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World Cricket Champions – India Beats Sri Lanka

World Cup Winner India Cricket Team 2011India cricket team beat Sri Lanka in the 2011 world cup cricket finals to lift the trophy in this exciting match. Sri Lankan team batted first and made a comfortable score of 274 runs. For a moment I thought Sri Lankans have won it. It was especially painful to watch Sri Lankans hammer the Indian bowlers during the last 10 overs.

Then India started batting and the first wicket fell before 10 runs were completed. Not a good picture developing for Indian fans. But the loss of an early wicket did not dampen the spirit of the Indian bats-men they continues the spirited attack and very soon it was just 4 runs needed in 11 bowls.

Wow, what an exciting match! Congratulations India and Indian cricket team for such a thrilling ride during this championship and such an exciting final.

Wish the Indian cricket team in the comments. Who do you think should be voted as the most valuable Indian Cricket player? Give you choices in the comments.

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U of M Football Coach Rich Rodriguez Reportedly Fired

University of Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez has reportedly been fired after three years with the Big Ten team. Continue Reading

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2018 & 2022 FIFA World Cup Locations: What Do You Think?

After several countries putting in their bids, FIFA’s World Cup locations for 2018 and 2022 have been announced.  Continue Reading

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Jenn Sterger Playboy Pictures Hot Again

Jenn Sterger, who posed for Playboy and Maxim shortly before beginning her reporting career, is seeing her Playboy pictures become a hot topic once again after the recent publicity over the scandalous penis pictures allegedly sent to her from legendary quarterback Brett Favre when both were employed by the New York Jets.  The 26-year-old television personality, now the host of Versus’ “The Daily Line,” is undoubtedly finding it ironic that the penis pictures allegedly sent her by Brett Favre have led to a multitude of searches for her old Playboy pictures.  Even though, according to Jenn Sterger, there was never more than an electronic connection between the two.

Jenn Sterger’s saved pictures of a man’s genitalia ended up on Deadspin last week.  Scandal ensued.  She and her manager maintain that she did not give or sell the pictures (purported to be of Brett Favre) to Deadspin.  Deadspin has corroborated, saying they bought the material — cell phone photos, text messages, voice mails, and cached e-mails — from a third party.

The pictures — three shots of a male penis taken from the waist down — are allegedly of Brett Favre.  The sender of the sext messages, according to Deadspin, came from a cell phone registered with a Mississippi area code (Favre’s home state).  The pictures, voice mails, text messages, and e-mails from MySpace all appeared in a video posted in an article on Deadspin.

The NFL is looking into the situation.

Jenn Sterger, who once said she would cooperate with the NFL’s investigation, now says she is looking for a “proper resolution,” according to the New York Daily News, which many take to mean “cash settlement.”

And while people wait for the next installment of the Brett Favre soap opera, many search for Jenn Sterger’s Playboy pictures, especially the topless photo.

After being discovered on national television as one of the Florida State Cowgirls (an unofficial cheering squad that went to Seminoles games dressed in skimpy cowboy garb) during a college football game, Jenn Sterger soon began appearing in photo layouts and interviews, including those done for Playboy and Maxim.  Pictures of the sexy television personality can be found by the hundreds online.  She was employed by the New York Jets in 2008 when she allegedly received the alleged unwanted advances of veteran quarterback Brett Favre.  Sterger told the story of the penis pictures to Deadspin in February but had backed away from supplying the website with corroborative proof of her allegations.

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College Football Scores Week 4 NCAA Are Available

College football week 4 scores for NCAA football are available here.  Yesterday there were some great match-ups and some excellent scores to report.  There are a lot of scores so be sure to scan this for your favorite team.  The NCAA is full of great teams and many of them put up a good fight yesterday.  Here are some of the highlights.  A complete listing of games can be found at the NCAA official web site.

Alabama vs Arkansas was the hottest game of the day and although Arkansas had a lead over Alabama, the Crimson Tide rolled in at the pivotal moments and beat the Razorbacks 24-20. Man, it was a close call and the results could have really shook up the SEC.

Austin Peay was embarrassed by Wisconsin with a final score of 3-70 for a Wisconsin win.  This was the largest margin of a win during week 4. However, Ohio State beat Eastern Michigan 70-20.

Kentucky lost against Florida, 48-14 although Kentucky had their hopes set on an upset to get into the top 25.

Troy beat Arkansas State 35-28.  Tennessee beat UAB in OT 32-29.  Boise State beat Oregon 37-24.   As we go into NCAA college football week 5, the week 4 rankings will likely change up a bit.  To see the entire listing of scores, click here.

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Cancer Survivors Among Stars At ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ Telethon (How to Donate)

Many stars will be present at the “Stand Up To Cancer” telethon on Friday night, including some who are cancer survivors themselves. Continue Reading

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English Soccer Fans: Don’t Care About Call Girls and 3 Somes, Just that Rooney Goal!

English soccer fans don’t care about the big controversy surrounding the soccer star, all they care about are those Rooney goals! After all, it only makes sense.  Wayne Rooney is not a preacher or an ethics professional – he’s a soccer player.

That speaks leaps and bounds about the English society as opposed to Americans.  Whereas the Tiger Woods scandal brought the player to a point where he was probably so nerved up all season, he couldn’t even score big on the leaderboard – Rooney is smooth kickin those goals.

In all fairness, I think Tiger Woods cares about what happened. I think he feels bad.  Rooney on the other hand either hides his emotions very well (they call that compartmentalization or something like that) or he just simply…doesn’t care.

I’d venture to say it’s the latter.  Rooney thinks that his family is only something because of him.  That kind of arrogance and insensitivity is probably exactly what got him caught.

Still yet, as long as he keeps up making those goals, English soccer fans don’t really care about Wayne Rooney’s personal life.

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2010 NFL Blackout List: Could it Bring Disappointment to Your Team?

NFL Blackout lists could affect multiple teams, as the NFL ruling which states that a game must sell out within 72 hours or risk being “blacked out” or not televised in its local market. This is disheartening for fans who rely on the TV to watch the game, and can be financially devastating to sports bars and pubs that rely on people to come in and watch the game on game night.

Last season, the NFL Blackout list spanned 8.6% of the regular season, a five year high. This year things appear to be just as grim.

So is your team safe from blackouts? Here’s a list you can check

REASON TO WORRY: Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, St Louis Rams, San Diego Chargers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

DON’T WORRY TOO MUCH: Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks

DON’T WORRY AT ALL, ALL GAMES SOLD OUT: Baltimore Ravens, Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans, Washington Redskins

The NFL Black List 2010 may plague some football fans, but it shouldn’t put too big a damper on the season. Stay tuned and let us know if your team made the blackout list, or if they are safe and you are relieved.

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Wayne Rooney Hooker: Are Jennifer Thompson’s Parents to Blame by Coleen Rooney?

Wayne Rooney’s hooker scandal includes Jennifer Thompson, the hooker, and Coleen Rooney, Wayne’s wife.  While pregnant for their first child, Mrs. Rooney found out months later that Wayne was hooking up with someone called “Juci Jenny” and paying an upwards of 1,200 GBP a night.

 The end result is a massive Tiger Woods like scandal – but in England instead of the US.  Everyone is shocked that the football (soccer) player could do something so brazen, and not even seem to care.

It’s even more shocking that someone who was paid for this would come forward with these allegations. Are Jennifer Thompson’s parents to blame? I don’t think so – she’s an adult and has issued an apology to Coleen Rooney.

Coleen’s sister is in the hospital, and has Rett’s Syndrome which leaves her unable to walk and talk.  The stress of the Wayne Rooney hooker scandal is wearing thin on her, as is her sister’s hospitalization.

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Shoya Tomizawa Crash Video Available Despite Protest

Shoya Tomizawa’s crash video airs despite massive protests.  Should the video of the death of the racer be available online?  During the San Marino Grand Prix, the impressive Japanese racer went a little wide on a curve, and crashed his bike.  He was then hit by two fellow racers.

He died after severe thoracic, cranial, and abdominal trauma. He was only 19 years old.

The race went on despite the death, and at the podium there was no celebrating – no champagne.  The race flags were even at half mast.  Several of Shoya Tomizawa’s opponents even grew leery of continuing the race.

Despite massive protests, the video of the death has been made available online. Out of respect for the fallen biker, we are not publishing the video or a link to it. However, should the video be available?

After all – the event  did happen.  Should the video show a reminder to racers of what can happen? Or should the video, out of respect for the family – be pulled from the public arena?

This is very similar to the Luger Death Video that went viral online during the Vancouver olympics.

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