmate Crystal Harris Playboy Photos Must-See

Everybody’s looking for Crystal Harris’ Playboy photos, especially now that she’s engaged to her boyfriend of two years, Hugh Hefner.  Nothing like taking a gorgeous woman out of competition to get people interested in finding out what they might be missing.  Since Hefner’s announcement hit Twitter on Christmas day that he had given Crystal Harris an engagement ring, the story has been on fire — and Crystal Harris’ Playboy photos have been in demand.

“After the movie tonight,” Hefner posted.  “Crystal & I exchanged gifts. I gave Crystal a ring. A truly memorable Christmas Eve.”

He later said she burst into tears when he gave her the ring.  He quickly clarified: “Yes, the ring I gave Crystal is an engagement ring. I didn’t mean to make a mystery out of it. A very merry Christmas to all.”

Although the 84-year-old Playboy founder said that he doubted he would marry again — but allowed it was “possible” — when he filed for divorce from his wife of 21 years in 2009, by April 2010 (after the divorce was finalized in March) he seemed to be leaning toward marrying Harris, a young model that had been chosen as one of the replacements for the three stars of E! Television’s Girls Next Door that had just left the show (one of which was Kendra Wilkinson).

Crystal Harris, who is 60 years younger than Hugh Hefner, not only became one of the Girls Next Door, along with the Shannon twins, Karissa and Kristina, she also became Playboy Playmate Miss December 2009.  Hefner dated all three women until January 2010.

No date has been set for the wedding as yet.

There has been no word if there will be a Girls Next Door spin-off to “document” the engagement.

Photos of Crystal Harris can be found at

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Santa Claus Is Coming To Town: NORAD Santa Tracker Follows His Flight

Santa Claus is coming to town next week! Be sure to track his Christmas Eve flight with the NORAD 2010 Santa Tracker. Continue Reading

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2018 & 2022 FIFA World Cup Locations: What Do You Think?

After several countries putting in their bids, FIFA’s World Cup locations for 2018 and 2022 have been announced.  Continue Reading

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Track Santa Claus By Radar With 2010 NORAD Santa Tracker

Santa Claus is coming to town! And kids can track him by radar with the 2010 NORAD Santa Tracker. Continue Reading

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The 2010 Oktoberfest Starts Tomorrow

The start of the 2010 Oktoberfest starts off tomorrow Saturday September 18 2010. This year they will have the floats and parades that amuse people every year. This year just like last is said will be one that you can’t miss.

If you like parades and getting together with people who just want to have a great time then you shouldn’t miss out on all the activities that it has to offer. At noon tomorrow the festival will start off at a beer tent at Schotttenhammel at 12:00 noon sharp.

If you’re a die hard Oktoberfest fan you sure don’t want to miss this. After 12:00 noon the festival gets into high gear, and all the Octoberfest beer halls can tap their beer kegs so the party can get started.

If you have attended this year’s Oktoberfest, please leave a comment to tell everyone how it was and what a great time you had.

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Piers Morgan Taking Over For Larry King: Good Choice?

Piers Morgan, probably best known in the U.S. as a judge on “America’s Got Talent,” will replace Larry King on CNN’s prime-time lineup in January, the network announced on Wednesday. Continue Reading

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Chile Released Video of Trapped Miners

Chile releases video of trapped miners.  There are 33 miners trapped in Chile, and they may not be able to be rescued until around Christmastime.  Luckily, people are able to get them food and supplies and are able to communicate with them.

The released video of the trapped miners shows that they are tired, but in good spirits.  During trying times like this it’s important to keep a positive attitude to avoid falling victim to the negative things that can happen.

The miners haven’t been told about how long it could take to get them out of there, as it is very possible that the psychological effects of the news would be a devastating blow to their minds.  Three or four of the miners are showing signs of anxiety and depression.

At least 9 of the miners are still too big to fit through the proposed rescue shaft. However, the men are losing weight while they wait down in the mine.  Their only lifeline is a pipe with about a 3.5 inch diameter, through which food, clothing, and anything needed is stuffed.

This is such a horrible thing that has happened, and I really hope that they are able to rescue these trapped miners.

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Google’s Orkut Declines in India, and Google Voice Calls from Gmail Launched

Google’s Orkut was an answer to – and never really took off in the US.  However, Google’s Orkut was popular in India and Brazil.  Unfortunately for the social networking site, Facebook traffic in India has now surpassed that of Google’s baby.

Orkut has 19.9 million users in India, and now Facebook’s popularity in the country has leapt by 200% to 20.9 million – dethroning Orkut as the most popular social networking site.

In other Google news, Google voice calls from Gmail was launched, which is a very cool feature. Calls within the US are free, and international rates are very, very low.

Google’s official gmail blog said the following:

Calls to the U.S. and Canada will be free for at least the rest of the year and calls to other countries will be billed at our very low rates. We worked hard to make these rates really cheap (see comparison table) with calls to the U.K., France, Germany, China, Japan—and many more countries—for as little as $0.02 per minute.

However, please note that US calls are free – “at least until the end of the year” which smells to me like a teaser rate. Be prepared for Google to charge for domestic calls in the future, although rates will likely be lower than using a regular landline telephone.

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19 Bodies Discovered at Mexican Mineshaft

Approximately 19 bodies have been discovered in a Mexican mineshaft.  The bodies are decaying.  The discovery was around Hidalgo, Mexico and it is believed that the remains are of victims of the Los Zetas gang. The murders or executions appear to have taken place a year or two ago.

In addition, as many as 7 additional bodies are reported to have been found Pachuca and Mineral del Chico.  These bodies are in advanced stages of decomposition and appear to have been executed.

Drug violence in Mexico is a very harsh reality.  The worst part is that the most violent part of the country is the part that borders the United States.  Border states such as Arizona and New Mexico report higher than average drug related crimes. The situation has lead to increased tensions leading up to possible immigration reforms.

However, there is a lot of resistance against reforms.

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China’s Mega Traffic Snarl Strands Thousands for 9 Days and Counting!

China’s mega traffic snarl strands thousands of motorists for 9 days and counting.  If you thought commuting around LA is the worst in the world, think again.  In Beijing there are motorists who have been stranded along a highway for nine days. 

Imagine a large bottleneck caused by construction and increased traffic from excess cargo trucks making their way to a particular destination.  Add broken down vehicles and minor traffic accidents, and you got the situation in China. 

The scenario has a 62 mile long jam, which may not dissipate for days.  The congestion is expected to continue, as construction is still underway.

Motorists get to combat boredom with area merchants arriving on foot to take advantage of the situation and sell items at an inflated price.

So the next time you’re stuck in traffic for a couple of extra hours, remember it could be worse.  You could be in Beijing stuck on the highway for over a week!

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