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Keisha Nicole Nichols Pics

I am going to present Keisha Nicole Nichols Pics in this article but before I do that, a few words on one of the most unlucky girl of the week.

Any girl would hate being Keisha Nicole Nichols because of the fate played its hand and left her hanging/perching precariously on the dangerous ledge that is marriage.

Imagine what must be going on through the mind of Keisha Nicole Nichols. Can you take a shot at how Keisha Nicole Nichols must be feeling about being dumped like this on a day which is supposed to be the most memorable day of her life. In fact in the life of any girl – her wedding night.

One cannot but feel sorry for Keisha Nicole Nichols and all you can do is heap scorn on the idiot of a NBA star. I would go to the extent of saying that this dunce is no star at all who would act like this.

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Richard Jefferson should have been a man enough to take this thing head on and communicated his insecurities to his going-to-be-wife. Richard Jefferson has set a very very poor example of himself to countless other kids who look up to him.

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I don’t know if Richard Jefferson was drunk or high but he has acted in the most pathetic manner. I am sure the readers heart goes out to this poor girl Keisha Nicole Nichols.

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    7 Responses to “Keisha Nicole Nichols Pics”

    1. dave says:

      Why should he feel bad at least he did before they walkeddown the isle and maybe justt maybe we dont know the hole story. To many people get married to only find out they made the biggest mistake of there life. What if he went thru with it and decided a couple years later that he married the wrong person or even worse if kids were involved, to me he may sent 2 million dollars, but he probably saved his self 40 million dollars by just saying no.

    2. JOHN BLAZE says:

      I’M proud of you Richard pay for peace my brother

    3. Mike says:

      Having been in a marriage and through a divorce, I think he definitely made the right choice. I believe in once married always married…unfortuntately my cheating ex-wife didn’t think so…and with more than half of marriages ending in divorce…he made the smart move…she looks like a gold-digger anyway…

    4. Mandytez says:

      Good for him. Most of the time these women get with celebreties just to get fame and money. Looks don’t count it’s what is inside. Bravo Richard for not letting her get to you. I don’t feel sorry for her at all.

    5. Theresa says:

      Sorry to hear. I mean I guess he just knew that was not the one that he wanted to spend his life with.

    6. glen says:

      maybe he should have done all this thinking before he asked her to marry…what a novel idea