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Sahel Kazemi DUI Video

Sahel Kazemi DUI Video is becoming popular among the current affairs and news fans because Sahel Kazemi is the 20 year old Iranian American who was found sprawled next to Steve McNair in what many are thinking is a affair gone sour.

Steve McNair is basically the All American ex NFL jock who every body knew as this great guy who took care of his community and was happily married with about 4 kids if I am not wrong.

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Jesse James Hollywood Verdict

Guess what? I could never come around to it but a Santa Barbara jury today gave a verdict that many of us would not have concieved ourselves. The Jesse James Hollywood verdict is that the jury found him guilty of first-degree snuffing out life and kidnapping for ordering the snuffing out of Nicholas Markowitz.

The jury in Santa Barbara concluded that Hollywood was the group leader of a group of mostly young teens suburban narcotics users who, when trying to collect a $1,200 debt from Ben Markowitz, kidnapped and later expired his younger stepbrother, Nicholas.

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Steve McNair Update

s mcnair 940910 WIDE 300x187 Steve McNair UpdateBringing you the latest on the Steve McNair Updates. All American ex NFL star Steve McNair’s death has been ruled as a homicide by the TN police. What this means is that police is sure somebody else killed Steve McNair (as opposed to a suicide).

However the police is still not sure who pulled the trigger. Was it his girl friend Sahel Kazemi or some other jealous ex lover, has not been determined.

The girl friend was found next to the football super star with a single shot.

According to the reports made public, I have been able to find out that a semi automatic weapon was used and it was later found next to the bodies.
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Melissa Missy Giove Busted

One of my favorite sports stars of yesteryears, Melissa Missy Giove was busted by the police and DEA for trafficking  the banned substance marijuana.

Melissa Missy Giove is 37-years-old and not so long ago she dominated the arena of downhill bike racing when soon after she retired. But not before she won a lot of medals and trophies and earned a special mention in the world of Bike Racing.

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Stanford Financial Group Scam

Federal agents from the corporate and accounting fraud division today entered the Houston office of Stanford Financial Group according to the eye witnesses.

According to some of the folks I know there, about 15 agents wearing black flak jackets entered the lobby of the company. They had US Marshals written in bold over their west just in case somebody mistake them for the cleaning crew. (Well in a way the marshals are there to clean!) This Stanford Financial Group office is located in the Houston Galleria area.

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Heide Iravani Fights Online Bullying

HeidiIravaniCircle Heide Iravani Fights Online Bullying

Heide Iravani

Heide Iravani Profile

This is the most vile case of cyber bullying that I have come across and perhaps this case might change the rules of the game from now onwards. (Brittan Heller is also in the same boat as her).

Who is Heide Iravani

She is an uber accomplished women from the Yale Law School who was a victim of some the worst form of cyber bullying according to media reports. Now I am not trying to paint her as all rosy. She stepped on a lot of toes in real life and those folks used the anonymous feature of the internet to gather at one of the most popular message boards online and talk some stuff about her.

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Knife Crimes On Rise In UK

Hardly surprising. London has always been a center of attraction for youth and gang related knife crimes. According to a BBC source, tougher laws will be implemented in the New Year. This will see that criminals will get tougher jail sentences. Judges will have more power to decide on punishments. Asides jail sentences, stricter community service will be introduced with a heavy sanction on curfews and personal liberties. Personally, I am not in favours of community service. For me, it means a cop out from actual jail sentence. A criminal won’t learn much about the seriousness of his crime from doing community service. That’s like saying to a child, you’re grounded but you can still go out and be back before a time deadline.

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Ottis Toole & Adam Walsh

0 61 Walsh Adam Ottis Toole & Adam WalshThose who grew up in the eighties would have a better affinity with this case. In 1981 Adam Walsh, then a six year old, was killed by what many thought was a serial killer. The child Adam is none other than the child of America’s most wanted anchor John Walsh.

Case was in 1981 but it is only now that this file has been closed. Hollywood, Florida police says that the serial killed Ottis Toole, who himself died while serving prison sentence in 1996 was the kidnapper of the child. Ottis not only kidnapped the child but even decapitated the 6 year old boy.

Walsh family had been living this case for than two decades. No doubt they were sore and angry at it. So much so that the father John Walsh started America’s most wanted and initiated a process on how America treats missing children.

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Bernard Madoff Arrested

resize madoff Bernard Madoff ArrestedBernard Madoff, also popularly referred to as Bernie, founded the controversial financial firm called Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, which was talked about a lot among other financial guys. Now Bernie is infamous because he was arrested by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and charged with fraud.

Charges leveled against Bernard Madoff aver that he told senior employees his firm Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities was in fact “a behemoth of a Ponzi scheme” after they attempted to spread “couple of hundred million dollars” he had remaining before calling himself in to the government suits.

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Jennifer Hudson Latest News

15130624 Jennifer Hudson Latest News

Just few hours back, I heard on the TV that the gun used to murder Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and young nephew has been found.

In the latest news concerning Jennifer Hudon and her family’s unfortunate saga, the weapon was found by a detective searching land close to where the body of seven-year-old Julian King was discovered in a car last weekend.

Police is not shying on committing resources to this case. They sent about 100 personnel to the area on the city’s West Side after the breakthrough. The weapon is being taken to the Illinois State Police crime lab for forensic testing.

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