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Shoya Tomizawa Crash Video Available Despite Protest

Shoya Tomizawa’s crash video airs despite massive protests.  Should the video of the death of the racer be available online?  During the San Marino Grand Prix, the impressive Japanese racer went a little wide on a curve, and crashed his bike.  He was then hit by two fellow racers.

He died after severe thoracic, cranial, and abdominal trauma. He was only 19 years old.

The race went on despite the death, and at the podium there was no celebrating – no champagne.  The race flags were even at half mast.  Several of Shoya Tomizawa’s opponents even grew leery of continuing the race.

Despite massive protests, the video of the death has been made available online. Out of respect for the fallen biker, we are not publishing the video or a link to it. However, should the video be available?

After all – the event  did happen.  Should the video show a reminder to racers of what can happen? Or should the video, out of respect for the family – be pulled from the public arena?

This is very similar to the Luger Death Video that went viral online during the Vancouver olympics.

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