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Black Couple: White Baby, Amazing Birth (PHOTO)

A black couple has given birth to a white baby. Before getting too much into the details, it is worthwhile to note that the baby is not albino. This is a case where a dark-skinned African couple living in London has given birth to what appears to be a Caucasian baby.

The couple doesn’t have history of mixed races in either of their heritage.  This is truly a very rare event that left the baby’s father even joking about whether or not the fair skinned child is his.  He then told the world he was joking; he knows that the baby is his because his wife is “trustworthy.”

The baby’s name is Nmachi, and she was born to Nigerians Ben and Angela Ihegboro. There are three possibilities as to why the strange event could have occurred:

The baby could be albino. Although preliminary tests rule this out, it’s been noted that doctors have not confirmed that she is not albino.

Dormant Caucasian DNA: somewhere down the line there could have been a mixed race couple long forgotten. This could cause the baby to have light skin.

A genetic mutation: Sci-Fi followers may be curious to realize that there’s a possibility that this child has a gene mutation never seen before.

The black couple, white baby birth will go down as one of the most interesting scientific stories of the year.  Although white couples have given birth to darker skinned babies, it’s very rare for two extremely dark skinned individuals to give birth to someone with blond hair and blue eyes.

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Snow in All 50 States? A Big Historical Weather Event Could Occur

Snow in all 50 states? A big historical weather event could occur, and there could be snow on the ground in all 50 states.  States such as Alaska are used to snow, and it’s not all that surprising to hear that Alaska, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin will have snow on the ground in the  middle of February – but what about Hawaii?

Yes, even the tropical island paradise of Hawaii will have snow on the ground.

Well – you have to remember that Hawaii has tall volcanos.  These have snow on the very tops of them.

It’s not like there  is going to be a wide sweep of snow that pummels the entire country.  It’s that there’s an individual out there collecting photos of snow on the ground in all 50 states, and then arranging them for people to see.

Snow is very exciting for those in the south and those in areas that aren’t used to seeing the fluffy white stuff. For others in northern areas, the prospect of seeing snow in the entire country isn’t as exciting.

Is there snow in your area? Do you live in one of those places where snow is an annual event, or do you live somewhere that gets it almost daily for months out of the year?

Will you download the pictures of snow in all 50 states, or do you think that the project is a big waste of time?

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Real Life Sleeping Beauty a Fairy Tale Dream or Horrid Nightmare?

Real life Sleeping Beauty a Fairy Tale dream or a horrid nightmare? A real life Sleeping Beauty exists, and Louisa Ball knows it all too well.  This real life Sleeping Beauty can sleep through entire weeks of class, entire birthday parties, camping trips, and other memorable life moments.

The name of the ailment that is affecting Louisa Ball is Kleine-Levin syndrome. It’s not a very common ailment and chances are Louisa will grow out of the illness – or at least she hopes.

Can you imagine being a real life Sleeping Beauty, unable to know when you will fall asleep, only to wake up weeks later? Nothing could be scarier.  Her parents have to shove food down her throat and get her to use the bathroom, only for her to fall asleep again!

I’m all for a good nap every now and again.  In fact, just yesterday I took myself a couple hour snooze in the middle of the afternoon.  However, it’s not something I would want to do every day, and sleeping is definitely not something I would want to do for weeks at a time.

The longest that Louisa Ball, the Real Life sleeping beauty, has ever slept is for 13 days.

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Man Babies Creepy or Cool? (PICTURES)

Man Babies…creepy or cool? As if we didn’t have any more useless ways to spend our time, Man Babies popped up.  The basic premise of is to take pictures of men with babies, and then swap their heads out.  Sounds creepy, doesn’t it?

Some think that Man Babies are rather cool.  This is apparent through a review of their Web site, which allows viewers to vote on pictures that were submitted.  Like the picture you see? Click it.  I have embedded a Man Baby picture below.

So what do you think about that giant baby girl head cropped onto a man’s body, and a very small Wee-Man looking baby in a carrier? My vote? Kind of creepy.

Right now, 68 people disagree with me – they like the picture below.

If you are really bored and have some pictures of a man with a baby, take a day off work and crop the picture to swap their heads out, and submit it to the site.  Then, wait and see if people admire your work.

Like the People of Walmart Web site, people are coming out with curious ways to stay entertained online, and Man Babies is only the latest craze.

Leave your comments about man babies below.

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Andy Dick Arrested Again After Alleged Sexual Abuse

Andy Dick arrested…again…after an alleged sexual assault.  Comedian Andy Dick apparently didn’t learn his lesson when he was arrested for pulling down a teenage girl’s top back in 2008.  This time, after appearing at the Funny Bone restaurant in Huntington, West Virginia it is alleged that Andy Dick groped two victims genital areas.


Although the story is jaw-dropping – people just don’t go around grabbing other peoples’ crotches – you have to stop and ask yourself if the situation was really all that surprising.  After all, this is a guy that walked up to a teenage girl and pulled down her top to expose her breast.

This is also the guy that had to be removed from  Jimmy Kimmel Live for repeatedly touching Ivanka Trump without her permission. 

Add to this him exposing himself to audiences at least twice, and a history of drug abuse and citations for inappropriate comments and you will see that the arrest – while peculiar – is far from unexpected.

Still yet, there are those that think that the comedian is hilarious. Maybe he is doing some of these things because he thinks its funny.  Perhaps he just doesn’t get that this is not appropriate behavior.

Based on his track record, it doesn’t appear likely that Andy Dick will learn his lesson from this arrest.  We will just have to wait and see.

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Nadya Suleman aka Octomom Rocks Bikini Body

Nadya Suleman aka Octomom rocks bikini body.  Nadya Suleman gave birth to octuplets last year on January 26th – even though she already had six children.  Now, one year later Nadya Suleman rocks a bikini body.   Strangely, Octomom claims that her transformation was because she’s like a “rubber band” and can snap back to shape.

Still yet, some think she had plastic surgery.  After all, she did give birth to eight children and likely experienced quite a bit of stretching of the skin.  Even if she did lose all the weight she claims she lost (she apparently went from 270 down to 120) one would think that she would still show signs of sagging skin and stretch marks.

If she really didn’t have plastic surgery, then I think that Nadya Suleman would become a millionaire by telling the world what she put on her skin to eliminate stretch marks and reduce sagging.

She could come up with a fitness plan and nutritional program and package it into an all inclusive package and sell that too – kind of like LA Weight Loss or Jenny Craig.

Still yet, Nadya Suleman’s bikini body is impressive for any mom – even if she only had one or two kids.

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Woman Kills Boyfriend By Sitting on Him 120 Pound Man Squashed to Death

Woman kills boyfriend by sitting on him! A 120 pound man was squashed to death by his girlfriend, who is said to have weighed around 300 pounds.  The woman pleaded guilty to manslaughter after killing her boyfriend by sitting on him.  Her sentence? No, she doesn’t have to join Jenny Craig.  Instead, she’s got to do 100 hours of community service and serve 3 years probation.

The victim’s family is outraged.  After all, their loved one died a horrific (and embarrassing) death.  There was a history of domestic abuse between the couple, according to reports from Fox News 8.

The woman’s actions also caused her family significant pain.  Not only was the victim her boyfriend – he was also the father of her three children.

Mia Landingham is the name of the suspect and Mikal Middlestone-Bey is the name of the victim.  They were involved in a fight in August, and she is now pleading guilty and getting released from jail.

What do you think? Do you think the punishment should have been a little harsher for the woman who killed her boyfriend by sitting on him? Or, do you think that the punishment fits the crime and that she has learned her lesson? Do you think it’s likely that she will ever sit on (and kill) anyone else again?

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All White Basketball League a Big Controversial Team

All white basketball league? What a  big, controversial team! Yes, there exists an all white basketball league – or at least a promoter wants to start one.  In order to qualify for the league, members must be natural born Americans and born to Caucasian parents.

At first, I thought that the all white basketball league was some sort of sick joke or Twitter hoax.  However, when I read about it on NBC sports, I realized that the story was legit.

Don “Moose” Lewis, the commissioner of the AABA is a former professional wrestling promoter.  He claims that there is no hatred behind his league, and that he just wants to move beyond “street ball” to fundamental basketball.

The press release which announced the new league was issued hours before Martin Luther King Jr day, which is pretty ironic and kind of … strange timing if you ask me.

As with everything there are two sides to every story.  There are those that think that the all white basketball league is racist.  There are others that think there is nothing wrong with the league.

Here is a comment from each side of the argument from an article on NBC Sports.

If there was an all-black league, would anyone here be complaining? If someone wanted to start an all-female league because they didn’t like playing in co-ed leagues because the male athletes had an unfair physical advantage, would anyone complain?

I don’t have a problem with the league, and I’m not white. People should be free to start any club they like, and they are free to exclude people too.

Curves excludes men, but gentlemen’s clubs are sexist?

Get rid of the double standards here!  – Chris Singh

Is this guy a klansman or something? Gimme a break. It’s bad enough that our that the paper in Montgomery, AL was calling Monday “Martin Luther Kind/Robert E. Lee Day”. As a yankee forced to live in Mobile, AL to support my family, I’m totally sick of these racist jackasses who want aryans only, but claim it isn’t a racial thing.

Makes me want to puke. I’m sure they claim to be good Christians as well. – Woody

 So what do you think? Is the all white basketball league understandable, or is it racist?


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National Popcorn Day A Big Holiday for Popcorn Lovers

National Popcorn day is a big day for popcorn lovers across America and around the world.  National Popcorn day is January 19, and there are many things that you can do to celebrate this unorthodox holiday.  National Popcorn day isn’t a federal holiday, so chances are if you are reading this you are most likely at work.  Take a break, go grab a bag of microwave popcorn, come back and read about all the ways you can celebrate today.

Head to the movies.  Popcorn is a favorite snack at many movie theaters. Get extra butter if you want to splurge or no butter if you want to be good. 

Grab a box of Cracker Jacks.  Of course, chowing down this savory popcorn treat isn’t what it used to be when you were a kid, but it should bring back good memories.

In addition, there are some interesting things you should know about pop corn:

Popcorn was first discovered by the American Indians.  Some even believed that the distinctive popping noise that came from the kernels was an angry god escaping from the kernel.

There are six self-proclaimed “Popcorn Capital of the Worlds”

  1. Valparaiso, Indiana
  2. Van Buren, Indiana
  3. Marion, Ohio
  4. Ridgeway, Illinois
  5. Iowa
  6. North Loup, Nebraska

Popcorn is the official state snack of Illinois.

The Boy Scouts sell popcorn like the Girl Scouts sell cookies

Even though popcorn is nutritious, a small movie theater popcorn from America’s largest movie theater chain can have as much fat as three Big Macs

Popcorn can be used as a packing material – it’s a green alternative to expanded polystyrene pellets.

Lake Forest, Illinois unveiled the World’s Largest Popcorn ball in 2006. It weighs 3,415 pounds and is 8 feet in diameter and 24.6 feet tall.

During the Great Depression, popcorn was cheap and grew in popularity. It became a hot source of income for struggling farmers.

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Wry Nose Syndrome

Popular pet care site Animal Rescue Site  recently had a posting from a good Samaritan who had rescued a horse diagnosed with Wry Nose Syndrome and given it much needed care and shelter. The site apparently has zealous fans who love to visit the site daily to catch up the latest in animal rescue. There is a mechanism on the site whereby the visitors can click on certain buttons as a way of showing support to the animal rescue efforts.

The good Samaritan posted the below photo of the horse suffering from Wry Nose Syndrome on the site and because a lot of patrons were not familiar with this condition they were not sure what exactly was the issue with the foal.

Wry Nose Syndrome Wry Nose Syndrome

Wry Nose Syndrome

What is Wry Nose Syndrome.

Wry Nose Syndrome is a condition mostly observed and diagnosed in horses (especially foals). Wry nose is a deflection of the rostral maxilla.

It is most apparent in species with long faces such as horses. It is a congenital irregularity.

I have included a photo of a horse skull below to show what a wry nose syndrome looks like.

Animal Rescue Site is doing a great job in bring together animal lovers and keeping them apprised of their latest efforts.

 Wry Nose Syndrome

Note: This is an updated post to reflect information provided by readers below. If you have additional relevant information, please add below.

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