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Real Life Sleeping Beauty a Fairy Tale Dream or Horrid Nightmare?

Real life Sleeping Beauty a Fairy Tale dream or a horrid nightmare? A real life Sleeping Beauty exists, and Louisa Ball knows it all too well.  This real life Sleeping Beauty can sleep through entire weeks of class, entire birthday parties, camping trips, and other memorable life moments.

The name of the ailment that is affecting Louisa Ball is Kleine-Levin syndrome. It’s not a very common ailment and chances are Louisa will grow out of the illness – or at least she hopes.

Can you imagine being a real life Sleeping Beauty, unable to know when you will fall asleep, only to wake up weeks later? Nothing could be scarier.  Her parents have to shove food down her throat and get her to use the bathroom, only for her to fall asleep again!

I’m all for a good nap every now and again.  In fact, just yesterday I took myself a couple hour snooze in the middle of the afternoon.  However, it’s not something I would want to do every day, and sleeping is definitely not something I would want to do for weeks at a time.

The longest that Louisa Ball, the Real Life sleeping beauty, has ever slept is for 13 days.

    7 Responses to “Real Life Sleeping Beauty a Fairy Tale Dream or Horrid Nightmare?”

    1. Troy says:

      Really insane. I saw a guy like that in Sopranos. Maybe its for real.

    2. wendy says:

      I had a similar experience when I was 12 or 13. It happened only once though and not for days just slept through 24 hours straight. Now I wish I could sleep past 8 hours…

    3. Kayla says:

      I can’t imagine having to go through that, imagine what her life would be like if she never did grow out of it? Poor girl,

    4. Kaitlyn says:

      OMG. That happens to me but the longest I slept was for 5 days. I mostly sleep for 2/3 days???

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