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2010 Most Surprising Fashion Trends

Who woulda “thunk” it? Not only have the 80’s oozed their way back into the average woman’s wardrobe; the 90’s weren’t far behind. We said we wouldn’t be caught dead in neon. But we ran out and grabbed juicy colored hi-top sneakers. We said we’d never wear harem pants. But those too, made an appearance on fashion runways. These trends that at one time made us gag, are back in full effect. And now there are even more semi-icky trends that appear to be gathering steam. Check out any celebrity gossip blog and you’ll find plenty of examples. Models and celebrities are tossing these styles into the mix as if they are the newest things since sliced toast.

The Rapunzel Braid

What?!? That’s what readers of urban celeb site said as they cast their eyes on singer Kelis’ (wife of rapper, Nas) down-to-there Rapunzel braid. As if the mauve latex body suit, cropped jacket, and bubble-shaped platform shoes weren’t enough, Kelis decided to add a long silvery braid that snaked all the way down to her ankles. And if you thought this style was limited to the outrageous and outspoken—think again. Singer Brandy was also recently photographed rocking a thick black Rapunzel braid when she performed at the House of Blues in L.A.

Pirates R Us: Pants in Boots

Just when you started to get used “sagging” in the hip-hop community, another trend has emerged. But instead of tucking their shirts into their pants, they’ve decided to tuck their pants into their boots, creating a “pirate” effect. The style has been trickling into urban communities for a while. But R&B singer Chris Brown donned an extreme version of the style during fashion week in Paris. Others like rapper Shawty Lo and crooner Usher have also caught onto the trend.


If you thought that plaid died along with the 1990’s grunge music scene, you’re not alone. But alas, it appears that grunge has made somewhat of a comeback. The trend appears to be more popular with today’s youth. But the style hasn’t been lost on those who actually remember the grunge scene. All thoughts of Nirvana and Pearl Jam aside, the 2010 rebirth is a lot simpler than it was in previous decades. Plaid shirts are casually paired with today’s skinny jeans, creating a casually chic dichotomy in the process. On a recent episode of the

Plaid is back??

Show, Wendy confirmed this trend by showcasing her own version of the look—complete with hot pink stilettos.

The Fanny Pack

If there ever was a fashionista who could do no wrong, it’s über-socialite Amber Rose. And apparently, she’s decided that the fanny pack (yes that fanny pack) should enjoy newfound fame. But this clever gal can’t take full credit. Louis Vuitton is actually responsible for marketing the furry contraption that Amber Rose was seen sporting. But never fear: other starlets (like Rihanna) have gotten their hands on additional “LV” versions. And they’re coming to a fashion runway near you.

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Pacquiao vs Mayweather: A Beautiful Competition Planned…But Will it Happen?

Pacquiao vs Mayweather is a highly anticipated fight. Pacquiao and Mayweather may or may not meet up, if reports are any indication of what is going on.  The fight is hanging by a thread that centers on the issue of drug testing.

Mayweather wanted Olympic Style drug testing performed by the US Anti Doping Agency.  The Pac Man doesn’t want that much blood drawn right before his match, as he feels it will weaken him.  However, Pacquiao agreed to urine drug tests and blood tests after the fight was over.

The tension between the fighters mounted even further when Pacquiao announced that he planned on suing Mayweather for defamatory statements. Mayweather’s camp has indicated that they are willing to accept drug tests that are less than Olympic style. Whether or not the fighters can agree to the terms isn’t yet known.

Could the tension be a way for promoters to build up the fight? Can you imagine the bankroll if everyone purchases the fight on pay per view?

Manny Pacquiao was voted “Second Best Fighter of All Times”, and was second only to Sugar Ray Robinson. He was voted best in his class.

Individuals on both sides of the argument are pumped for a fight.  Pac Man fans want to see him pulverize Mayweather.  Mayweather fans want to see him put his opponent in his place.  Who will win? Will the fight will occur? We will find out sometime in the first week in January.

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Meghan McCain breasts photo

Meghan McCain Twitter Photo

Meghan McCain placed this photo on Twitter Wednesday and had no idea that it would cause such a reaction from her Twitter fans. The daughter of Senator John McCain made an official apology for the posting of the photo, but her 60,000 Twitter fans aren’t buying it.

She twittered:  “[My] ’spontaneous’ night in is my Andy Warhol biography and takeout. … I’m getting old.”

Then:  “So I took a fun picture not thinking anything about what I was wearing, but apparently anything other than a pantsuit, I am a slut,” she Twittered.

Later she tweeted: “[Why] I have been considering deleting my twitter account, what once was fun now just seems like a vessel for harassment.”

The she apologized with this statement: “I do want to apologize to anyone that was offended by my twitpic,” McCain wrote Wednesday after 100,000 viewed the photo.

“I have clearly made a huge mistake and am sorry 2 those that are offended.”

Many of her followers are angry about the photo and have sent her really nasty tweets. McCain responded to those comments with: “[When] I am alone in my apartment, I wear tank tops and sweatpants, I had no idea this makes me a ‘slut’, I can’t even tell you how hurt I am.”

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Why is google spelled wrong and has two ll’s today? Gewgle and Googlle

google's 11th birthday

It’s google’s 11th birthday!  This sign has occurred and has been celebrated in each time zone when it officially became September 27th.  If you hover your mouse over the google symbol today…a little pop up menu will actually flash google’s 11th birthday.  

Also, did you know that if you type in it automatically becomes www.?  From time to time, google has little tricks that drive people crazy and the need to know drives them crazy.  Today google requests have been all over the internet and that is good for google.

And for those of us that use google everyday it’s a good thing…Happy Birthday Google!

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Miley’s Face Wash? Sensai Cosmetics

Are you afflicted with acne and is it giving you sleepless nights? Well fret not, immediate help is at hand. And best of all, its a tried and tested approach. Tried and Tested by none other than Miley Cyrus.

Recently Miley Cyrus was gushing about a face wash from Sensai Cosmetics. Miley could’nt stop singing peans about this body care products.

Apparently Miley used the acne face wash and it got rid of all her acne and gave her a smooth skin. Sensai face wash has changed my life I just washed my face and SMILED! That is a miracle.

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Orkut Criminal Outfits Take Cyber War To Next Level

It is a known fact that on popular social networking websites, rivalries between countries exist. Usually they are friendly rivalries. However post Mumbai attacks saw a different turn into the meaning of rivalries. Orkut is a very popular social networking site in both Pakistan and India. Recently, an Indian group known as HMG (Hindu Militant Guards) committed a gross criminal offense by hacking into the largest Pakistan community in Orkut.

The community for 41 thousands plus Pakistani members was hacked using brute force and owner’s profile was compromised very badly using sophisticated hacking methods. Their reason for hacking into a largest Pakistani community was to avenge the Mumbai attacks. Its shocking how something that had happened in real life, had to transcend into virtual life.

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Is Beauty Really Only Skin Deep?

Whoever came up with this statement must have been a blind person. For those people who actually believe beauty comes from within, i.e personality are lying through their teeth. They are also lying to themselves. As much as a good personality is desired but deep down people will want to be attracted to a good figure, good looking face, the well maintained look, all the way down to a good pair of clean shoes. No matter how much you happen to love your sweetheart with a heart of gold, you will always wonder if you could have had that gorgeous girl that you keep bumping into on your way to work. You know the one with bouncy jet black hair who shares eye contacts with you as you sit in front of her in the tube each morning.

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Tata and Singur Part Ways

Ratan Tata has announced that Tata Motors will move the Nano plant out of Singur. This decision has been taken in the wake of strong protests from the opposition led by Trinomool Congress (TMC) leader Ms. Mamata Banerjee. Mr. Tata very categorically has named the opposition and Mamata Banerjee in particular for the decision. In Singur the farmers have expressed deep regret at this decision and called a protest blockade of the Durgapur Highway to make themselves heard. This is the situation in ground zero as of now.

Like many bloggers I have too taken a stand favoring the factory at Singur and I still believe that a Tata factory in rural Bengal will transform its topography for the good as it has been for Jamshedpur. But then I cannot refrain from criticizing the CPM government’s policies and methods of land acquisition here. See living in Bengal I know more than any outsider the kind of dirty politics the Left has played in West Bengal for the last few decades. Today we are taking a favorable stand towards them only because we are seeing the problem from one dimension.

One one hand there would have been jobs for many youths after the factory would have been set up but then wouldn’t it be better if the government would be more systematic in procuring the land? An example has been set up by the Ambani’s who sought a majority vote from farmers and land owners of an area in Maharashtra before going about acquiring land. The CPM in Bengal have undoubtedly used ruffians, as is their trademark, to take land by force. IN so many decades of rule the party had not the sense to draw up a land map of the state of Bengal. You cannot take land at your whim. The Left now is playing at popular emotions and public support for not the government but the Tata business house. Ratan Tata is highly respected by everyone and that’s why people are sympathizing with him.

The CPM cannot say that it has supported industrialization in Bengal. For that matter we cannot say any political party has thought for the betterment of Bengal. The politics of bandhs and dharnas and unionization has closed most jute mills and factories of Bengal. In more recent times I can quote the opposition of departmental and convenient stores by the Left parties in Bengal. The Forward Bloc, the biggest supporter of the CPM government in Bengal, had recently tried to prevent issuing an agricultural license to the German company Metro Cash and Carry. The company in question is another store that will stock agricultural products which they’ll buy from the farmers. Forward Bloc say they always protested issuing license to such departmental stores as it will be detrimental to the corner grocer store and the road side illegal vendor. Only after the intervention of Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, after the German Ambassador threatened dire consequences and Lufthansa said they would exit,  did the Forward Bloc controlled Agriculture Board relent. So my point is that this sudden holier than thou attitude of the CPM is really a farce.

The CPM and TMC are all actually two sides of the same coin. They are fighting a political battle here before the elections and the Tata’s have been caught in the crossfire. When Bengal today thinks about the Singur problem let her remember to look at both sides of the dispute and then voice an opinion. Lets not condemn what happened but analyze and see how the government could have avoided this fiasceo from occuring. In doing so lets keep in mind the destructive politics the Left has played in West Bengal and that it upholds the same bandh centered tactics even today.

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Keeping Google Gods Happy

You don’t have to sacrifice bulls here to keep Google happy but it is extremely essential for you as a webmaster to ensure you share a healthy relationship with Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alta Vista etc.

However Google is a cut above the rest because almost 70 to 80 percent of the world uses Google to extract information from the web. [The percentage is not backed by any source but just to give you an idea of the importance of Google].

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TechBanyan Forum And Community

I have introduced a Forum on this website where users can register and post about various topics that they are interested in.

Use the Forum link on the top right or click here to check it out.

I am using the open source Forum software called BBPress, which I believe is partnering with WordPress, the popular blogging software also used on this site.

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