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Obama Doesn’t “Regret” Mosque Remarks

Obama has no regrets about Mosque remarks. The 9/11 ground zero mosque debate has continued, and the center of the debate is on comments made by President Obama.  During a speech, he said that the group that desires to build the Mosque near ground zero has every right to do so.

Okay, I agree..they have the right, but that doesn’t make it the right thing to do.  Constitutionally, there is a separation of Church and State. The State cannot rule on if the mosque can be built in that particular location. However, out of respect for the families of those lost during the 9/11 attacks, the group should at minimum consider other venues for their building.

Despite massive opposition, Obama has “no regrets” about his comments, despite Gallup polls that indicate that in general, the American public wishes that the President hadn’t made the comment that they have the right to build the mosque in that location.

The New York Daily News reports A new Gallup Poll that found 37% of Americans disapprove of Obama’s comments supporting Muslims’ right to build the mosque and only 20% approve.

However, the President shouldn’t express regret – then that would make him look indecisive.

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