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Octuplets Mother Nadya Suleman

Looking for Nadia Sulaiman? This is the right place. Also, check out what America has to say at the discussion below.

Nadya Suleman (sometimes referred to as Nadia) is the mother under the spot light. Now the questions are being asked if the spot light is big enough to accommodate the new family. Before I go on to that subject, lets talk about the octuplets and the mother’s profession. According to media reports available, Nadya (Nadia) used to work in a fertility clinic and had IVF despite already having six kids.

Now according to a neighbor, all 14 kids were born using the same sperm donor. What is the probability of that happening. Nadya Suleman Guiterrez is 33 years old and lives with her kids in a three bedroom bungalow unit.

But US guidelines of home occupancy say these folks should now get a bigger place as there is a policy on how many occupants can be in a given area.

The mother described the experience of giving birth to so many children as ecstatic and miraculous. I have been searching for photos of this lady but since none are available, view the mom from the video below -

Nadia Sulaiman Vote

I have got a poll going here whether you favor donating money to the mother. The poll is totally anonymous so give your vote without revealing your identity.

Give your vote today and keep checking back to see what rest of America thinks about this issue.

    190 Responses to “Octuplets Mother Nadya Suleman”

    1. Anne says:

      Nutty selfish cow. She needs to grow up and adopt them out she is sickening

    2. Anne says:

      Oh and those false lips how did she get the money to pay for those

    3. Jackie says:

      I am amazed at how much anger a lot of people are exhibiting – do you realise anger is a cover for another emotion? Do you really think this one family is going to effect the governments use of your precious, minute tax contribution in the grand scheme of things? Wouldn’t you rather support a family of beautiful babies with a mother who has chosen to care and love all of them, as opposed to a drug user or life-time unemployed adult? I can’t help but think those of you leaving negative comments need to re-think your priorities and frame of mind before you accuse Nadya of being mentally unstable. I personally would not want to raise 14 chidren, but i am not yet a mother, and I have a lot of other interests and passions in life. She obviously has the support of her family. Have you ever stopped to consider what these 8 babies may achieve or contribute to society throughout their lifetime? Or is that the source of your anger – that they may contribute more to this world than you are yourself? Or is it that you would like the media attention that she is recieving? Or perhaps you would like the family allowance she will be recieving from the government each week? Or is it the unconditional love & joy she will recieve from each of her 14 beautiful children? Even if it is the fact that you have decided to have a new car every few years, or a PlayStation, or an annual holiday, or your cigarettes – whatever your vice is..GROW UP!! We all have choices, and your anger is a reflection of your own regret or jealousy. GET OVER IT – or go and have 8 babies yourself if YOU think YOU can handle it. All the best to you Nadia. You are giving so much to society by commitiing yourself to bring up these children.
      Thank you to all who took the time to leave a logical, compassionate, intelligent response to this article. Your maturity and level-headedness is muchly appreciated – don’t let those rediculous responses stop you from sharing your thoughts, please!

      • loriorio says:

        She is SO selfish and ignorant in SO many ways. Those kids won’t get the attention they need — look at Jon and Kate, and there are TWO parents there. This woman’s mother said she wanted nothing at all to do with all those kids, so no help can be expected from grandma. And think of all those carbon footprints. One of them had better cure cancer or something.

    4. fancygirl1968 says:

      Some of these people are so fixiated on them selves and so self absorbent they have no compassion for anyone but themselves. Nadya is not EVIL she made the wrong judgement call, but it does not matter the babies are here, I hope she can get all the help because it does take a village to raise a child. I hope that everyone will get on with their lives and leave her and her family alone. I think there is alot of jealousy going on. They talk about their hard earned money going to her and her children, Their tax money is not only going to her but to thousands of others some without a job who don’t want to work but just to live off the system and teaching their children to do the same, some who can not work due to disabilities but want to work, some who come over here illeagly, they have thier hand out get afdc, food stamps, medical, and any other assistance and going around with brand new cars, nice homes and walking around with a big wad of cash in thier pockects, so what the hell, why is Nadya so different, she is trying to go to school and she does want to work, if she does some people will complain about that because she left her children with someone to watch while she goes to work or school, she will get railroaded any way she goes, she will never do anything right for some of you, get over yourselves and grow the hell up the world does not just revolve around you, all your are doing is saying poor me You do not have a say in the matter on what she does, sure she made mistakes but tell me who hasn’t, she is the one who has to figure out how to handle it, If she did give up her children you would have hateful words about that as well IT’S DAMN IF SHE DOES AND DAMN IF SHE DON”T. SO what she has all these Nannies, So did other couples who had multiple births, They Had alot of help only one person working a typical job, No one had harsh words for them. Everyone was so eager to help them, But only because she already had 6 children some with disabilities, she went out and got pregnant with the 8 beautiful babies, that was not the plan she was hoping for 1 possible 2, NOT 8 NO IONE KNEW THAT ALL 6 EMBRYOS WOULD TAKE AND 2 WOULD BE A SET OF TWINS. I HOPE YOU ALL GET A LIFE, AND FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO TALK ABOUT LIKE DREW PETERSON< OR THESE BABY KILLERS YOU ANALYZE HER WITH OUT TALKING TO HER GO ON WITH YOUR LIVES PLEASE AND LET NADYA HANDLE HER LIFE< LET HER TAKE CARE OF HER BABIES YOU REALLY DON’T KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON IN HER HOUSE BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT THERE AND YOU CAN’T BELEIVE EVERYTHING THAT YOU HERE. PEOPLE ARE GOING TO SAY THINGS THAT ARE NOT TRUE BECAUSE THEY GOT LET GO OR SOMETHING ELSE OR JUST SO THEY CAN GET RATINGS OR GET PEOPLE TO READ THEIR ARTICALS THAT IS THE WAY LIFE GOES.

    5. Ann says:

      I think it is sad the way we as Men and Women think we have the right to judge or speak down of someone else.Nadya did no crime she had babies at her own choice. Having them is better than killing them.We as Americans pay taxes everyday to support someone or something and alot of times it is another child in another country so I don’t understand why we feel it is so hard to want to help a woman and her children here.God blessed her with 8 healthy children why do we as Americans have to make it in to something bad.we are going to pay taxes no matter what just ask the goverment.Who said our taxes have to be raised today or tommarow because Nadya Suleman had more children than we think she sould.I have not heard that news flash yet.So every one sit back and watch those blessing bloom. If there is a miostake made we will all know. Papers and Magz. and News shows will make sure we do like it is our business. We all talk about how she is in the public eye well has anyone asked why? Why is because we put her there.People are so bored about their own lives they have to get into someone eles. So when you talk of how Nadya is taken care of her children and talking like she is crazy just remember the man down the road may just be saying the same thing about you.

    6. cheri says:

      I am disgusted that anyone on here would say that those babies should of been aborted. Abortion is wrong, I am furious that anyone thinks that of children those are living, breathing, human beings like you and I. People disgust me in the way they think.

    7. Alison says:

      People are saying that this woman is insane, but I think she is very, very clever. She’s had a whole media circus publicising her actions, she’s got charities falling over themselves to help her, she’s found a great way, in these harsh economic times, to live off the taxpayers money and never have to go out and do a day’s work ever again.

      I’m personally disgusted that she felt so free to be a waster: my husband and I long ago decided to have only a single child because that’s all we could afford. We live modestly and both of us work hard to make a living. So to see this wastral does tend to upset me.

      There are people who would say: “well forget her motivations, etc. what do we do with the children now they’re *here*?”

      Easy. My sister and her husband adopted a little girl from overseas because they were infertile. Childless couples are crying for a baby they can adopt. Adopt out these children. I would let the mother keep the six she already has (four, I believe, are supported on Government welfare for disabilities) but the newest babies should be adopted out. Oh, and the mother should be forced to have a hysterectomy. Because she’ll try to do this again, anytime her money handouts get a big low.

    8. Chihiro Chan says:

      Linda Salem wrote:”What amazes me in all these comments I’ve read; in this site and all the others, no mention of the wellbeing of the 14 children was made. Regardless of the reasons this woman continued to have children; it is our moral duty to care for these innocent children”.
      It is no ones “duty” to take care of them except that of their mother.I am not their mother,why should I have to unwillingly pay for someone I am not accountable for? That’s like these cases where a good percentage of men who pay child support,are paying for children that is not even theirs.Do you find that fair to them? Same will happen to taxpayers if the govt. allows it.The best we can really do for them is if she has her children taken away,some good samaratin will be willing to adopt/foster them.I was in a debate on with someone who is FOR her keeping her kids.Yet my opponent never gave any support for his side,only picked at mine,”mooting” everything I said liek he’s some lawyer.
      http : // www
      And no,we’re not “dumb” as some people keep calling us.(for bitching more about nadia than others).We DO bitch about people on welfare using their kids to con the system.At least I do.(I drive my mom nuts with it).I hope her kids DO get taken away from her.This is one fo the many reasons why.
      Def: of child abuse-Behavior directed towards a child by an adult that harms a childs physical or emotional health and development.
      Allowing so many children in the household leaves little time for one on one with mommy dearest,which harms their emotional development.Along,with her and her children getting death threats,that is also just cause for her children to be taken away.If they are given out for adoption/foster care,I believe the angry crowd will cease to focus on the kids and go straight for octohog.

    9. Suleman says:

      evrybodody should leave nadya suleiman a loan she need our encoragement, people said bad thins about her would not help, i give her my suport my God bless her and the cildren.

    10. RAM says:

      this woman is insane…she doesn’t deserve the bloody media attention she is recieving… lets forget nadiya suleiman.

    11. Pam Osborne says:

      Shame on some of you folks. Especially SONIA VINA…..lady you have truely lost it. You are feeding into this frenzy more so than anyone.

      For you to call someone a SELFISH PIG, that is shameful.

      The bottom line is that Nadia, had no business having any more children than the 6 that she already had. GOD, was not responsible for this mishap. This was NADIA and HER DOCTOR, playing with biology and mankind. They both were WRECKLESS and who will suffer from this is ALL of the CHILDREN.

      For Nadia to have only the excuse of “SHE LOVES CHILDREN” is most rediculous. Ideally and most likely will be that: The 8 Babies will be taken from her and placed for adoption. Many couples would gladly adopt them as sets of twins. This is what would be best for the entire family.

      Nadia, has the mentality of a 12 year old. This is not saying that she has a low IQ. Rather that she does not function well with the brain that God gave her. She has destroyed the lives of not only ALL of the children, but as well her actions have affected her Elderly Father and Mother. Nadia has put her parents through a living HELL.

      In as much as these children are innocent living beings. They will suffer much living the type of lifestyle that Nadia has in mind for them at present. Putting them on display in a reality TV show, for what? MONEY…..that is what that woman is all about now. Trying to pump money out of whoever she can. She CERTAINLY does not have the childrens best interest at heart.

    12. neaomy says:

      so far I haven’t read a single positive comment…. there is a show called 17 and counting. About a family that has 17 kids and one on the way…. what the heck is so different between these two families? OOOHHHH that’s right… there is a mother and a father. Give me a break… where there is no father in a home…there is other family and friends who will step up to take their place…. and more than likely do a better job at it. As most men are not very supportive with caring for babies anyhow. A great man once told me…. women do not need men. So I am sure it is tough to care for 8 babies but she can handle it…. I know I sure could… Get over yourselves.

    13. angry says:

      I think some of the comments you people have left are damn right spitful! how dare you critise some one else when it is obvioulsy you with the problem, that lady is so very lucky, i’m 21 and just been told tha i will never be able to have children, those babies are blessings! i think you need to get over your selves and grow up! karma will come back to bite you where it shouldnt!

    14. Thaddeus Buttmunch says:

      Groucho Marx on “you bet your life”. “how many kids you have, maam?” “twelve.” “Twelve?!” “I LIKE kids.”

      “Well I like this Cigar but I take it out of my mouth every once in a while!”

      the censors were not happy

    15. francisca says:

      god also wanted this…you see… you cant steal souls from heaven if god dont want it. so who knows bether the he!!!! jou are judgin him?? bless her and her children.

      • pattie says:

        God did NOT make these children. A greedy Doctor did! They mixed the sperm and eggs in Petri dishes, grew embreos, and inserted them artificially into her uterus!
        She now has 14 children for US to raise! Some of her other children are ‘special needs’ children. This woman really needs to be in an institution! SHE is not taking care of her children, WE are! Our tax dollars, and someone is paying for someone else to take care of those children.. This was not the first time this Doctor artificially impregnated Nadya! She has 8 other children. Some (all?) of who were the result of artificial insemination. HE SHOUD BE IN JAIL!

    16. francisca says:

      i also come from a verry big famely in holland .and we wher not ritch, but i had the most fullest warmest and greatest life and memories. we did,nt had al that everybody had, but jet the spoiled kids was jelours of us and manny times they sayd i wisshed i was you ,you are sooo lucky with your famely.. and i think god must love her a lot to give her soo mutch beuty. if every body culd be just a littel less jelours and hatefull and a littel more joyfull for the happines of and other.. the world would be so mutch more beutiful. everything has a reason so dont curse this. get a life. what must this children think when theyre older and read all your ugly and hateful writting. they where not welkom in this world?? becouse of you haters? who are you ?? and if you still think the same stupid way afther reading this.. i hope you will have to strugle to have maby 1 mirrical, cald a baby.. for you to learn the falliouw of a baby.and nadia knows!!thats why she didt what she did.
      its called love.the nr 1 most valliuest thing on planneth earth.
      and maby your scarredfor your 50 cent of tax a person pfff come on.
      they are angels and you people welkoming them in this way?? shame on you. help her insted of judging. maby one of her baby,s wil save your grandchild or becomes a world saver they aint annimals they will grow up and becom grown people like you and me whit al hopes and dreams like you have. and nadia will be there to suport and gide the beutiful souls like you. onle allong the way you became to be a haters, too bad try to change pleace.try to be happy for an other. the hears on theyre heads was already counted bevore they where born. so dont blame nadia for your selfish side.

    17. God's Love says:

      These are scenerios of the whole issue of Nadia Suleiman and her babies and Almighty God leaves the issue to human being like you and me to solve the problems and to leave out those negative comments and necessary actions need to be taken into account, let it for better and not for worst and God commend us to follow holy book to do right things for mankind fills with love, anybody with me?

    18. John H says:

      As a Brit it amuses me your main concern are the US Tax dollars being used to fund the upbringing of 14 US BORN CHILDREN. What a callous lot you are!
      I understand from a Channel 4 TV production that Nadya funds her household by selling her story, allowing TV access to her family life and having an exclusive with a photographic agency.
      Correct me if I’m wrong but it appears to me Nadya is doing her upmost to lessen (if not eliminate) the financial burden on the millions of rich tax payers in your country.
      The media has stirred this up, and you are feeding on the frenzy!

    19. DIANA says:



    20. DIANA says:

      Another one for “Fancygirl”,

      Frankly the State of California should sue the Octofraud for collecting $165,000.00 for disability while carrying EIGHT infants.

      She may need all the help she can get – by for decent taxpayers we will forced by the IRS to provide that help.

      I love to work hard are get more. That is what capitalism is all about – work hard to get extra – not to give it to this octomom who did have time to think things out before bringing eight more welfare cases into an already overburdened public.

      As far as this being a case of “poor judgment” – give me a break. The plastic surgery and DELIBERATE attempt to become a movie star. She planned this whole thing out and, surprise, the people are not buying her fals confessions of regret.

      Unlike the others you mention being on welfare, they don’t spend $165,000.00 for plastic surgery and embro implants while letting their mother go into foreclosure trying to support her first group of fatherless children.

      She is nasty and greedy and you think she wants a job!!! Yes, she wants to take over a reality show. People like her don’t want the daily grind that the rest of us have to earn a living.

    21. Megan1668 says:

      as I have heard through the grapevine (My In-Laws live in La Habra, a beautiful small middleclass town, occupied mostly by older couples) – this woman had given the first batch of kids to her poor mother to raise, we’ve seen her, and she does look the part – simply tired and WORN out – all the while Ms.Suleman had plastic surgery, so she would look like Angelina Joulie!! Poor Angelina!
      The nurses, were complaining that NS would leave them with the kids and babies, and Nadia Suleman left the house, said she would be RIGHT BACK!! She returned when it was time for the nurses shift change. She’s a total irresponsible NUT; hopefully some of them will grow up, and become great members of our society DESPITE of her
      I feel terrible for all the children some of the first borns are severely handicapt (one has autism).

    22. helene says:

      Judge not that you may not be judge. Love your neighbourg as yourself he that is without sin cast the first stone. Would Christ have rejected her NO NO NO NO no…………..

    23. Balance says:

      “Can’t we all just get along?” Name calling, mud slinging, etc…I came upon this website accidentally, and I won’t make that mistake again. This (aside from the comment about the “all caps”, which was quite amusing) has been a terrible experience. It seems to me that there is an utter lack of tolerance. Are any of us so much better than Nadya? And if so, in what way and by whose standards? There are bigger issues to be solved and many of those issues and the resolutions begin right in or very homes, or have we lost sight of that?

    24. Anastasia says:

      very good answer. I am glad that there are some people who still can use their head before judging someone

    25. Anita says:

      Well you give her your tax Dollars not mine. She is the one with 14 kids not me. She is the one that wanted all these kids let her raise them with her money that she earns. Not with what the rest off us earn.

    26. Allanah says:

      Thank you for the beautifull reply. I really feel that it fits all of my thoughts I`m really glad that there is someone on this website that has a heart and obviously understands what the poor women is going through.

    27. Cecilia says:

      Whatever the case may be, fact remains those babies are here and their mother does not need all the vindivtive barbs flung at her.

      Rather she needs all the help and encouragement her fellow citizens can give; NOT ONLY MONEY but, the wiser and more sensible citizens to teach her.
      The nasty remarks hurled at her surely come from an embittered heart. O! America do not tarnish your record. lastly a bitch is a female dog; no one should stoop so low in calling a woman by that name. Shame on you!

    28. paul says:

      anita you realy need to get your facts right ,this lady is trying her best to raise her family without tax payers help , try not to believe all you read in the papers am sure you you know as i do while mildly entertaining they are mostly full of crap . best wishes -paul-

    29. Allanah says:

      Dear Annita absolutly no-one here is asking you to pay any of your money, So leave the poor woman alone! I think that You are just trying to look for excuses which you think will make you feel better about your self.