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Stimulus Check Schedule

The long awaited  Economic Reinvestment and Recovery act which encapsulates the second Stimulus Package was passed a few weeks back by President Obama.

Even though there is huge amount debate and disagreement over the approach, yet everybody agrees this scheduled spending bill by the federal government will definitely stimulate the country’s economy by not only creating and providing jobs but also by circulating money in the market.

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A bit about the background of this bill, the government’s spending bill emphasizes on increasing the role of the government by going into various sectors where is have never ventured before. Like many of our republican brethren suspect, nationalizing various private institutions. (Bank?)

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Octuplets Mother Nadya Suleman

Looking for Nadia Sulaiman? This is the right place. Also, check out what America has to say at the discussion below.

Nadya Suleman (sometimes referred to as Nadia) is the mother under the spot light. Now the questions are being asked if the spot light is big enough to accommodate the new family. Before I go on to that subject, lets talk about the octuplets and the mother’s profession. According to media reports available, Nadya (Nadia) used to work in a fertility clinic and had IVF despite already having six kids.

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Andreas Krieger

Andreas Krieger is one freak story. This person used to be a girl athlete but after taking steroids and other hormone injections to improve her athletic performance, turned into a man. Though It would not be fair to say though that he/she had control over her destiny because the communists ran the mass sports factories behind the wall.

Andreas Krieger, born as Heidi Krieger, was a former East German shot-putter, who competed as a woman in the East German athletics team. Like many prominent East German sportspeople at the time, Krieger was systematically doped with anabolic steroids.

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Lindquist Summer Associates

My recommendation is to stay away from Lindquist Summer Associates. There are reports that this company’s website has been hijacked and supported with malware either by themselves or somebody has penetrated their systems.

Until further word or new development, avoid Lindquist Summer Associates like a plague.

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Youtube Blocked in Pakistan

According to emerging reports, it seems Youtube has been banned in Pakistan. Variety of reasons are being offered as to the reasons of banning this popular videos website – starting from blasphemous material on line to showing material considered morally objectionable in an orthodox society like Pakistan’s.

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Industry Leader See Rupee At 35 To A Dollar

The Indian industry should brace itself for a strong rupee, as the currency could strengthen by Re 1 to Rs 2 against the US dollar, and must diversify its revenue base, ICICI Bank [Get Quote] chief executive officer K V Kamath has said.

“The strengthening of the rupee is a long-run challenge. Rather than fight it, corporate India should prepare for the day,” Kamath, who was named the Forbes Asia Businessman of the Year, said on Wednesday.

The banker, who has been credited for ICICI’s growth, felt the industry should not wait for the government to step in.

“My message is: Prepare for a strong rupee, the industry has to help itself and cannot keep relying on others to help,” Kamath said.

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Two Indian Doctoral Students Shot Dead on LSU Campus

(A TOI Report)

WASHINGTON: Two Indian Ph.D students were found shot dead in an apartment in Louisiana State University in what authorities said was a home break-in.

The victims, Chandrasekhar Reddy Komma and Kiran Kumar Allam, both doctoral students from Andhra Pradesh, were found inside Allam’s apartment in the university campus late Thursday night after authorities received a call seeking medical attention.

The 911 call was made by Allam’s pregnant wife, who returned home and found the men dead. Authorities said both men had been shot in the head once in what is described as an area with one of the highest crime rates in the city.

Komma, who was studying biochemistry, was found bound with a computer cable, while Allam, who was in the chemistry programme, was near the front door. Initial reports said nothing appears to have been stolen from the house.

The incident stunned the LSU campus, which had a large contingent of Indian students. Louisiana is the home state of Bobby Jindal, the recently elected Governor who is of Indian origin. LSU’s law school dean for many years was Bhisham Agnihotri, who was a special envoy for overseas Indians under the NDA government.

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Business Leaders, India’s New Hot Export


NEW YORK (AP) — The ascension of Indian-born leaders like Vikram Pandit, the new CEO of Citigroup Inc., tracks the economic rise of their home country, once seen by U.S. business as a large market and a source of low-cost technology workers, now viewed as a business power that rivals the U.S. in some industries.

The change is visible on the board of the U.S.-India Business Council, once comprised only of executives from U.S. companies doing business in India. Now, the board includes executives from global companies with business in India, Indian-Americans heading global businesses and Indian companies with interest in the U.S.

Board members include Arun Kumar, head partner at KPMG International, Indra Nooyi, CEO of PepsiCo Inc. and Lakshmi Narayanan, vice chairman of Cognizant Technology Solutions, an outsourcing company that bills itself as “the best of both worlds.”

ArcelorMittal has grown into the world’s largest steelmaker, offering $1.65 billion Friday for the remaining shares of Chinese steelmaker China Oriental Group Co. it doesn’t already own. While the company is based in the Netherlands, its Indian CEO and founder, Lakshmi Mittal, controls nearly half its shares.

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Satyam Becomes FIFA Sponsor


LONDON: The recent announcement by Indian IT firm Satyam that it is to become the fourth global sponsor of the 2010 and 2014 FIFA World Cups may have come as a surprise to those unfamiliar with the company. But brand experts predict that its relative anonymity will be short-lived as a result of the deal.

“While Tier I companies, such as Coca-Cola, use sponsorship to reward their customers loyalty, sponsorship can also be an effective strategy for Tier II companies to raise awareness and advocacy levels at the start of the purchase funnel,” says Iain Ellwood, head of strategy at Interbrand.

He adds that partnering with high-profile events such as the Olympic Games, Formula One and the football World Cup can greatly improve a brand’s public profile, pointing to South Korean companies Hyundai and Samsung as having raised their status through effective sponsorship.

However, he also believes that while more Indian brands will begin to associate themselves with big events to raise awareness internationally, because its economy’s growth rate of 30% is based largely on sales to its home market, there will not be a stampede. “There is still huge potential in that domestic market, making the desire for international dominance less acute than it is in smaller countries such as South Korea,” he explains.

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Web And Indian Elections

(Pic – Orkut Community ‘NAMO’)

Ahmedabad, Dec.10 (ANI): For the first time, the election campaign in Gujarat is witnessing the participation of over 100 IT professionals, most of whom have taken to the streets to support Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

Modi, for those not in the know, is also making an impact on the web though social networking sites like Orkut, uploading Modi videos and forming online Modi fan clubs called NAMO that stands for Narendra Modi.

The NAMO society is making full use of the Internet to reach out to an increasing number of cyber-savvy voters, as over 6000 members have formed a formidable group to influence them.

This website provides a platform to all the fans of Narendra Modi staying anywhere in the word to share their common view said Maulik Patel, an IT professional.

Another IT professional, Harsh Patel, who is an ardent fan of Narendra Modi said Modi is a cult figure in Indian politics. His passion and commitment for the development of Gujarat are par comparison and make him synonymous with Gujarat. He has been relentlessly working for the better future of Gujarat.

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