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Delonte West Arrested

Delonte Maurice West  is a professional basketball player for the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. Right from school Delonte was famous as an athlete. While in his junior year at college, Delonte decided to pursue a career in professional basketball and leaving college midyear.

Delonte West is currently hogging the limelight because recently he got arrested for carrying loaded weapons. On September 17, 2009 Delonte West was pulled over by a police officer after he cut off the cop while driving his motorbike.

After the cop stopped him, Delonte mentioned to the officer that he had weapons on him. On hearing this, the police officer called for backup and proceeded to search Delonte.

The search proved that Delonte was not fibbing. Besides the weapons charges, Delonte was charged with speeding as well.

Delonte was released on bail the next day.

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