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Boosters Added to TechBanyan Servers

Xeon WordPress Migration

I have completed migrating TechBanyan to much powerful servers. This is part of the testing process to ensure writers can write and that the WordPress dashboard editor is correctly visible and functioning as per the design.

I can clearly see the Visual and HTML editor page. If you have problems correctly viewing the dashboard or editor, try refreshing a few times. Closing the browser and clearing the cache also might help. If not give me a buzz and we’ll look into it.

I will further continue to test the server and see if anything breaks. If you spot any differences, good or bad, let me know.

For the record, I have gone with a web hosting company called Server Point (formerly known as A+ Hosting) and I am using their XEON servers.

As part of the upgrade, I have had to update the IP address of the site as well. This update process usually takes about 24 to 48 hrs to have the cascading effect across the world.

To enable this migration, I exported the database using PhpMyAdmin and then imported the database on the new servers. The import and export was failing initially because the internet connection at my place was not the best. I tried it like thousand times but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out why the DB export and import was getting only partially done. Eventually I decided I will spend the weekend in a library to get a handle on this thing and within first try it worked.

Apparently when migrating big databases (over 4000 posts), it is important to have excellent internet connection. Thanks to Warner Library, I was able to get my job done in the most time efficient manner. This example underscores why it is so important to have excellent infrastructure in place to facilitate and grow business.

Had I been in some other part of the world or even in the country of my birth, I am not sure if I had similar options available to me.

PS: Incidentally, the second half of the process was completed in Greenburg Public Library.

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Startup And What It Takes To Succeed

Interested in quiting your job and building a startup? Here’s an interesting comment I found at a website whose owner did the same and is now spending time reading / thinking / discussing with other about what it takes to succeed.

I respect your long and thoughtful blog post, but to be honest, the first sentence of your blog post tells me that you will fail miserably. Instead of spending “a lot of time reading / thinking / discussing with others about what it takes to succeed”, you need to focus 110% on building a growing positive cash flow and profits.

Trust me, when you’re forced to return to the cubes as someone’s W-2 wage slave after falling into a deep depression due to failure, you will regret having wasted so much time blogging, socializing, facebooking, twittering, IM’ing, and web surfing for “the answer”. I’ll tell you the fricken answer, and it is simple: You’ve jumped off a building and you need to build your plane (profits) on the way down. Any minute you spend not doing this will be to your severe detriment.

Quite an insightful comment. Read the original article from here.

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SearchMe Beta Invites

The new 3-D search engine on the block SearchMe is giving out Beta invites. You might wanna quickly grab one while they are still out there.

SearchMe is a totally different way to search for information on the internet. Right now their indexed database is relatively small, about a billion documents but going by their capabilities in the introductory video, they sure seem to be on their way to revolutionize the whole Search game plan.

Watch their video or go to their site directly and sign up for a beta invite.


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TechBanyan Makes It To The Cover Page

A few days back I had profiled a new Digg like service called Blogsvine. They have been kind enough to respond favorably by putting my site on their home page. Blogsvine is just couple of weeks/months old but personally I get more traffic directed from them than any other news aggregator.

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How Kulveer And Harjeet Stuck Gold

By building a great startup and managing to sell it for a cool €3.2 million. Along with their partners, Kulveer and Harjet started  an online service Auctomatic that describes its mission as empowering online sellers through various features. The tools proffered by Auctomatic asssit a user in maximizing their potential in online selling sites like eBay, Amazon, Overstock etc.

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So You Want To Build A Startup

Any start up that you greatly admire? Makes you wish you had gotten that idea earlier, could have easily turned you into a millionaire?

Say long before Youtube came into the lime light and became a big hit, you had gotten the idea of letting users upload and watch streaming videos. Do you think you would have been able to similarly build it into a billion dollar business?

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China Outsurfs US – What It Means For American Startups

(Pic: A Chinese Web Cafe)

Blame it on population but China’s Internet users have overtaken the United States’ to become the world’s biggest with about 220 million web surfers according to BDA China, a Beijing based technology consulting and research firm.

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Future Of Web Apps: Thoughts And Ideas

(Pic: Matt M of WordPress)

Sometime back we had informed through our site about the Future of Web Apps conference that was taking place in Miami at the end of Feb, 08. Since I couldn’t make it, we’ll have to rely on others about what went on there. Apparently besides beer and beach volleyball, the web gurus did manage to brain storm on that latest killer app.

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Wikileaks – Combating Corruption Web 2.0 Way

Wikileaks gets knocked down, but gets up again, and to its same old domain. The site got itself in hot water after documents showing a Swiss bank indulging in not-so-legal-activities were published on the website. The bank filed an injunction against Wikileaks in a Californian court which was sustained by the judge. Wikileaks alleges that the documents in question show the bank supporting “ultrarich’s offshore tax avoidance, tax evasion, asset hiding, and money laundering.”

According to the info available on the Wiki site,

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SaferIndia – How Kiran Got Her Groove Back


(Pic – Kiran Bedi with Holly of PBS)

Critics never tire of praising Kiran Bedi, an ex super cop and present day social activist. Recently when she got passed over for the top cop position at New Delhi, Ms Bedi promptly handed over her resignation and, kid you not, set out to jump on the web 2.0 bandwagon. (Albeit a rickety one though).

How Did She Do That

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