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Wry Nose Syndrome

Popular pet care site Animal Rescue Site  recently had a posting from a good Samaritan who had rescued a horse diagnosed with Wry Nose Syndrome and given it much needed care and shelter. The site apparently has zealous fans who love to visit the site daily to catch up the latest in animal rescue. There is a mechanism on the site whereby the visitors can click on certain buttons as a way of showing support to the animal rescue efforts.

The good Samaritan posted the below photo of the horse suffering from Wry Nose Syndrome on the site and because a lot of patrons were not familiar with this condition they were not sure what exactly was the issue with the foal.

Wry Nose Syndrome Wry Nose Syndrome

Wry Nose Syndrome

What is Wry Nose Syndrome.

Wry Nose Syndrome is a condition mostly observed and diagnosed in horses (especially foals). Wry nose is a deflection of the rostral maxilla.

It is most apparent in species with long faces such as horses. It is a congenital irregularity.

I have included a photo of a horse skull below to show what a wry nose syndrome looks like.

Animal Rescue Site is doing a great job in bring together animal lovers and keeping them apprised of their latest efforts.

 Wry Nose Syndrome

Note: This is an updated post to reflect information provided by readers below. If you have additional relevant information, please add below.

    25 Responses to “Wry Nose Syndrome”

    1. Angela says:

      http://www. theanimalrescuesite .com/clickToGive/home.faces?siteId=3 May be the reason for the interest.

    2. Yvonne Navarro says:

      It’s the “Click a Day” on the Animal Rescue Site. The notion that they’re requesting donations to “save a horse” is completely incorrect. The image above is one of the stories sent in by people who have rescued animals. It has nothing to do with Facebook and it’s not a viral campaign. If you’re seeing a spike in “what is it” it’s obviously people trying to educate themselves. Which, frankly, you should do before you claim something is “viral.”

      • ellen says:

        Yvonne is correct. that’s why i landed on this site. i “click daily” to donate to the annimal rescue site and always read the rescue stories… mostly about dogs and cats. i had never heard of wry nose syndrome so simply googled it and this site popped up.

      • Michelle Richards says:

        Yvonne’s e-mail is correct as far as my interest goes. I click everyday on the Animal Rescue Site which by clicking helps provide free food to anmial shelters. Today when I clicked I read about sweet Aaleyah Belle. As an animal lover I was interested in finding out what wry nose syndrome was. So I looked it up and was sent to this site. Aaleyah Belle’s owners were only talking about their rescue story and how this sweet little foal came into their life. Nothing more, nothing less….

      • Cynthia says:

        Yvonne’s answer is accurate as to why I ended up here. I also “click daily” and I love the rescue stories from the Animal Rescue Site. Curiosity made me google ‘wry nose syndrome in horses’. Yours is only one of the sites I have looked at in regards to this condition.

    3. Karen Patton says:

      Well said, Yvonne! The Animal Rescue Site is a wonderful way for readers to feel involved and committed to the rescue and recovery of ALL animals. Click everyday and help animals in need everywhere. I too, looked up wry nose syndrome out on interest in the malformation, as I’d never heard of it. Let’s keep the info accurate and don’t diminish the efforts of the Animal Rescue Site!

    4. Troy says:

      I am trying to connect the information seekers with the information. I am the man connecting the dots and I am using crowd sourcing to do it. There is bound to be some degree of inaccurate assumption initially but somebody will eventually set the record straight. Thank you for correcting me.

    5. Cindy Nordby says:

      I also Click to Give every day for the Animal Rescue and The Breast Cancer sight. I am a horse owner and when I read the story about Aaleyah Belle it piques my courisoty. I assist my daughters 4-H Rainbow Riders group in preparing for the Horse Bowl (similar to Quiz Bowl that school children participate in only about horses)competition held every year. I couldn’t tell from the picture what the deformity was so I wanted to learn more about it and here I am. I have heard of Parrot mouth before but not the wry nose syndrome. Thank you for connecting the dots for me Troy.

    6. ShadyKay says:

      I, like several others, saw the reference to wry nose syndrome on the website where I ‘click for food’. I don’t have horses, never heard of wry nose – and wondered why such a thing would cause the owners of a horse afflicted with it to give the horse up so quickly. So, I googled it, and here I am. That’s all – no uptick in wry nose syndrome today.

    7. Nell says:

      Okay, Troy, but now that you are educated about the site, why not correct your original posting? By clicking on the Animal Rescue Site, and on 5 related sites for child health, literacy, breast cancer, hunger, and rain forests, you cause their sponsors to make donations to those causes. It takes only seconds a day, is the cheapest charitable thing you can do, and if reading about a horse with a condition one has never heard of improves one’s knowlege, isn’t that a good thing?

      • Carrie says:

        Troy, I agree. If you have been corrected on the source of the image/information, why would you not then correct your post to reflect the true source. Would that not be the best thing to do so that we can encourage helping these other programs? I click every day because I have cats, but I looked up wry nose because I also have two horses and I had never heard of the syndrome before. Please fix your blog. It’s very derogatory.

    8. Linda says:

      I click every day on the Animal Rescue Site. This is the first time I was aware of such a symtom. The Animal Rescue Site is a very worthy cause that I support.

    9. Mary Curcio says:

      I click every day too and had never heard of Rye nose, googled it and here I am! Education and giving, what a pair. Beautiful horse, too. She’s lucky she was blessed with compassionate owners at only 12 hours old! God bless!

    10. Dixie says:

      I agree with all of the women who responded. I found out about the syndrome the same way they did. All of our children wanted a horse, but we could not afford one. Thanks for the photo of the skull; I can see why a foal born with this syndrome would be such a terrible thing. However, if surgery can repair it, why not do that and neuter the foal so the syndrome will not be passed on?

    11. Lynn says:

      Thank you for updating your site. I am with all the others. I click daily and read the “rescue” stories, too. I had never heard of wry nose syndrome and came upon your site. Aaleyah Belle is a beautiful horse and she is lucky to find caring people to take care of her. Please be sure to investigate before posting anything. It could be hurtful and untrue.

    12. Therese says:

      I’m a daily ‘clicker.’ Thank you for the info.

    13. Jerri says:

      Also being a daily clicker, this is something that I also had never heard of, I myself have no horses, but one of my sisters has 3. I click on all the “buttons” daily and read all the rescue stories, I’m glad to see that there are so many people out there who do care, especially when you hear about the animals that aren’t so lucky. I myself have 5 dogs, 8 cats and a parakeet, mostly rescues (including the parakeet), so it gladdens me that so many take a few moments out of their day to “click”.

    14. Mary says:

      I, too, click on the Animal Rescue Site daily. I was curious about “Wry Nose Syndrome,” so I looked it up, as many other responders did! Glad to see so many others who are daily clickers.

    15. HandsomeElvis says:

      Hey Troy, May I quote you? “Popular pet care site Animal Rescue Site recently had a posting from a good Samaritan who had rescued a horse diagnosed with Wry Nose Syndrome and given it much needed care and shelter. The site apparently has zealous fans who love to visit the site daily to catch up the latest in animal rescue.” a good Samaritan? Did you read what the “Samaritan” wrote? zealous fans who love to visit the site daily to catch up on the latest in animal rescue (I cannot express how offensive this is.) I find your comments and observations rude and demeaning. I only hope that you are not part of a branch of any medical profession.

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