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Shaker Heights Yearbook Cover

The Shaker Heights High School yearbook cover has create plenty of buzz online and has a lot of tongues wagging. And I bet even though publicly they are saying the high school student who designed the Yearbook Cover did a wrong thing, at the back of their minds they must be thinking, WOW!

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Bonny Eagle High School Student Denied Diploma

Justin Denney is the student who was denied his high school diploma by the teachers after he carried out show boating on the stage.

The student Justin Denney goes to school at Bonny Eagle High School during the ceremony  came on stage to receive his high school diploma when his name was called out by the teachers but when he reached on the stage, he took a long bow and blew a kiss into the audience.

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Bigfoot Press Conference

Bigfoot Press Conference is all set to rock this summer on news channel thanks to Big Foot hunters in Georgia.

CNET is reoprting that -

Bigfoot hunter Tom Biscardi held the press conference in Palo Alto, Calif., in conjunction with Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, the two men from Georgia who claim that they found the corpse while hiking. Biscardi wouldn’t actually show the body, saying that he had invited Fox News reporter Megan Kelly to show it on-air and that a number of scientists would be performing an autopsy on Monday.

This is proving to be rich meat for media sharks and conspiracy theorists (read Bigfoot trackers, hunters) alike. Even a layman who never showed much interest in Bigfoot stories (your truly) is now getting sucked in and we can’t blame anybody.

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Blow Up Ruby Tuesday Demolition

Popular (fast food?) Ruby Tuesday has a new way to occupy mind space. Apparently some creative advertiser probably came up with this demolition gimmick. The chain promised the demolition of one of their stores and also to broadcast it live on their website.

What better way to come into news and also to send visitors packing to its website.

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Mindfreak Chris Angel At Clearwater

Call it dumb or daring but Criss Angel of the popular show Mind Freak on A&E has now promised his mother that if he survives the latest life threatening trick, then its going to be his last.

Think about it. Anyway you look at it, whether he survives or not, his trickery days seem to be over. Right?

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Talula does the hula

KidHulaHoop Talula does the hula

Quite a funny and odd ball story today.

A judge in New Zealand not happy with parents naming their babies with bizarre names has given a girl named Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii the chance to change hers.

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Concetta Bertoldi And Dead People

32726 Concetta Bertoldi And Dead People

Do you want to be robbed in broad day light by a women wearing snake oil salesman board on her forehead? If you have nothing better to do then head over to Concetta Bertoldi.

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Pervye Na Lunye

Question of the week.

Who is Pervye Na Lunye and why is this in the news so much.

Keep checking back for updates.

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Funny Taliban Meeting

Here is some fresh Taliban war news from the ground zero. This happened some where in Afghanistan or Pakistan. Who knows, but its sure as hell is very funny.

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Michael Savage Autism Apology

Savage birthday 1 Michael Savage Autism Apology

Autism community is visibly very upset and has resorted to taking aims at Michael Savage. I am with them on this one.

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