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Wyclef Jean’s Haitian Presidency Bid Disqualified

Wyclef Jean’s bid for the Haitian presidency disqualified because it did not meet rules set by the country.  The high profile bid for the presidency from hip-hop artist and Haitian native Wyclef Jean is met with disappointment by his supporters.  His bid was challenged, mainly because he did not live in Haiti for the past five years as required by the rules.

The rapper is taking the disappointing news in stride, and said “Though I disagree with the ruling, I respectfully accept the committee’s final decision, and I urge my supporters to do the same,”

Of course the news is disappointing, but if Wyclef Jean really desires to eventually become president, maybe he will move back to Haiti.  I know it’s a hard thing to do, but he claims to really, really love his country.

Wyclef wasn’t the only musical talent that wanted the bid.  Michel Martelly, a well known singer in Haiti who goes by the name “Sweet Mickey.” In addition, politician and the head of the government’s primary construction firm Jude Celestin is also running.  Celestin holds the endorsement of current president Rene Preval, who is banned from running for re-election by the country’s constitution.

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Muslim Disney Employee Claims Bosses Banned Headscarf, Hijab

A Muslim Disney employee, Imane Boudal, claims that Disney bosses in Anaheim California refused to allow her to wear her hijab headscarf. She subsequently filed a federal discrimination suit at a court on Wednesday.

Imane was sent home three times without pay, and on the fourth time she tried to wear her hijab to work she was terminated. Disney claims that they allowed Boudal to wear her headscarf, but only in the absence of customers.

Disney also claims that they complied with laws, citing that they offered the employee alternative working arrangements during her regularly scheduled shift in which she would be allowed to wear her hijab.

Disney believes that the issue is with a long standing feud with the union.

Should women be allowed to wear their Hijab? It’s a tough question. With a lot of tensions between the eastern and western world, there has been more and more resistance to allowing women to wear their Muslim headscarves. In France, there was a ban on the burqa, which is a full face covering.

Also, one cannot overlook whether or not Disney would allow a Jewish individual to wear his Yarmulke to work, as well. IF they allow the Yarmulke, they should allow the hijab.

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Death Toll After Russian Wildfires Doubles

Death toll after Russian wildfire doubles. The Russian wildfires death toll reaches 700 per day, following a normal count of halfnm russia 100809 ssh 300x232 Death Toll After Russian Wildfires Doubles that during normal conditions. This is a very sad side effect of the wildfires in Russia, and is a sad reminder of how devastating mother nature can be.

Particles of carbon monoxide have doubled in recent days, and radioactivity is feared in the area.  Toxic particles in the air choke off the breathable particles to sustain life.

Hospitals are over burdened.  Non-emergency surgeries have been canceled, and outpatients have gone home because the hospitals do not have air conditioning and conditions are miserable.  Hospital employees report that there are more dead bodies in the morgue and in refrigerators and people just keep falling ill and dying.

Of course, the government denies claims that the death toll doubled. However, the true reality is felt by those in Russia who have been negatively impacted by the wildfires.

Source: Guardian UK

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‘Survivor Nicaragua’ Cast Includes NFL Legendary Coach Jimmy Johnson

NFL legendary coach Jimmy Johnson was officially revealed as a cast member on Monday morning in the upcoming “Survivor Nicaragua” on CBS.

'Survivor Nicaragua' Cast (CBS)

Rumors had been circulating that Johnson was competing in the upcoming season, but the official cast list and confirmation was revealed by host Jeff Probst on CBS on Monday morning.  Johnson, 67, is the second-oldest contestant ever (Rudy Boesch was oldest) on “Survivor.” 

“He’s wealthy – or you certainly think he is,” Probst told Eonline about Johnson during filming in Nicaragua. “He’s incredibly successful, so he has fame … He’ll tell you, ‘If I win, I’m giving it to .’ He really wants adventure.”
“Survivor: Nicaragua” premieres on Wednesday, September 15, 2010, at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.  (The show has moved from Thursdays to Wednesdays.)
For more about the upcoming season of “Survivor” and to see profiles of the entire cast, click here.

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Super Model Campbell Testimony About War Crimes

Super model Campbell’s testimony about war crimes is making news.  Naomi Campbell, the super model took the witness stand inSuper Model Campbell Super Model Campbell Testimony About War Crimesorder to talk about War Crimes in the tribunal The Hague, following charges filed against Liberian President Charles Taylor.  The reason that she is in the news and has testified is because of several “dirty looking” diamonds she received from the warlord.

As it turns out, they were blood diamonds and as one media report states, it’s said that she’s proved that diamonds are not a girl’s best friend. The situation occurred in 1997, and involved someone who directed Nelson Mandela’s Children’s named Jeremy Ractliffe.  He alleges that he took the diamonds because he thought it would be illegal to take them out of the country.

The supermodel is extremely successful, and is known as one of the best supermodels of her generation  To see her at a war crimes tribunal is unusual.

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Iran Assassination Attempt Reactions – Was it a Lie?

The Iran assassination attempt hit media outlets, bringing up the possibility that someone tried to throw a grenade at the convoy whereIran Assassination Iran Assassination Attempt Reactions Was it a Lie? their president was in.  The backlash from this story is that Iran is claiming that the whole thing was a big hoax, and that it was a flawed media report that the international media ran away with.  Many people are perplexed. After all, how could an assassination attempt be a lie?

Yes, something was thrown at the convoy with Ahmadinejad but it was actually a firecracker that came from an area youth that threw it at the convoy as a sign of joy.

There’s a lot of controversy over this situation. To the western media, the story doesn’t make sense.  To the eastern Muslim media, it’s just another example of the western world, mainly the United States, butting in their business with little or no attention to both sides of the story at hand.  What do you believe? Do you believe the western reports, or the reports coming out of Iran?

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65 Years After Hiroshima Survivors Remember August 6, 1945

Hiroshima Survivors Remember 65 Years After Hiroshima Survivors Remember August 6, 1945 65 years after Hiroshima , survivors are remembering August 6, 1945.  It was one of the first times that nuclear weapons were used – and one of the only times during an act of war.  The fallout was horrific, although it put a damper on the Pacific efforts in WWII, ultimately aiding in the end of the war.

 Approximately 140,000 people were killed instantly from the attack, and hundreds of thousands more were killed as a result of complications.  Generations later, some still feel the effects of nuclear weapons, as increased cancer rates can be caused by the radiation.

 The US Embassy in Tokyo issued a statement claiming that “For the sake of future generations, we must continue to work together to realize a world without nuclear weapons.”

 The US ambassador to Japan , John Roos, was present at a commemorative ceremony, although he did not give a speech.  Some survivors of the attack wish that he would have issued an apology.

 The anniversary of the A-bomb in Hiroshima comes at a time where there is a lot of tension over Iran ’s nuclear program.  Hopefully we won’t feel the effects of nuclear war anywhere in the world ever again.

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Wyclef for President? Haiti New Political Face

Wyclef for President Wyclef for President? Haiti New Political FaceWyclef for president? Hip-hopper Wyclef Jean is running for president in his native Haiti , which was ravaged by earthquakes earlier this year. This is only the most recent famous face to switch from their entertainment counter parts to politics, as boxer Manny Pacquiao recently became a politician in his native Philippines .

 Wyclef doesn’t want to be seen as a hypocrite. He’s always spoken about his love for his native land, and as such want to show both those from Haiti and the world that he is willing to do what it takes to make the country a better place.

 There’s little doubt that Wyclef Jean will leave his opponents with a run for their money.  Hopefully he will be elected and will be able to rid Haiti of the oppression and corruption that has been ever-so-present for many years.  

 Would you vote for Wyclef Jean for president, or would you choose someone else?

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Little Adolf Hitler Cannot Go Home

“Little Adolf Hitler” cannot go home, says a NJ state court of appeals. The young boy was stripped from his home along with his sisters after the family garnered national attention in December 2008 over a personalized birthday cake.

 Authorities allege that removing Little Adolf Hitler and his little sisters, one whose name includes the words “Aryan Nation” has nothing to do with their names and everything to do with the safety of the children.

 Allegedly, a neighbor to the controversial family notes that they received a letter saying that the father was trying to kill the mother, and that the father was training little Adolf how to kill at the age of 3.   However, the child’s mother maintains that the father is “perfect.”

Now why would you name your child Adolf Hitler? Or Aryan Nation? What do you think? Do you think the child is better off not in the home of his parents?

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Wyclef Jean Running for President Haiti – Will Wyclef Win?

Wyclef Jean is running for president in Haiti.  Will Wyclef, the hip-hop artist, actually become the leader of the country whichwyclef ap 300x300 Wyclef Jean Running for President Haiti Will Wyclef Win? was nearly ripped apart by an earthquake earlier this year? It seems as it is a juxtaposition of terms, an unlikely match. However, the musician loves his homeland and has done a lot of humanitarian work there even before the earthquake in January.

Wyclef is worried about his legacy, and claims that he doesn’t want to be remembered as someone who kept singing songs even after the country – a country that he pledged to love so much in the public, was devastated.

Wyclef isn’t the only person in the public eye to run for political office.  Boxer Manny Pacquiao was recently elected into office in his native Philippines.  Of course, Pacquiao is not president and will continue to fight – and is set to fight Margarito in November.

It’s noble for individuals to run for political office, especially when they come from a less fortunate country.  Wyclef Jean could very easily just stay in the United States, enjoying the comforts of living. However, he’s running for president.

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