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Chimpanzee Rips Womans Face Off: Chimpanzee Attack Victim Had Her Face Ripped Off

“Chimpanzee Rips Woman’s Face Off!” sounds like a tabloid headline. However, “Chimpanzee Rips Woman’s Face Off” is a headline about a chimpanzee attack victim that had her face and hands ripped off by an irate 200 pound chimpanzee named Travis.

Travis was owned by the woman’s employer and friend.  Travis was rambunctious that fateful February morning.  He let himself out of his house using a key, and the woman was called by her employer to help corral Travis back in to his home.

The chimpanzee became irate, for reasons that are currently not clear.  The chimpanzee then proceeded to rip the woman’s face and hands off.  You would think that the woman would die as a result of her injuries, but fortunately that did not happen.  Charla Nash – the woman that had her face ripped off – is still alive.

Hopefully, Charla Nash will be able to receive a face transplant.  Both her eyes had to be removed, so she will never see again.  Despite her tragic injuries – including having her face ripped off – Charla Nash is not angry or bitter.  She just wants to get better.

Luckily there is not a video of the chimpanzee attack.  All we can see are the remnants of the attack in the pictures of Charla Nash posted on Oprah’s Web site.

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