First thing first, TechBanyan takes your privacy and computer safety extremely seriously.

Let me personally assure you that TechBanyan will never allow its platform to compromise your computer.

The only content hosted on TechBanyan will be text and images. Besides this, I also display ads from top of the line networks like Adify, AdsDaq,, and MSN.

The ads are geo-targetted, so depending on where you are based, you will be served interesting tid-bits along with my content.

(In case you find some ad too distracting or think its taking away the focus from the content, please contact me with the issue).

I use a bunch of applications to record viewer statistics.

, Who.Amung.US, and Google Analytics are perennial favorites.

The website viewer information is collected solely for website tracking purpose and information necessary to improve user satisfaction levels. The exercise does not focus on any single individual. The user information collected through this site will never be made public for any reason without your written consent unless I am subpoenaed. (I like getting dramatic now and then).

The personal information you enter when leaving a comment on the website, like email address, is absolutely confidential and same disclosure rules apply.

If you have any questions or suggestions, get in touch with me using the Contact Form.

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If you think some image or video is violating your copyright, then contact me with the issue and concerned media will reviewed and action taken within 24 hrs.

Effective Date: November 22, 2007