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Beckham Return To Galaxy Soon?

David Beckham has announced that he will return to Galaxy around September 11. As we all know that Beckham missed the World Cup soccer tournament due to his injuries, and we all thought he might not ever play the game that he loves so much ever again.

Beckham tore his left Achilles tendon on March 14 and everyone thought that he was through. However, to everyone surprise, he will be returning to the Galaxy according to reports.

Many believe that had Beckham been able to go to the World Cup, England would have advanced further in the tournament than they did. However, it was a sad year without him.

With his return people around the world are excited to watch him play the game that he loves so much. We all wish him and his family well and hope his return is definitley one of soccer’s greatest players.

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US Open 2010 Collapse Advances Dulko by Default

A 2010 US Open collapse advances Gisela Dulko by default.  Victoria Azarenka collapsed during the match, clutching her side.  Fans didn’t know what was happening – and feared for the worst.  Luckily, Azarenka will be okay, as she suffered from  a concussion and is expected to make a full recovery.

The tennis player hit her head while practicing.  Doctors were monitoring her and had cleared her for the match.  Unfortunately, while she was playing she felt the effects of the concussion and passed out.

Many had high hopes for Azarenka for the 2010 US Open.  The US Open collapse put a damper on what many were hoping to be a ground breaking tournament for the player.  Her backhand is considered exceptional and she went into the tournament the 10th seeded player.

Gisela Dulko advances to the third round – but by default.  It’s not a glorious win, but it gives her another round to see how far she can go in the tournament.

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Tiger Woods Update: Tiger’s Bachelor Pad in Sexy Manhattan

Tiger Woods’ update includes news that the famed scandalous golfer istiger woods image 300x300 Tiger Woods Update: Tiger’s Bachelor Pad in Sexy Manhattan moving to a bachelor pad in Manhattan.  US Magazine reports that sources told the magazine that Woods introduced himself as “The new neighbor” at a swanky downtown Manhattan apartment.

Many are estimating that Tiger could be getting closer to the famed Rachel Uchitel, the New York socialite who was involved in the scandal to begin with.

Tiger’s divorce is finally final, and he’s moved away from Florida where he shared a life with Elin.  Maybe he needs a change of scenery.  Then again, maybe he may be jumping out of the skillet and into the fire, getting involved with the very woman that got his marriage torn apart.

Still yet, Manhattan offers a great backdrop for the lifestyle that Woods apparently wants.  There are plenty of exclusive nightclubs, and an endless stream of young women with stars in their eyes.

Do you think Tiger will continue to be a ladies man?

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Former WWE Wrestler Luna Vachon Found Dead

Former WWE wrestler Luna Vachon, 48, was reportedly found dead on Friday morning at her mother’s home. Continue Reading

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Baseball’s “Sweet” Lou Piniella Quits Early

“Sweet” Lou Piniella calls it quits early, retiring from baseball not at the end of the season, but after today’s match against the Atlantasoriano and sweet lou 300x183 Baseballs Sweet Lou Piniella Quits Early Braves.  Fans are shocked, to say the very least. Piniella issued a statement which reads “When I previously announced my intentions to retire at the end of the season, a primary reason for my decision was that it would allow me to spend more valuable time with my family. That time has unfortunately gotten here sooner than I could have ever expected.”

Piniella is the manager of the Chicago Cubs. His mother has been ill, and he’s already taken a couple leaves of absences in order to spend time with her. His successor will be third base coach Mike Quade, who takes on the reins during Monday’s match against the Washington National’s.

Sweet Lou has had a great career with the MLB.  He’s made five trips to the world series, and has three championship rings.  He’s not only worked with Chicago, but also the Yankees and the Reds.  Baseball will really miss good ol’ Sweet Lou.

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Surprise: Brett Favre Returns to Vikings

Indecisive Brett Favre is coming back to the NFL for “one more” season withbrett favre 200x300 Surprise: Brett Favre Returns to Vikings the Minnesota Vikings. Surprise. Okay, not really.  This player has “retired” more times than I can remember. When he actually DOES retire, the news won’t be all that big because he’s like the boy who cried wolf.

Of course, that doesn’t take away from his sheer talent. He’s gone the distance for a long time, played with three teams, and has even made Super Bowl appearances. He boasts one of the longest careers in Pro Football history as well.

Perhaps his diva attitude is what people are getting tired of.  Many suspected when he recently announced he wasn’t returning that he was trying to get more money out of the Vikings.  After all, the QB who was the #1 draft pick for the Rams has a guaranteed contract of $50 million – and no NFL experience!

Maybe his team called his hand. Maybe he just can’t quit. Maybe this year he will take the Vikings all the way to the Super Bowl so that he can really retire while on top.

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Tiger Woods Ryder Cup Fate a Decision for Corey Pavin

tiger woods interview 2010 300x210 Tiger Woods Ryder Cup Fate a Decision for Corey PavinTiger Woods’ Ryder Cup fate is in Corey Pavin’s hands. Tiger is the number one (#1) golfer in the United States, but is nowhere to be found on the lists for both the Ryder Cup and the FedEx Cup.

 With his horrible performance at the PGA Championship, Woods doesn’t qualify for the Ryder’s Cup automatically.  Previously he held the #1 slot every year since 1997.

 Now, if Tiger Woods has any chance at a Ryder’s Cup Run, he will have to be chosen by Corey Pavin to participate on the team.  Pavin has four spots he can choose.

 Pavin says “I’m certainly not going to disrespect other players by considering him different from other players. I have to look at the way he’s playing, the way he played, and I have to look at his body of work as well. If anyone can turn it around quickly, it’s him.”

 Haven’t we been waiting all season for a turn around? Still yet, do you think that the golfer deserves a chance at this year’s Ryder Cup or do you think that Tiger deserves a chance, or do you think that the captain should give someone else a chance to shine?

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German Martin Kaymer Takes PGA Championship at Whistling Straits 2010

Martin Kaymer takes the PGA Championship 2010 at Whistling Straits. The 2010 PGA Championship was devoid of big names likeAbu+Dhabi+Golf+Championship+Round+One+BGcYJgTO7dcl 300x187 German Martin Kaymer Takes PGA Championship at Whistling Straits 2010 Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, ensuring that Tiger keeps his #1 ranking – at least for now.  The Championship was won by Martin Kaymer, whose win was marked by penalty strokes taken by both Bubba Watson and Dustin Johnson.

Kohler, Wisconsin is the setting for the Whistling Straights golf course.  Part of the interesting thing about golf is that there are many different landscapes for tournaments, and therefore almost infinite outcomes for each match up.  When the men were going in to the final round one thing was certain – there was going to be a first-time winner.

Dustin Johnson was given a two stroke penalty for grounding his club at the 18th hole. Bubba Watson settled in to a comfortable second place standing.

Tiger Woods did not place in the top of the leaderboard.  Could it be that we are starting to see the next generation of golfers stage their takeover? After all, those in the top of the ranks were all young, hungry golfers ready to make their mark.

Congrats to Martin Kayme for his win.

Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images Europe

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Charles Barkley Called LeBron James a “Punk” After Twitter Post

Charles Barkley called LeBron James a “punk” after a Twitter Post made by the self-proclaimed “King James.”  Is it that Charless LEBRON JAMES CHARLES BARKLEY INTERVIEW large Charles Barkley Called LeBron James a Punk After Twitter PostBarkley’s word for LeBron James is something we already knew he was, or was the former NBA star stepping out of bounds with his proclamation?

LeBron’s Tweet read “Don’t think for one min that I haven’t been taking mental notes of everyone taking shots at me this summer. And I mean everyone,”

OOhhh….Charles Barkely LOVES a challenge and never backs down.  At a news show on Thursday, Barkley said:

“I heard about LeBron’s little tweet today that he’s remembering everybody who said anything bad about him. Well, I want him to make sure that he puts my name on that [list].”

Actually, I don’t think I would want to be on James’ list, but then again – I’m an every day guy.

So now we have two NBA greats fixing to start a war.  The Charles Barkley vs LeBron James dilemma will be interesting, to say the least.

So what started the “punk” claims? James took place in an ESPN Special called “The Decision” where he claims he’s leaving Cleveland to head to Miami to play ball with his friends. He was booed at the ESPY awards not too long after that.

LeBron is going to do what he wants. After all, he’s “King James.”  Charles Barkley is older – he’s made the mistakes from being arrogant and cocky, so is his calling LeBron a “punk” warranted, or should he just leave it be?

If Barkley and James went head-to-head in a one-on-one game, who do you think would win?

Photo via Getty Images

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‘Survivor Nicaragua’ Cast Includes NFL Legendary Coach Jimmy Johnson

NFL legendary coach Jimmy Johnson was officially revealed as a cast member on Monday morning in the upcoming “Survivor Nicaragua” on CBS.

'Survivor Nicaragua' Cast (CBS)

Rumors had been circulating that Johnson was competing in the upcoming season, but the official cast list and confirmation was revealed by host Jeff Probst on CBS on Monday morning.  Johnson, 67, is the second-oldest contestant ever (Rudy Boesch was oldest) on “Survivor.” 

“He’s wealthy – or you certainly think he is,” Probst told Eonline about Johnson during filming in Nicaragua. “He’s incredibly successful, so he has fame … He’ll tell you, ‘If I win, I’m giving it to .’ He really wants adventure.”
“Survivor: Nicaragua” premieres on Wednesday, September 15, 2010, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.  (The show has moved from Thursdays to Wednesdays.)
For more about the upcoming season of “Survivor” and to see profiles of the entire cast, click here.

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