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Brittany Murphy Dead From Cardiac Arrest

Actor Brittany Murphy is dead. While reading the news today morning I saw this and I was shocked. I was even more shocked when I came to know the cause of the death – Cardiac Arrest.

Brittany Murphy was declared dead early today morning and could not be revived by the emergency first responders. Brittany Murphy’s husband called 911 when Brittany Murphy went into cardiac arrest.

Brittany was only 32 years old at the time of her death.

She was at a residence listed in her husband’s name from where the call was made. Her husband’s name is Simon Monjack. Murphy was taken to Cedars Sinai Medical Center where she was listed as DOA.

Brittany Murphy has acted in movies like Clueless, 8 mile, Don’t say a word.

Are you a Brittany Murphy fan and shocked by this news? Leave your condolence messages below.

Brittany Murphy Funeral Schedule

No plans have been released by the family for Brittany Murphy’s Funeral but I will keep you guys posted as anything is released.

    60 Responses to “Brittany Murphy Dead From Cardiac Arrest”

    1. Joeleneeeee ! says:

      Omgggg this is soo f’n crazzy . I can’t believe she’s gone . /;
      she’ll be missed verry much !

    2. cravena says:

      cant believe it….so young

    3. dawn says:

      so sad to here brittany has died, but i suspect it was brought on by anorexia as she clearly had an eating disorder .

    4. Ella says:

      As devastating as this is, I am sadly not surprised. She has been MIA for over two years, and those photos of her earlier this month confirmed she was severely unwell. I had a feeling something was wrong and am so sad that her life has ended so suddenly. She may have had a reputation for odd behavior, but you could tell she had a truly genuine heart and was a such a sweet person. She always talked about her belief in God, and I hope she’s resting with Him now. Rest in Pace, Angel. We already miss you.

    5. ENSANE says:


    6. maria says:

      i am in total shock.she will be dearly missed, she was a terrific actress and i will miss condolences to her family.

    7. Anna says:

      So so so sad… she definitely went before her time… I think she was a good actress and as time went on I am sure she would have been a great actress, BUt either way she will be missed
      I am a big fan of her’s

    8. Mariah says:

      wow…. this is crazy. 8 mile and clueless are some of my favorite movies! This is Insane my prayers go out to her family and husband.

    9. Kyndra says:

      What a shock and so so sad. I am waiting for an explanation on how a 32 year old has a heart attack and dies.
      What is up with 2009?! The list of dead celebrities is insane! I don’t like the idea of never seeing Brittany Murphy in films again. She was great. I hope she didn’t suffer long and is in a better place. No one could know what the last couple of years have been like for her; given her eating disorder, she wasn’t a happy person deep inside. I hope she’s happy now.

      • Janice says:

        There is absolutely no evidence that it was in fact a heart attack. She was already unconscious and unresponsive when she was found. Don’t confuse “cardiac arrest” for heart attack. They don’t mean the same thing. The only way they could determine at this point if it actually was a heart attack is by doing an autopsy. Cardiac arrest can be caused by any number of things. We don’t have to assume the worst at this point; it could just as easily have been a medical condition that caused this, as opposed to drugs or an eating disorder. Please people, don’t speculate. Show some respect to her and her family, and let the professionals do their jobs.

        • Melody D. Merol says:

          I agree with Janice 100% !!! The speculation is something that I see in nearly every comment about this gorgeous girl’s death,from people that do not know her personally.

          Her family deserves the condolences, but without the idiotic comments regarding their daughter, sister, etc. Britanny is gone and no one that TRULY knows her is saying ‘wow we are shocked and well it’s b/c of an eating blah blah blah and the drug blah blah blah’…They should not voice the WHY’s now, and my God, especially not strangers!!!

          My sincerest condolences to her family; remember the laughter and the tears alike: for they all made her what she was….CELEBRATE HER LIFE…

          What a talent. She will be much missed.

    10. kels says:

      wow…i was &n actually am still so shocked to hear this. she seemed like such a sweet girl…and i’m sure she was. yes we’re going to hear alllll about her in a negative fashion – for example her rapid weightloss…drugs…etc…but can we just stop for a minute and think how she was such a young girl and yes…maybe she had a problem with drugs and/or weight issues but lets be honest…who doesn’t have problems with one or the other???? speaking for myself i’ve had issues with bot & no one should judge her at this time…or ever. i’m really hoping her family finds some kind of peace knowing she’s with her ‘god’ that she believed in so much…still it’s soooooooooo sad. i love u brittany!!! RIP girl!!! :)

    11. Kathleen says:

      i thought long about this and she lost a bunch of weight, in a short time, and kept it off now she could have been on drugs- and that could lead her to heart attack. Another way she could have possibley had a heart attack is- eating disorder. I think this is a very huge possiblilty seeing alot of celebrities have gone through extreme eating disorders to shed pounds, for a more sexier view from the public. If she was on drugs im sure we would have noticed it in a interview, or anything. Though, eating disorders are harder to see- we dont watch what she eats(or what she doesnt) in the public eye. I think it is a sad day for all her friends, family, and fans, but may her soul rest in heaven!

    12. Marilyn Beach says:

      This is so sad and I hope it will raise awareness of eating disorders, which are an illness, no fault of the person who has the illness, but 20percent fatal. Denial is the worst thing those who really care can do.

    13. Lloyd says:

      What another tragic story of a promising young actress, so much, so soon with a flame that was burning brightly, and now, she is gone. She was beautiful and she will be missed. I was a fan. Tragic.

    14. Melanee says:

      I was shocked to hear the news. I’m so sad. We’ve lost an adorable, funny, sweet actress that, to me, was like a ray of sunshine through the rain clouds. So young. So much ahead of her. It’s a shame.

    15. Jade says:

      How sad, another Hollywood star bites the dust prematurely. What is it with 2009? Brittany was a good actress, and will be missed by movie fans. It is possible that she succombed to the pressures of the hollywood machine, but so many regular joe’s also die untimely deaths. may her soul rest in peace whatever the verdict.

    16. Tiffany says:

      I can’t believe this, Such a tragedy, Sooooo young and talented. I am very much a fan and her family is in my thoughts and prayers. I am sooo sorry for your loss.

    17. Lisa says:

      I was so shocked to hear this it is so sad she was to young I was a fan of hers she was an amazing actress with a lot of talent gone way before her time she will truly be missed!!!!!!! May she rest in peace …… My prayers are with her family and friends.

    18. Katelynn says:

      Although it is sad, it is so hard to really care about this situation. She may have died young, but she also clearly had no self-respect or desire to take care of herself. Reason why Hollywood stars die so young? DRUGS AND EATING DISORDERS. She was a great actress and I will miss seeing her in films. RIP

    19. Katelynn says:

      Although it is sad, it is so hard to really care about this situation. She may have died young, but she also clearly had no self-respect or desire to take care of herself. Reason why Hollywood stars die so young? DRUGS AND EATING DISORDERS. She was a great actress and I will miss seeing her in films. RIP Brittany

    20. Laura says:

      This is so sad… i mean…what is going on with our world…i know that people can die anytime..but i never remember hearing of people so young dying for a cardiac arrest unless there were medical issues…. of course you have those few…but something had to be wrong…healthy people’s hearts do not just stop after 32 years. scary… she is my age and just plain scary! I loved her in every moving she was in. I also agree that to many people are going to sift throught all the negatives about her…yes maybe she had an eating disorder…maybe she did drugs…but EVERYONE has their faults… regardless it is a sad day and I pray her family and friends can tune out the negative talk that will come soon. As if they arent going through enough… i am sure the tabloids will have a field day! MY condolences go out to her family and they can rest assure she is in a BETTER PLACE!!! RIP Brittany!

    21. ram says:

      just a shock that was left within me , still i couldn’t believe it even though he is not my favourite all these years i had a strong regret toward his death , may wish his family and friends a speedy recovery from her thouhts , may her soul rest in peace.

    22. Crazii_Kidd says:



    23. Cookies says:

      I cannot believe that people are so quick to judge someone’s entire life by the way that they died rather then the impact of their lives. She may have had her issues but don’t we all? It is so sad to see great talent leave us so early in life. It is also sad that just as these so called “famous people” lived their lives in the public eye their death is just the same. My love and support goes out to the family and friends that are left behind to defend her life and death. Stay strong as she would have wanted you to.

    24. blanca barajas says:

      why can’t everyone just mind there own business what does it matter what she died from she’s gone let her rest in peace let her family make the best of a real bad day world we really need to educate ourselves on respecting others privacy and just plain mind your own f*cking business learn when to shut the f*ck up!!!!!!!!get a life!!!!!!

      • 21 q says:

        maybe ppl care about actresses ok bianca maybe theyre big fans of britnay im pretty sure if u were insane for an actress or actor u would want to know whats going on with them and you would be sad or whatever if they pass away

    25. Jimmy says:

      I worked with Brittany Murphy as a producer on Across the Hall and I am very saddened to hear of her most untimely and tragic passing. She had a smile that would light up any room that she entered and a zest for life that was contagious and unmatched. I would like to offer my deepest sympathy to her entire family during this most difficult time! She will live on forever within their hearts and in their memories, as she will to all of her many fans and the general public each time they view a performance of her’s on screen. I’ll always remember the last words she said to the cast and crew as her husband began to drive her away on her last day of work on Across the Hall! The words she uttered were simply stated as such…”Thank you and may God’s speed be with you all”. God’s speed be with you now dear Brittany and may you rest in peace! JS

    26. Jennifer says:

      This girl was such a precious individual…truly 1of the saddest….tragic losses imaginable….My heart goes out 2 her husband &parents. May she rest in peace and may her loved ones find some peace in this horribly sad time of grief and sorrow

    27. Mendy says:

      Rest in peace. I’m in shock and disbelief. I will miss your laugh the most. Why doesn’t he want an autopsy? Something fishy going on here. If my husband died I’d be the first person to ask wtf happened. My prayers go out to the family. Guess God wanted another Angel with him =(

    28. Gia says:

      It’s really sad that as soon as something happens to someone everyone instantly screams drugs and mental disorders and any other negative thing they can conceive of.
      She was a great actress, I’ve loved her for years, have a huge crush on her, let’s remember her for that. Just because someone’s thin doesn’t mean they’re abusing themselves. Maybe she just took care of herself. Let her rest in peace, it does noone any good to slander the dead.

    29. catherine says:

      Rest In Peace Brittany Murphy I love all the movies you were in you Are a great actress. You will be missed very much you Are my favorit actress and will be forever my favorite movie is driveing in cars with boys me and my mom love that movie:) you will be missed alot

    30. Cari says:

      I really liked Btittany Murphy, she had beutiful eyes that showed sincerity and an approachable demeaner. I can relate to the weight thing mixed with drugs to keep you thin, etc… Its a viscious road to be on in the entertainment industry. Alwways will be. My heart goes to her family and helps me to take another look closer at my life.

      • 21 q says:

        i feel so bad that britnay murphy passed away just when i started watching 8 mile and dead girl a lot all of a sudden she passed away…such a young girl gone so young may she rest in peace and everyone may pray for her.

    31. The tragic and untimely death of actress Brittany Murphy has left me and I can assure you many others in platonic shock.

      My deepest most sincere condolence goes out to her mother Sharon.

      Julia O Gallardo

    32. Myrna says:

      I’m so sorry, she was a talent actress, she inspired tender, she was an angel, i truly admired this beautiful person, my most sincere condolence to your family and close friends, Rest in Peace Pretty.

    33. Barbara J says:

      I am so sad. She was on of my top 10 actresses. I am so shocked. I cried. I am sad for her and her family. What a sad day. You will be missed. My heart goes out to her family. My heart aches for her mom and husband. Eating disorder, diet pills was my first thougt. I hope if that is the case it helps someone. Five days before Christmas, how very sad for her family this year and every year around Christmas time. Just like New Years for John Travoltas son. What a year, we lost a lot of great people. So sad. Be good to those you love and whom love you for you will never know when the last moment will be.

    34. Dan Smith says:

      WTF??? What a tragic loss a beautiful person we will more than miss the actress as well as the person. her smile in one picture could bring a smile to millions this sucks. my deepest condolence to her family. we will miss you

    35. Cara says:

      One of the articles that I’ve read today quoted her mother as saying she has a history of diabetes. At her young age, and the fact that she was thin, I would bet it was type one, which slowly destroys your body system by system. When I was diagnosed at the age of nine the doctor told my mother to expect to lose me by the age of 30. I’ve made it past that, but I had to have a quadruple heart bypass at a very young age because of the damage done by the diabetes. Lets not accuse her of being a drug addict or being anorexic until the people that know all of the facts release them.

    36. Katrina says:

      I read it first on the bottom of the screen Sunday night! I was and still am in shock. I loved her movies and thought she was a beautiful and talented person and I can’t believe she’s really gone!!!! I had just watched her movie “Just Married” last weekend and I remember laughing my ass off! She was really funny! R.I.P. Brittnay….

    37. Borhane says:

      Hi !! it is so sad !! really…. i was shocked ! it is not normal!! 32 heart attack…or as it was said here cardiac arrest!! what ? brittany no more in Movies !!! holy moly !! God please welcome her with peace !! as we say !! we all are passengers in this life !! Sweet see you when the Hour comes !!!
      All Algeria and all my friends are sending condolences and their deep respect to the family of our Actress Brittany : Zaki adn Noro ….and me are saying : We already Miss you angel .
      PS: your role in 8 Mile is the best forever !
      Chelghoum laid, Algeria at 01.14 am

    38. Idan says:

      Cardiac arrest is not a CAUSE of death, it is a SYMPTOM of death. Geez.

    39. bellabean08 says:

      OMG I can’t belive she is gone I heard the news yesterday and couldn’t believe it I still can’t believe it. She was such a amazing actress one of my favorites. I loved every movie she was in from clueless to uptown girl to little black book and just married. I loved her smile and her cute voice. Hollywood has lost another great star at such a young age. They aren’t going to have anyone left soon. Brittnany you would be sadly missed in person and on the big screen.. RIP you are now and angel with God

    40. anna says:

      well i cant believet in mexico all the people can believe t ………we gonna miss brittany so much the mexicans love brittany and its very terrible we criying for you brittany you cant dead you have to do very much movies we want you back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you cant died!!!!!

    41. nana says:

      im really not a fan but i feel really bad about this cuz 2009 has had really bad things . when i heered dat micheal jackson died i WAS SHOKED and now that i hered she died i WAS SHOKED too so britney murphy fans im sorry she died

    42. jACQUELINE & BOBBY says:


    43. Matt says:

      I cant believe this. What a loss to all actors and fans alike. My truest and most sincerest condolences go out to her family. Rest in peace Brittany and thanks for the laughs. You will not be forgotten. Save a spot for me up there girl.

    44. ebru&duygu says:

      how?I mean how?we are relly so sorry.I have known her since the movie of her “just married”she was an ıdol for me for a long time…I still cant believe!! she was so young to death.I cant tell what Im feeling now..really so sorry…rest in piece britanny we love you so much and everybody will miss your smiling face including us..goodbye…

    45. Marzieh says:

      so bad
      i like her very much … )):

    46. kmac says:

      brit brit brit. wow. what a beautiful girl released to the seas of fate . . . the good die young and the great even sooner. i could bet my life marshall is sad and her family i pray and wish you the closure i know is attainable. very sympathetic. very tradgic. in my families prayers. montana

    47. evielopez says:

      her husband did it i bet, because he was a gold digger, i bet he killed her or is happy about it now

    48. roxy says:

      she was really pretty rip brit love jesse spencer