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How to get the best looking hair style

Argan oil is a tree based oil that is cold pressed from the Argan tree. Argan trees are mostly native to Morocco and have been used by the people of that region – Berber – for centuries due to its healing and rejuvenation properties.

In the past 5 years, the popularity of argan oil has exploded as more and more people in the western countries find out about the properties and benefits of this liquid gold.

One area of application that has particularly gained a lot of momentum is the hair. Argan oil on hair can provide a rich and luxurious shine. But besides the cosmetic difference that is visible right away, argan oil also increases the health of the hair by providing it much needed nourishment and nutrients. Argan oil is very versatile and can be used in variety of ways on your hair.

Argan oil for hair

Ali Larter recommends Arzoyi Argan oil

My favorite way of using it is the lengthy deep conditioning treatments, after shower application and managing dry hair by massaging it every few days. Also I have noticed that if you have split ends, just application a few drop to the hair ends can work wonders and give you results very fast.

Deep conditioning is also very popular in saloons and spas and is much appreciated by those who have tried it. It can help in restoring long last health of the hair to dry and damaged hair.

Here is exactly how I like to perform the deep conditioning on my hair. I create a thorough, deep conditioning treatment by working the oil through out my hair. How much hair you would need is based on your own personal needs. Short hair will of course need less and the longer your hair the more oil you would need. The best part if of course the massage on the scalp. It puts me to sleep right away :) Also say good by to itchy and dry skin on your scalp.

After the deep conditioning you have couple of choices. If your hair is short and manageable without any accessory, you can leave them be. But if you have long hair like me, I like to either wrap them in a towel and sit down with a drink next to the pool…aah thats a different story. Or I put them in a braid and go about my daily business at home.

Just make sure that if you would be coming in contact with other things, then its best to wrap a towel around your head as you dont want things sticking in your hair. Also, if you decide to leave the oil on for the night, cover the bed and pillow so stains do not get into the sheet.

If you are short on time and want a quick service, application after shower is the best way to go. The hair is already damp so you dont need much oil. Just put a few drops, massage into the pam of your hair to warm it up and then rub it on problem areas on your hair.

Arzoyi argan oil is fast absorbing, USDA organic argan oil does not have a strong aroma, and it dissipates on application. I would recommend this oil as not only it is safe but most effective as well.

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Argan Oil Benefits and Treatment for Hair and Skin

Argan oil is increasingly getting popular as more and more people in the United States hear about the benefits and treatment possibilities of this product. A natural oil made from the fruit of the Argan tree that is mostly grown in Morocco, this liquid gold has minerals and nutrients in abundance which when applied carefully and routinely can do wonders for your hair and skin.

Argan Oil Benefits Hair Skin Treatment

I use it daily and love it!

Argan oil has more Vitamin E than olive oil. This makes it an excellent oil for use as a base in other skin care products like moisturizers, lip balm, serums etc. Argan oil benefits include healing, protecting, and rejuvenating. It has numerous benefits including nourishing  your hair making it healthy and radiant, it protects your skin making it more smooth, reduces wrinkles, helps fight aging. Sadly, due to the immense popularity of this oil, many players have jumped into the market with questionable quality of argan oil. Since this oil is manufactured by hand and there is limited supply (most Morocco), many of these new entrants have started sourcing it from China, cutting the product with cheap additives etc to cut the price. Arzoyi Argan Oil is the preferred premium brand of Argan oil. Arzoyi works with the co-ops where there is oil is made by hand by the moroccan women to ensure the product is of the highest quality. But it does not stop there. Right from sourcing it, to shipping it in cooled containers by air, to bottling it and packaging it, the process is overseen by a team of experts to ensure only the highest grade Argan oil makes it to the retail shelves. Arzoyi argan oil is completely pure, natural and organic. It is certified organic by the ECOCERT ICO office based in United States. Arzoyi has partnered with Amazon to make this beauty elixir available to its customers. Customers can buy this brand from Amazon’s amazing e-commerce operations that guarantee trust, speed, and customer service. Get your bottle of Arzoyi argan oil today and see immediate positive results on your hair and skin.

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Ketamine Effects On Amy Winehouse Body

Ketamine is a popular drug these days. Death of Amy Winehouse did not help add more interest to it. So for those of you wondering what exactly Ketamine is and how it effects human (read Amy Winehouse) body you have come to the right place.

Ketamine is popularly used in/by humans as well as animals. Its salt, more precisely hydrochloric salt, is typically sold in various forms like Ketanest, Ketalar etc. Pharmacy board classifies Ketamine as a NMDA receptor antagonist. Sounds dangerous, doesn’t it?

In simpler terms, Ketamine as a calming effect on the human body just like a anesthetic. Hence those who can afford it, celebrities like Amy Winehouse, use it for recreational purposes.

Here is an interesting tidbit. Ketamine is consider a very basic medicine in the World Health Organization’s “Essential Drugs List”. Which means if you want to set up a hospital, Ketamine would be in your must-have list.

Check out Amy Winehouse’s below –

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Is Beyonce Pregnant? Magazine Says It’s True

Are singer Beyonce and rapper-husband Jay-Z expecting a child?  One popular magazine says it is true. Continue Reading

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Chelsea Clinton Wedding Pictures

Chelsea Clinton Wedding

The web is currently going crazy for Chelsea Clinton wedding and dress photos. We don’t blame the people for this search. It is human curiosity to see what the stars wear, what their taste is like and whom they favor.

Good news is I have been able to get my hands on some of Chelsea Clinton Wedding Pictures which also show her wedding gown and her pre wedding dress.

I believe her dress was personally designed by the famous designer Vera Wang who also happens to be a very close family friend. Vera Wang was also invited to the wedding and was spotted in Rhineback during this weekend.

Chelsea Clinton has come a long way since the days her dad used to occupy the White House. Chelsea has blossomed from an ugly duckling to quite a stunner that she is now. (Of course there are rumors doing the round that she got plastic surgery done).

Do write in the comments whether you like Chelsea Clinton’s wedding dress.

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Pictures

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A Jersey Shore Snooki Arrest: Could it be for Ratings?

Jersey Shore’s Snooki got arrested in New Jersey, and was charged with disorderly conduct.  Snooki’s arrest has sparked a good deal of debate over whether or not the whole thing was a publicity stunt, or if this was really something that just happened on a whim.  The Jersey Shore cast is now back in our homes, as the second season of the show premiered last week. So one can’t help but wonder…was Snooki’s arrest for ratings?

Snooki’s ex told Radar Online that it’s Snooki’s dream to be on Celebrity Rehab. He claims she will drink and drink and drink until she drops. Perhaps the arrest was also a way to spark VH1’s show producers interest in this ‘celebrity’ case.


There’s also a new face on the Jersey Shore cast, and Snooki could have a bit of jealousy.  Maybe she got arrested as a plot to stay the most popular guidette on the show?  What do you think?

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Ali Larter Pregnant: Heroes Star has Baby Bump!

Ali Larter is pregnant! The Heroes star is now boasting a baby bump.

Credit:GSI Media

Although Larter is best known as Niki Sanders on the NBC hit series, she also had roles in Varsity Blues, Legally Blonde, Final Destination, and most recently besides Beyonce Knowles in Obsessed.

Larter’s rep confirmed the pregnancy on Wednesday, and a day later she was seen shopping for baby clothes sporting a very obvious baby bump, and a really happy expectant mother’s glow!

Her husband, actor/writer Hayes MacArthur, and the star are both very excited for their pending new addition.  They were married last August in New England and had been dating since 2002.  The couple didn’t waste any time! So far, the gender of the child has not been announced.

Larter will be featured later this year in a new Resident Evil film.

This is a big week in pregnancy announcements as Christina Applegate is also pregnant!

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Eminem Recovery: Album 1 on Billboard Top 200 for Fourth Consecutive Week

Eminem’s Recovery album is still at the #1 slot on the Billboard chart. Marshall Mathers, the angst-filled rapper from Detroit, Michigan continues his success with his latest album.  Eminem has had huge success with his latest release, which is still at the top of the charts four weeks after it debuted.

Perhaps the most popular track on the rapper’s new record is the song “Love the Way You Lie” which features R&B artist Rihanna.  The mix of the two artists vocals are a very unique blend that make the song one that you find yourself listening to over and over again. According to Billboard News, the song has sold 352,000 digital downloads, up 12% from its previous total. It is the #1 digital download.

On Wednesday, Rihanna had her very first headlining show at the Staples Center.  The guests were pleasantly shocked when she started singing the hook to the #1 song, “Love the Way you Lie” and then out of nowhere Eminem came out on stage and started singing his part of the song. This hit was great for both artist’s careers.

The rapper has had a tumultuous past, which was chronicled in the film “8 Mile.”  The movie, featuring his good friend and late actress Brittany Murphy, was a hit that is still popular whenever it is aired on networks like VH1, MTV, and BET.

Despite the album’s success, it is expected to be de-throned when Rick Ross releases his new album, Teflon Don.


LA Times; Billboard News

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Black Couple: White Baby, Amazing Birth (PHOTO)

A black couple has given birth to a white baby. Before getting too much into the details, it is worthwhile to note that the baby is not albino. This is a case where a dark-skinned African couple living in London has given birth to what appears to be a Caucasian baby.

The couple doesn’t have history of mixed races in either of their heritage.  This is truly a very rare event that left the baby’s father even joking about whether or not the fair skinned child is his.  He then told the world he was joking; he knows that the baby is his because his wife is “trustworthy.”

The baby’s name is Nmachi, and she was born to Nigerians Ben and Angela Ihegboro. There are three possibilities as to why the strange event could have occurred:

The baby could be albino. Although preliminary tests rule this out, it’s been noted that doctors have not confirmed that she is not albino.

Dormant Caucasian DNA: somewhere down the line there could have been a mixed race couple long forgotten. This could cause the baby to have light skin.

A genetic mutation: Sci-Fi followers may be curious to realize that there’s a possibility that this child has a gene mutation never seen before.

The black couple, white baby birth will go down as one of the most interesting scientific stories of the year.  Although white couples have given birth to darker skinned babies, it’s very rare for two extremely dark skinned individuals to give birth to someone with blond hair and blue eyes.

More Reading:

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Video: Lindsay Lohan Cries In Court Over Jail Sentence

Actress Lindsay Lohan was in tears when a judge sentenced her to 90 days in prison on Tuesday.

Lindsay Lohan headed to prison

Lohan received 90 days in county jail and 90 days in a substance abuse program for violating probation.  Click here to read more about the judge’s sentencing and Tuesday’s court appearance.

Watch below for video of Lindsay Lohan tearfully appealing to the judge in court.

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