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Chelsea Clinton Wedding Pictures

Chelsea Clinton Wedding

The web is currently going crazy for Chelsea Clinton wedding and dress photos. We don’t blame the people for this search. It is human curiosity to see what the stars wear, what their taste is like and whom they favor.

Good news is I have been able to get my hands on some of Chelsea Clinton Wedding Pictures which also show her wedding gown and her pre wedding dress.

I believe her dress was personally designed by the famous designer Vera Wang who also happens to be a very close family friend. Vera Wang was also invited to the wedding and was spotted in Rhineback during this weekend.

Chelsea Clinton has come a long way since the days her dad used to occupy the White House. Chelsea has blossomed from an ugly duckling to quite a stunner that she is now. (Of course there are rumors doing the round that she got plastic surgery done).

Do write in the comments whether you like Chelsea Clinton’s wedding dress.

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Pictures

    33 Responses to “Chelsea Clinton Wedding Pictures”

    1. Eva S. Eiduks says:

      Her wedding dress is lovely – elegant and fit for a Princess and undeniably more formal and sophisticated than that of Jenna Bush. Unfortunately, despite possessing a good taste in fashion, Mrs. Mezvinsky (the name fits) remains quite homely and try as I might, I cannot look at her, in particular when she smiles, without thinking “howdy doody reincarnated” or “howdy doody in female drag”. I have viewed various pics of her mother as a youngster and she was a cute looking girl, albeit for an awkward phase… for Chelsea, well, enough said. (btw – assuming I will have nasty comments here re: my own looks, I am a former print and tv model and Canadian beauty contest winner; I also possess a Ph.D. which is more than Mrs. M now has. I also happen to know how much cosmetic surgery the bride incurred but ultimately, a homely girl remains homely.

      • Michele says:

        What an awful thing to say. Who cares about YOUR “looks” and YOUR “credentials” in this context. Your comments are just plain rude. It is too bad that you were never taught basic manners in your life.

      • Bill says:

        Nasty, nasty,nasty – you sound very frustrated to me!

    2. Jack says:

      Wow Eva, you are a complete ass. I don’t care how many beauty pageants you’ve won but with a personality like yours—you will forever be an ugly person.

      Chelsea looks radiant. The dress is beautiful…..but Chelsea’s happiness is the icing on the cake. I think she made an absolutely stunning bride and anyone who says otherwise is just envious of the $25,000 price tag that came with that custom Vera Wang.

    3. Marybeth says:

      Eva, I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I read your comments. How mean! I think Chelsea looks fantastic, and her dress looks very modern and elegant. You sound a tad jealous here… are you sitting home alone while Chelsea is resplendent in beauty, dancing the night away with her new hubby?

    4. terry says:

      When I saw the pictures I thought the entire family looked wonderful! Then I read Eva’s post and wondered if that was planted to get us each to re-act..? It is absurd, plastic surgery, remarks on level of education ?..This was Chelsea’s Big Day ( & Mark) I think she has beautiful eyes and a smile that is comment anything negative makes me wonder if you had a thing for Mark ? Who would say something that nasty on her wedding day..? My congratulations to this lovely couple & their families. It appears this large wedding came off without a hitch..Well Done !..Chelsea, you looked like a princess girl…be happy & enjoy..xo

    5. Anne R says:

      Chelsea Clinton looks radiant, as does her groom and Secretary and President Clinton. Why anyone would want to detract from such happiness only points to their own internal misery. BTW Jenna Bush’s looked beautiful at her wedding – if I remember correctly it was more casual and outdoors – suited to a less sophisticated dress. Congratulations to all!

      Eva, your comments indicate that you need professional help and a path to your own happiness.

    6. JuliB55 says:

      Eva: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You are ugly from the inside out.

      Congratulations, Chelsea and Marc! May God bless you with a happy, healthy, fulfilling, long life together. You’re both gorgeous!

    7. sheila z says:

      What a horrible comment for a person to make on anothers wedding day!
      Congratulations Chelsea and Marc..everyone looked magnificent..Mazeltov

    8. Elizabeth says:

      Chelsea is absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day. I am so happy and proud for her. This girl has done everything correct and she deserves to be happy.

      Her dress is lovely, her husband is tall, dark and handsome with mega bucks. How lucky can a girl get in life?

      Chelsea, well done!

      God Bless!

    9. justin bieber says:

      Both the mother daughter were looking very beautiful in the weddings and their dresses were awesome

    10. Carolyn Staggs-Howell says:

      Pretty is as pretty does; Chelsea was a very pretty bride.

      Those who make fun of others should get a life. One such person probably has nothing left to warrant a beautiful wedding, and certainly not a handsome, smart groom!

      People who make a salary for making misery just go to Iran!

    11. realistic says:

      it’s nice that her father in law got out of prison to attend the wedding, did he bring Monica with him??

    12. Essie says:

      Democrats….rats they steal the money of th people and want to take it from the rich ………..God will judge them if they don’t repent.

    13. gerri cunningham says:

      eva: yes she is not pretty, yes it was a beautiful wedding , 25,000 for the dress highway robbery, its a so what ……..hoping that the marriage will last and certainly hope they will live in an enchanted cottage!

    14. cheri says:

      I agree with everyone above, what an absolute horrible reaction & comments from Eva, shame on her.

      Chealsea was so radiant & beautiful to say the least.

      • Barbara Ann says:

        Unfortunate comments, Eva. I note that you are a “former print and tv model”….FORMER. So what happened to you? Did your inner ugliness and vitriol manifest to make you a “FORMER” anything? Shame on you. Higher degrees do not make one beautiful, or intelligent, for that matter. You are vile and arrogant and to be pitied.

    15. Bird says:

      Personally never cared for the Clintons. Regardless, Chelsea made a beautiful bride. And, Eva needs to check her misplaced ego.

    16. AubeO says:

      Beauty is as beauty does. I think they’re all hideous, no matter what monkey suits they don. And frankly, I wonder why anyone cares about a wedding between two people, in front of a crowd of people, all for whom reality is just a tad skewed. It wouldn’t have bothered me to see them all fall into the Hudson and drown. Sorry, folks.

      • Barbara Ann says:

        Meanwhile, you’re reading about what you can’t understand other people care about. That’s hysterical.

      • annegabriel says:

        “I wonder why anyone cares about a wedding between two people”

        Let me guess ….. you’re against same-sex marriage, right? and yet you question why anyone cares about a marriage between two people.

    17. p wells says:

      Your statements are proof that “Beauty is only skin deep. Ugly’s to the bone”. Shame on you for being so shallow.

    18. Merry Merry says:

      I can’t believe how shallow some people (responders above) are. Chelsea is smart and seems to have her priorities straight. She just finished her masters in public health. She cares about people and the future of our nation. She promotes healthy eating and cares about the environment. She had her wedding in a part of New York that can use an economic boost. More rich people need to spend their money out in the countryside like this. The tourist industry in Rhinebeck will certainly get a boost from this! As far as the plastic surgery goes, most all beauties get a little plastic surgery these days–how do you think those faces on the clairol and l’oreal boxes look so much alike? Perfect nose, perfect cheekbones, perfect chin??? However, as far as Chelsea’s concerned, you can’t fake those eyes–and she has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen!!!

    19. Teresa Smith says:

      Chelsea Clinton is not a pretty woman. Her status in life is what makes her attractive to men. She is rich and famous but not pretty. But with all that money you would think she or one of her handlers would suggest some serious dental work. The woman has the teeth of a horse and they are as yellow as gold. This is from years of smoking I am sure. They can do tooth whitening now along with veneers and caps. She is quite homely at any rate and she has a very comical look about her.

    20. Susan says:

      Putting lipstick on a pig does not make a princess

    21. Eva says:

      To those of u who have rebutted my comments: how many of you KNOW, have MET or have SEEN Ms. Mezvinsky????? It is for the very reason that I know things you will never know that I felt compelled to write, I finally grew annoyed with all of the comments boosting this woman’s ego. (and what many in the media really think of Chelsea is far different than what they write.) I can tell you stories about this woman from her University days that would shock you – here is just one: she loved to run after, and sleep with, any other girl’s boyfriend she could get her hands on – the men all thought she was ugly anbd she was not asked on dates. (I wish you could have heard the comments.) Moreover, she would make promises for people to get close to her father and use the secret service to threaten the other poor girls if they got belligerent when she was acting like a total tramp…u get the idea. Furthermore, there are LOTS who know the real peronality; which is surly, haughty, aloof and arrogant. I repeat – do YOU know her???? I saw vestiges of the real Chelsea during her mother’s campaign – and I assure you, her mother is far warmer and kind than she apears in the media and she is far prettier than her homely daughter, too. As for my own modelling career – I still do model on occasion but gave up the full-time pursuit due to differnt goals and being with fanily. I just wish Chelsea would be her real self to all of you – photos tell nothing….and we’ll see how many accolades you will give her; a perfect stranger to you.

    22. Eva says:

      To Merry merry: Chelsea had her wedding in Rhineback for very different reasons than hoping to boost the economy – moreover, another bride was almost run out of the town due to Clinton security. Secondly, who told you Chelsea is so concerned with the environment and is sincerly interested in people??? s She obtained her MPA not to “make this big difference” but to eventually run her father’s foundation. She has run a hedge fund for her father’s donors ; unlike the lovely Bush twins (whom I happen to know are far cuter and far nicer than Chelsea could ever hope to be) she has not done any kind of work with ghetto children, the poor, or humanitarian work other than one brief soujourn with her father. She has worked for perhaps two years in positions related to making big money – and has been in school from age 18 to age 30. How naive people are…..they feel they know someone based on the few (often incorrect) “facts” the media reports. Carolyn – I anm happily married and rather than being arrogant, I speak the truth.

    23. Anne says:

      One of Miss Clinton’s nicknames at University was “The Great Red Horse”. (apparently, the men instigated that.) I have seen her – that is one ugly chick. She’s had entire face redone and wears colour contact lens. Look up some pics of her before. I agree with Eva – I’ve seen her, know the personality – she really can be arrogant – and how many others here know any of that?????

    24. Trevor says:

      Chelsea Clinton is a dog – plain and simple. I don’t know one guy who thinks otherwise. As for the “nasty” comments, some people are just honest and are not kissy and hypocritical. I’ve seen Chelsea around NY, also in CA, so I know better than most. If Clinton is cute what do you call Elin Nordegren or Ivanka Trunp? GET REAL – she was homely as all hell growing up, and she is homely as hell now. Wonder if this guy wanted a merger with $$$$$$$$ badly????? She is a mutt. (bowwow.)

    25. Thomas says:

      Chelsea Clinton is homely as all hell and it’s nice that at least a few people are honest enough to say so. I agree that those who say she is so “beautiful” haven’t seen her.

    26. Rebecca says:

      Chelsea Clinton is very beautiful and I’m happy for her that her wedding day was very special. I hope she will be a better person than her parents, who are a couple of idiots. Did anyone checks Bill’s suit for any stains?