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Brittany Murphy Dies: Anorexia, Drugs, or Heart Attack?

Brittany Murphy dies – what a sad day. The 32 year old actress Brittany Murphy who blessed us with movies such as “Clueless” and “8 mile” – not to mention “Sin City” is dead.  Brittany Murphy died after having an apparent heart attack this morning, as reported by TMZ.

Brittany Murphy dies – but why? What was the underlying cause? Last time I checked, 32 year old individuals just aren’t keeling over left and right.

Here are some rumors that are circulating on Brittany Murphy’s death:

Anorexia. Some say that photos of Brittany Murphy looked as if she was anorexic.  Could it be she was just too malnourished?

Drug overdose.  So many times, Hollywood stars get wrapped up in drugs.  Did Brittany Murphy’s death stem from drug use? No one knows at this time. 

Natural Heart Attack:  Brittany Murphy could have died as a result of a natural heart attack.  Sometimes these unfortunate things happen.

Brittany Murphy’s death has shaken the entertainment industry. With only a few days before Christmas, it’s really an unfortunate loss.

    9 Responses to “Brittany Murphy Dies: Anorexia, Drugs, or Heart Attack?”

    1. Lady Die says:

      She died intentionally because she really wanted to give us all the Christmas gift of tabloid speculation. Ho ho ho. I’m fat.

      • bobby says:

        Lady Die that is not funny.This was a person a human being a daugther and wife to someone who loves them.NOT COOL…NOT FUNNY …AND YOU HAVE NO CLASS!!!!

    2. sad says:

      Im so so sad , she’s the best actress i have ever seen ,she is the best , i wish that this is just a dream ,i want to wake up

      god bless her soul

    3. bobby says:

      I am a huge Brittany fan.Shw was a hard working actress on screen and voice over. I want people to respect her and love her how scary it must of been for her when she knew she was in trouble.

    4. Leebabyblue22 says:

      I don’t think it was the anorexia because if it was then all over the country even models who have eating disorders all would have passes away with heart attacks. Perhaps it could be that at a young age she could have had a heart problem either a murmur or a heart disease which could have caused a heart attack. Mixing different medications or taking something with Euphederine in it can cause heart attacks. There are many different scenerios but you can’t assume it is always drugs. That is such a cop out sometimes everyone once in awhile in the celeberty business get involve in the wrong crowd but that does not mean you have to put down the character of a person. How do you know what she did or didn’t do by reading a couple of paragraphs in a magazine that is cheap. Try not to assume things and show some class to those who have passed away as actors and actresses and not demean them by what you read. Look what they did to Micheal Jackson and he was a major Icon and instead of respecting and appreciating what he has done to the world everyone most everyone put him down saying all kinds of negative things. She was an awesome actress and because she was not in a lot of movies was probably because she wanted to have a normal life and marriage. So to her family and husband and all her love ones show some appreciation and respect.

    5. imesesan says:

      I just want to post a note to the family of Britanny, I just want to know her family know that my family,friends and I here in Mexico City
      share your feelings and know that you are so sad, it’s terrible to lose a loved one,and I know it because it has happened to me a lot of times, but we don’t know God’s plans, even so he knows what is best for us,so maybe she she was suffering or something, we dond’t know,but what we do know is that she is resting in peace now in God’s hands,and someday we will see her again, all of us here in mexico will send our prayers to you (to Britanny’s family) and may God give you peace, sincerely your mexican friends who admired Britanny very very much and who will miss her…..God bless you

    6. Jake says:

      She died from an undiagnosed heart condition because all the doctors in Los Angeles are quacks.

    7. Holly says:

      I have the movie, girl interrupted. She was so good in that (ironically played someone with an eating disorder and mental illness) but who also exuded sweetness, then I saw her on the red carpet and did a double take. She looked so thin it was scary. It was really clear something was wrong. However, you know, her family and friends probably talked to her and it didn’t help, so after a while they just would start to look the other way and try to tell themselves that she would be ok. However, besides the anorexia, of which the most common cause of death in anorexics is cardiac arrest caused by a lack of potassium which is used to regulate heart rhythm, she also was taking a beta blocker which slows down heart rhythm (it’s commonly used for anxiety and heart rhythm disturbances), topomax (probably for headaches), but this is not supposed to be prescribed to people who may have tendencies toward anorexia because it makes it worse. They lose more weight and eat even less, then she was taking two medications together which she shouldn’t have been, klonipin for anxiety and lorazepam for anxiety. Those are both heavy duty drugs and they are much the same so shouldn’t be taken at once, kind of like taking a regular strength tylenol then taking an extra strength acetaminophenm they are still the same but different names and strengths. So, together with the anorexia causing heart rhythm disturbancies and possibly cardiac arrest due to low potassium from not eating, the beta blocker which slows down your heart rate and can cause heart rate disturbances and cardiac arrest, the anti anxiety meds taken on top of this and together could cause cardiac arrest, she probably was a ticking time bomb really. It’s so sad. The doctor’s should have looked more into this after her being so thin, esp the one who gave her topomax and beta blockers…dumb dumb dumb. So, my guess is cardiac arrest due to anorexia and pills. Very preventable if her docs would not have given her inappropriate and dangerous medications for her condition. However, she also could have went to different doctors and gotten different prescriptions and they wouldn’t have knowm, but I DO think they should find who gave her topomax. You DO NOT give that to someone who is anorexic. It’s a prescribing factor and well known.