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Brittany Murphy Anorexia

brittany murphy 285x300 Brittany Murphy AnorexiaBy now you all know that Brittany Murphy was declared Dead on Arrival at the Cedars Sinai hospital in LA after her husband called the emergency 911 number.

According to the media reports and online emergency radio, the cause of the death is being reported as cardiac arrest, also called in plebe language as heart attack.

But the interesting thing to note is Brittany Murphy’s age at the time of her death, which was only 32. Being young and relatively healthy, heart attack sounds a bit fishy.

Already there are murmurings in the media that coupled with Brittany’s high stress lifestyle in movies and the pressure to remain thin, hence leading the charge of anorexia or eating disorder (I am not sure if Brittany Murphy was doing drugs as well).

I have been a big fan of Brittany Murphy and just like you all, I am also looking for answers into this mysterious and untimely death.

What do you think really happened here. I guess we will have to wait and watch for more details to come out on this.

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Check out different scenarios possible for Brittany Murphy’s death.

    47 Responses to “Brittany Murphy Anorexia”

    1. Alexia says:

      32 is an extremely young age to die from cardiac arrest. Do I hear cover up! I agree with Brandi, eating disorders do cause cardiac arrest. Remember Karen Carpenter? Ever single picture I have seen of this Brittany she looked so horribly thin. This is so sad..

      • TheMeat says:

        My money is on cardiac arrest secondary to electrolyte abnormalities resulting from an eating disorder. Any one remember Terri Schiavo? She was brain dead due to severe cerebral ischemia secondary to her going in to cardiopulmonary arrest from her bulemia nervosa.

      • Kris says:

        everyone must remember that cardiac arrest just means your heart stopped. doesn’t mean heart attack, there can be many causes of cardiac arrest (drug overdose, electrolyte imbalance, disease, electrocution etc)

        • eric says:

          kris u are an idiot. Wat do you think happens when you overdose? You have a heart attack (cardiac arrest) Cardiac arrest is the medical term for a heart attack. Know what your talking about before commenting

          • Bess says:

            Cardiac arrest is NOT the same as a heart attack. Please do your research before you spurt out opinions. Cardiac arrest means your heart “arrested” or stopped. A heart attack means the heart was “under attack” most likely from a blood clot in the valves and having trouble recovering.. There is a possibility of survival from heart attack if caught in time. There is a very very slim chance of survival from cardiac arrest. Most arrests are so sudden the death happens within minutes. It could be caused by a number of things..anorexia AND/OR Drug overdose OR undiagnosed heart disorders and so on. Please don’t assume people. A terrible thing happened to a presumably healthy woman. Don’t slander her name on speculations.

      • angie says:

        Wow this is just amazing of these talented people dying just like mj what is gooing on are people bored or is it that people try to keep up with so to say hollywood there is nothing worth dying for living in a normal life isnt bad this girl was great and was a great actress with her life cut short why I ask will we ever know i hope to know what if any drugs was in her systom when she passed girl dance with the angels now it doesnt matter how little you are there

    2. Angie_F says:

      If she was indeed anorexic or bulimic, or even had a history of it or struggled with it at times, that definitely can lead to cardiac arrest. I am an RN and while I was in nursing school I remember an 18 year old anorexic dying from cardiac arrest. It often messes with the electrolytes especially potassium which can lead to a cardiac arrhythmia and sudden death due to cardiac arrest. With the rumors of an eating disorder and her age, that is the most obvious suspect as cause of death to me. Tragic whatever the cause, if it was due to an eating disorder, even more so since treatment is available, although in her profession, I am sure it would be extremely difficult to seek help, very few people in Hollywood are a normal weight, those that are get called fat at times (like Kate Winslet). I hope the truth is told and if it is due to an eating disorder it helps some other women seek help before another tragedy occurs.

      • concerned sister says:

        I agree I hope that the truth comes out, my little sister struggles with an eating disorder and hopefully she and others can see it’s not worth losing your life. RIP Britney.

    3. RJ says:

      I didn’t really know Brittany Murphy. But I saw her picture today and the first thing I said to myself, without even reading anything about her, is that she looks like she’s a serious anorexic.

    4. Bazooka says:

      Touche, Brandi.

    5. Charlene says:

      Very sad whatever the cause, especially given the time of the year. From the reports I’ve read, it was her Mom (with whom she was very close) who found her unresponsive in the shower. I hope that her family and friends can find some solace in this time of immense grief. She was a very beautiful and talented actress, may she rest in piece.

      • eric says:

        charlene, are you serious? Did you even read what you wrote? The article you just commented on clearly says that she collapsed in the bathroom and her husband called 911. Her mom was not there nor was she even mentioned..

      • eric says:

        the was no report of her mom finding her in the shower. The article you just commented on clearly says that she collapsed in the bathroom and her husband called 911!

        • chris says:

          You need to stop posting such horrid words on here. It was her mother who found her and her husband called 911. A family just suffered a tragic loss and you are on here making it all about you. Grow up and realize the importance of this bulletin.

        • Becca says:

          Eric u don’t know what your talkin about because on Eonline says that her mom is the one who found her, no one knows the real story.

    6. Janice says:

      Cardiac arrest and heart attack do not mean the same thing!! A heart attack is called “myocardial infarction” in medical terminology and the heart can still function during an attack. Cardiac arrest means the heart has stopped beating, and this could be from any number of root causes. I’m not saying you’re wrong about eating disorders or drugs, but have some respect! Her body’s still warm and you’re speculating already about what shady behavior MIGHT have caused this. What makes you the authority on it? Let’s leave the investigating to educated, trained professionals.

      • Diana says:

        you’re right. doesn’t matter why she died. God rest her soul!

        Diana from Romania

        • Brandi says:

          however, cardiac arrest is EXTREMELY common amongst eating disorder patients. i worked for a very long time as a counselor for girls with eating disorders… i witnessed a seemingly healthy young woman 16 years old, drop dead of cardiac arrest due to electrolyte imbalance from binging and purging. scary stuff and should at least be discussed as a possibility. most coroners will not put this on the death certificate, considering the ignorance in the field of medicine that you can die from a mental disorder.

        • Martin says:

          It matters the cause of her death! We can always learn from it and educate children.

          • Moxie says:

            That’s what the L.A. Coroner is expected to determine. Toxicology tests will take a couple weeks though, but officials can provide a preliminary cause.

      • Lee says:

        I agree with Janice!

    7. Kimba says:

      Sorry to hear about the death of Brittany. She really seemed to be a genuinelly nice person. Maybe one thing that can come out of this tragedy (if it was infact anorexia), is that it can help other young girls who may be suffering themselves. I overcame my eating disorder awhile ago; I’m sorry she didn’t. She will be missed!!!! RIP Brittany

    8. Karyn says:

      I really liked Brittany, I’m so sorry. The first thing I thought of at the news was anexoria. Karen Carpenter, a known anorexic, was the same age when she died of cardiac arrest. It’s very odd for someone that young to just drop dead. I see three possibilities: 1. She may have had an underlying heart abnormality that went undiagnosed. 2. Anexoria nervosa. (or bulimia) 3. Drug abuse. She doesn’t strike me as a girl with drug issues so I have to revert to the first two possibilities. I guess we will see. It’s routine to perform an autopsy on someone seemingly healthy with no known illnesses. I’m sure we will hear in a few days from the L.A. Coronors office. I just feel terrible. I can only imagine what her family is going through and my sympathies are with them.

      • KarynS says:

        I just watched some recent footage of her on CNN and I can’t believe how thin she looked! They are reporting that she had been exhibiting “flu like” symptoms in recent days. I’ll bet that she was suffering from anexoria further complicated by the flu. In her weakened state, her heart simply stopped. I’m just shocked at how unbelievably thin she looked in recent days. It’s so senseless for such a young life to be taken.

    9. Lori says:

      What a sick and nasty thing to write. I hope it gets deleted asap.

      • Troy says:

        I have deleted the comment. It was highly inappropriate and in extremely bad taste.

        Please report such comments using the Contact form.

    10. Deb says:

      How sad to lose this beautiful talented sweetheart! I also wondered if she had died from something tied to anorexia- not being disrespectful at all, I love her! If she WAS anorexic this is NOT her fault and in no way says anything bad about her. Anorexia is a mental disorder and many starlets fall prey to it because their agents believe the public wants to see impossibly thin actresses and as a result of trying to keep up with this, many pay a heavy price for it. Karen Carpenter was also only 32 also, another incredibly talented beauty who was told she needed to lose weight..and instead, she lost her life. The public is to blame along with Hollywood. I think it is normal to speculate on why someone so young and seemingly healthy suddenly dies from cardiac arrest, and then when you look at the photos of this sweetheart…what do you see? Honestly, I saw some photos that did look scarily anorexic…I’m sorry..but, I started to speculate on that….I think it is only human nature. As far as drugs? No.. I did not speculate that way because I have never seen or heard anything like that even rumored about this sweet actress. So… in the end…it is a very sad and tragic loss.

    11. dawn says:

      My cousin died of cardiac arrest at around age 22. It was caused by an eating disorder, she was anorexic. I feel that perhaps this was the same thing.
      So very sad.

    12. Serena says:

      wow…that’s heartless & incredibly inappropriate.

    13. Holly says:

      Her mother said she had diabetes,,,,if so, at her age and weight, it was probably type 1, which can cause massive heart problems,,,,,diabetes destroys organs. My own sister barely survived a massive heart attack at about the same age,,,,,,diabetes is a killer. It could easily also have been a combination, too,,,,the body can only take so much.

    14. Veda says:

      I am so shocked and saddened to hear that Brittany Murphy died. I just heard about it amd I can’t stop thinking about it. She seemed like such a genuinely sweet person. I always thought her true personalaty was probably close to her character on “Uptown Girls” Kind of vulnerable and incredibly charismatic.

    15. alexis says:

      Gee how’s that craddle robber Demi Moore handling all this??
      Brittany will be missed.

    16. sara says:

      She was a very lovely young lady. Her smile lit up a room. She has always so thin. Her face was starting to change from being so thin. The pressure is on, beauty in the eyes of many is skinny. I feel sorry that she like many seem to be affected so immensily by public scrutiny. Drugs, an eating disorder, stress, any or all, who knows.
      Life is delicate.

    17. Miranda says:

      I am so saddened to hear of this trajedy. So many famous people have died this year, but to see someone like Brittany Murphy, a talented warm hearted girl with the most soothing voice die scares me. Whatever the cause, It is a shame. I lost a cousin at the age of 22 and it is still so very hard. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family. RIP Brittany!

    18. Kara says:

      I really think it was an eating disorder that gave her the heart attack. I saw her filming in NY a few years back and she was deathly thin and had the tell tale peach fuzz on her body that an anorexic or bulimic would have. It’s really sad that she died so young…

      I hope the truth comes out and maybe helps other young people who are suffering from eating disorders.

    19. Kristin says:

      I definitely think this was related to an eating disorder. There could have been drugs in that mix as well, but I would think eating disorder more so. Terri Schiavo and Karen Carpenter were just two that we saw publically. There are so many young girls and women out there that struggle to be thin… it’s not right for waif to equal beautiful.

    20. Bob says:

      Vendetta wrote that because Vendetta is an idiot. Hiding in mommy and daddys closet with a computer and spitting out venom because he/she has no friends since nobody wants to hangout with a jerk. Enough said.

      Rest in peace Ms Murphy. Normal humans miss you.

    21. Anna Jenson says:

      She was so beautiful and talented. This is such a tragedy. Please ladies eat. Death at such a young age is awful. I was treated for anorexia myself and almost lost all of my teeth. It is not worth it. Please wake up and save the smart women of America. Her husband had a normal weight. She will be missed so much. It also gave me blood cancer. Please get treatment for them. Take them to the hospital. Tube feeding saved me at the hospital. Anorexia is a battle we can win. If people do not love you for your size then they are not worth it.

    22. concerned sister says:

      You need help and should be ashamed of yourself.

    23. chris says:

      You are a sick individual. I pray to God this is read by the site and you are given highest punishment possible. You are a true pig!

    24. Michelle says:

      OMG! this reminds so much of Karen Carpenter she had the same problem back in the late 1970s & the early 1980s & she to died of cardiac arrest on 2/4/83 she was 32.

    25. Jenni says:

      This poor girl… Makes you wonder where her mother was. She married an older (and frankly ugly) man, she was dwindling way and people around her knew she was falling into a hard battle with drugs. Don’t be naïve and think that only Hollywood starlets are at risk – our children are at risk too! Look at the dangerous information available online to our children! Don’t let it go too far!

      • Sarah says:


        thats a bit cruel to say. Britt had a big heart, she fell in love with the guy. She isn’t your typical celebrity that only dates other good looking celebs. her mother lived with her and was around her life through thick and thin.

    26. Sarah says:

      It’s true that when someone goes in to cardiac arrest the chances of survival are low. This is because the heart stops pumping through out the body. The brain will start dying within 4-6 minutes. Heart attacks are different and shouldn’t be confused with cardiac arrest! I think we can all agree that some health issue contributed if not the entire cause. Everyone should learn CPR. It could have saved her if the procedure was done sooner. In the end her brain went without blood and oxygen for too long and she died. Death is defined by the brain being dead. I loved her so much! We will keep you alive Brittany in our memories, your movies, music, and hearts! Thank you for sharing your talent with the world!