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How to get the best looking hair style

Argan oil is a tree based oil that is cold pressed from the Argan tree. Argan trees are mostly native to Morocco and have been used by the people of that region – Berber – for centuries due to its healing and rejuvenation properties.

In the past 5 years, the popularity of argan oil has exploded as more and more people in the western countries find out about the properties and benefits of this liquid gold.

One area of application that has particularly gained a lot of momentum is the hair. Argan oil on hair can provide a rich and luxurious shine. But besides the cosmetic difference that is visible right away, argan oil also increases the health of the hair by providing it much needed nourishment and nutrients. Argan oil is very versatile and can be used in variety of ways on your hair.

Argan oil for hair

Ali Larter recommends Arzoyi Argan oil

My favorite way of using it is the lengthy deep conditioning treatments, after shower application and managing dry hair by massaging it every few days. Also I have noticed that if you have split ends, just application a few drop to the hair ends can work wonders and give you results very fast.

Deep conditioning is also very popular in saloons and spas and is much appreciated by those who have tried it. It can help in restoring long last health of the hair to dry and damaged hair.

Here is exactly how I like to perform the deep conditioning on my hair. I create a thorough, deep conditioning treatment by working the oil through out my hair. How much hair you would need is based on your own personal needs. Short hair will of course need less and the longer your hair the more oil you would need. The best part if of course the massage on the scalp. It puts me to sleep right away :) Also say good by to itchy and dry skin on your scalp.

After the deep conditioning you have couple of choices. If your hair is short and manageable without any accessory, you can leave them be. But if you have long hair like me, I like to either wrap them in a towel and sit down with a drink next to the pool…aah thats a different story. Or I put them in a braid and go about my daily business at home.

Just make sure that if you would be coming in contact with other things, then its best to wrap a towel around your head as you dont want things sticking in your hair. Also, if you decide to leave the oil on for the night, cover the bed and pillow so stains do not get into the sheet.

If you are short on time and want a quick service, application after shower is the best way to go. The hair is already damp so you dont need much oil. Just put a few drops, massage into the pam of your hair to warm it up and then rub it on problem areas on your hair.

Arzoyi argan oil is fast absorbing, USDA organic argan oil does not have a strong aroma, and it dissipates on application. I would recommend this oil as not only it is safe but most effective as well.

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Video: Regis Philbin Announces Retirement On ‘Live With Regis & Kelly’

It’s the end of an era …

TV legend Regis Philbin announced on Tuesday morning that he is retiring from “Live With Regis and Kelly” sometime this year. Continue Reading

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Who Could Replace Retiring Regis Philbin On ‘Regis & Kelly?’

TV legend Regis Philbin announced on Tuesday morning that he is retiring from “Live With Regis and Kelly,” which has left fans wondering … who will replace him? Continue Reading

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Argan Oil Benefits and Treatment for Hair and Skin

Argan oil is increasingly getting popular as more and more people in the United States hear about the benefits and treatment possibilities of this product. A natural oil made from the fruit of the Argan tree that is mostly grown in Morocco, this liquid gold has minerals and nutrients in abundance which when applied carefully and routinely can do wonders for your hair and skin.

Argan Oil Benefits Hair Skin Treatment

I use it daily and love it!

Argan oil has more Vitamin E than olive oil. This makes it an excellent oil for use as a base in other skin care products like moisturizers, lip balm, serums etc. Argan oil benefits include healing, protecting, and rejuvenating. It has numerous benefits including nourishing  your hair making it healthy and radiant, it protects your skin making it more smooth, reduces wrinkles, helps fight aging. Sadly, due to the immense popularity of this oil, many players have jumped into the market with questionable quality of argan oil. Since this oil is manufactured by hand and there is limited supply (most Morocco), many of these new entrants have started sourcing it from China, cutting the product with cheap additives etc to cut the price. Arzoyi Argan Oil is the preferred premium brand of Argan oil. Arzoyi works with the co-ops where there is oil is made by hand by the moroccan women to ensure the product is of the highest quality. But it does not stop there. Right from sourcing it, to shipping it in cooled containers by air, to bottling it and packaging it, the process is overseen by a team of experts to ensure only the highest grade Argan oil makes it to the retail shelves. Arzoyi argan oil is completely pure, natural and organic. It is certified organic by the ECOCERT ICO office based in United States. Arzoyi has partnered with Amazon to make this beauty elixir available to its customers. Customers can buy this brand from Amazon’s amazing e-commerce operations that guarantee trust, speed, and customer service. Get your bottle of Arzoyi argan oil today and see immediate positive results on your hair and skin.

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Mel McDaniel Funeral Updates

Mel McDaniel Dead Funeral WikiShocking news for country fans – singer Mel McDaniel has died. Mel’s age was reported to be 68 and the cause of death was cancer.

Country singer Mel McDaniel had a couple of hits including  “Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On” and “Louisiana Saturday Night”. These were some of my favorites.

Mel McDaniel was born and bred in Oklahoma and a popular theme in his songs was the characterization of oil field workers in Alaska in the 1970′s. Eventually like any true country singer, Mel moved on to Nashville.  Mel had become a regular on the Grand Ole Opry sometime in 1986.

The funeral details for Mel McDaniel are still underway and the family will release the press note when the details are finalized. We will keep you updated.

If you have something to say about Mel, please use the comments below.

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Ketamine Effects On Amy Winehouse Body

Ketamine is a popular drug these days. Death of Amy Winehouse did not help add more interest to it. So for those of you wondering what exactly Ketamine is and how it effects human (read Amy Winehouse) body you have come to the right place.

Ketamine is popularly used in/by humans as well as animals. Its salt, more precisely hydrochloric salt, is typically sold in various forms like Ketanest, Ketalar etc. Pharmacy board classifies Ketamine as a NMDA receptor antagonist. Sounds dangerous, doesn’t it?

In simpler terms, Ketamine as a calming effect on the human body just like a anesthetic. Hence those who can afford it, celebrities like Amy Winehouse, use it for recreational purposes.

Here is an interesting tidbit. Ketamine is consider a very basic medicine in the World Health Organization’s “Essential Drugs List”. Which means if you want to set up a hospital, Ketamine would be in your must-have list.

Check out Amy Winehouse’s below –

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U of M Football Coach Rich Rodriguez Reportedly Fired

University of Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez has reportedly been fired after three years with the Big Ten team. Continue Reading

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Playmate Crystal Harris Playboy Photos Must-See

Everybody’s looking for Crystal Harris’ Playboy photos, especially now that she’s engaged to her boyfriend of two years, Hugh Hefner.  Nothing like taking a gorgeous woman out of competition to get people interested in finding out what they might be missing.  Since Hefner’s announcement hit Twitter on Christmas day that he had given Crystal Harris an engagement ring, the story has been on fire — and Crystal Harris’ Playboy photos have been in demand.

“After the movie tonight,” Hefner posted.  “Crystal & I exchanged gifts. I gave Crystal a ring. A truly memorable Christmas Eve.”

He later said she burst into tears when he gave her the ring.  He quickly clarified: “Yes, the ring I gave Crystal is an engagement ring. I didn’t mean to make a mystery out of it. A very merry Christmas to all.”

Although the 84-year-old Playboy founder said that he doubted he would marry again — but allowed it was “possible” — when he filed for divorce from his wife of 21 years in 2009, by April 2010 (after the divorce was finalized in March) he seemed to be leaning toward marrying Harris, a young model that had been chosen as one of the replacements for the three stars of E! Television’s Girls Next Door that had just left the show (one of which was Kendra Wilkinson).

Crystal Harris, who is 60 years younger than Hugh Hefner, not only became one of the Girls Next Door, along with the Shannon twins, Karissa and Kristina, she also became Playboy Playmate Miss December 2009.  Hefner dated all three women until January 2010.

No date has been set for the wedding as yet.

There has been no word if there will be a Girls Next Door spin-off to “document” the engagement.

Photos of Crystal Harris can be found at

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Santa Claus Is Coming To Town: NORAD Santa Tracker Follows His Flight

Santa Claus is coming to town next week! Be sure to track his Christmas Eve flight with the NORAD 2010 Santa Tracker. Continue Reading

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Snow and Ice Close Bluewater Bridge and Highway; 300 Cars Stranded

A long stretch of Ontario’s Highway 402 is shut down indefinitely and under a state of emergency due to heavy snowfall on Tuesday.  The snow has also led to the closure of the Bluewater Bridge, a gateway between the U.S. and Canada.
Icy and snowy conditions have Highway 402 in Ontario designated as “closed” from the Bluewater Bridge to Highway 401 in London.  The Canadian military was called in for help, with search and rescue helicopters and snowmobiles looking for stranded motorists.  Front-end loaders were also reportedly brought in to remove drifts burying the vehicles.
“We have up to 300 motorists who’ve been stranded for up to 15 hours now,” Sgt. Dave Rektor of the Ontario Provincial Police western region said Tuesday morning. “It’s still snowing heavy, nonstop dense snow. We have snow banks four and five feet high we’re trying to traverse on snowmobiles to get to those people.”
The Detroit-Windsor Tunnel is open and ready to take commercial and passenger vehicles that would otherwise use the Bluewater Bridge in Sarnia/Port Huron, according to reports.

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