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China’s Mega Traffic Snarl Strands Thousands for 9 Days and Counting!

China’s mega traffic snarl strands thousands of motorists for 9 days and counting.  If you thought commuting around LA is the worst in the world, think again.  In Beijing there are motorists who have been stranded along a highway for nine days. 

Imagine a large bottleneck caused by construction and increased traffic from excess cargo trucks making their way to a particular destination.  Add broken down vehicles and minor traffic accidents, and you got the situation in China. 

The scenario has a 62 mile long jam, which may not dissipate for days.  The congestion is expected to continue, as construction is still underway.

Motorists get to combat boredom with area merchants arriving on foot to take advantage of the situation and sell items at an inflated price.

So the next time you’re stuck in traffic for a couple of extra hours, remember it could be worse.  You could be in Beijing stuck on the highway for over a week!

    One Response to “China’s Mega Traffic Snarl Strands Thousands for 9 Days and Counting!”

    1. notsofast says:

      Um, are you sure that there are individual people who have been stranded for nine days? That really doesn’t sound right; everywhere else I’ve read about this they’ve said the traffic jam itself has been there for nine days….presumably consisting of different cars each day. I strongly doubt that the first people who hit the jam are still there.