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Melissa Missy Giove Busted

One of my favorite sports stars of yesteryears, Melissa Missy Giove was busted by the police and DEA for trafficking  the banned substance marijuana.

Melissa Missy Giove is 37-years-old and not so long ago she dominated the arena of downhill bike racing when soon after she retired. But not before she won a lot of medals and trophies and earned a special mention in the world of Bike Racing.

But now it seems brakes have been applied to all that.

Actually the way the sting was planned by the DEA was when Melissa Missy Giove was stopped for a routine traffic infraction by an attentive cop. Durnig this time, the cop got suspicious and informed the DEA that further investigation might be required.

This eventually led to the bust of Melissa Missy Giove and her associate in crime, Eric Canori as well.

Have you followed Melissa Missy Giove from her hey days of bike champion to her eventual downfall in these times? Have you been a fan of her racing? What do you remember about her the most from her past years at the racing track.

Give your opinion below.

Melissa Missy Giove

    One Response to “Melissa Missy Giove Busted”

    1. drizzle says:

      Missy was great back in the day. To bad she had to get caught with “the banned substance marijuana”. I’m sure that 400 Lbs was for personal use anyway. :)