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Pabst Wins Ugliest Dog Contest

Pabst is a mutt owned by a gentleman in California who has now been labeled as the proud owner of the world’s most ugliest dog.

If you can’t have the world’s cutest dog, to hell with them. Be a man and get the most bada$$ dog.

Pabst is basically a hybrid of boxer that was rescued from a shelter by Miles Egstad of Citrus Heights, California.

Now he has won the annual Ugly Dog contest.

Pabst was actually an under dog in the contest and bookies had him behind the former champion Rascal, a pedigree Chinese Crested. But Pabst managed to upset the championship applecart with his victory.

Pabst’s owner gets to take home about $1,600 in prize money, pet supplies and a modeling contract with House of Dog. Not bad for an ugly mutt.

    5 Responses to “Pabst Wins Ugliest Dog Contest”

    1. Frazier Crane says:

      Toothy Pabst goes under and up to take the testicles right off, followed with a toss in the air and descent into the gullet. Pabst chews little, but swallows hardy, digests your balls and fecates em out in the yard, surgical reattachement IMPOSSIBLE, unless you think sewing smelly dog poop onto bloody stumps is not delusional. You are now sterile, nadless.

    2. kelly says:

      you are so mean! all dogs are cute. and he might not be conventionally cute, but that is definitely not what this contest is about.. i think he’s adorable and i am so happy that someone gave him a chance in this world!!!

    3. Swedish animal protectioner says:

      He seems unable to use his mouth as intended – maybe he has suffered some cheek injury or was born this way due to unlucky crossing of breeds… I hope his owner will use the prize money to try to do something about his mouth.

    4. Mike says:

      I’ve been Miles friend for almost 5 years and can tell you he is the most unsuspecting humble guy that could of won this. Honestly, this whole thing started as a joke and none of us thought Pabst could win. Swedish animal protectioner: Pabst was born this way and spent lots of time in Rescue. A friend of Miles girlfriend works for that same rescue and contacted them because no one wanted him. Miles has taken Pabst to the vet and been told that nothing could be done. I mean we’re talking about a over 2 inch under bite on a 5 inch snout. They’d have to remove 2 inchs of jaw. He obviously doesn’t have a problem eating. lol You’ll be happy to know that he’s giving a nice donation to the rescue where he got Pabst. Just think of all the people that passed him up.


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