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Oprah Chimp Woman: Woman Mauled by Chimp Pictures Featured on Oprah

Oprah chimp woman is a woman mauled by chimp that was on Oprah. Charla Nash is the Oprah chimp woman, as she was mauled by a chimp named Travis.  The Oprah chimp woman is severely disfigured, and her pictures are enough to make you cry.

Travis, a 200 pound chimp mauled the Oprah chimp woman when she was trying to help the owner lure him back in to her home.  Why anyone would house a chimp such as Travis is beyond me.  Biologists warned state officials in Connecticut that Travis was very capable of hurting someone.  The warnings went unanswered and unfortunately Charla Nash became severely disfigured.

The Oprah chimp woman can no longer see. Travis the chimp pulled her eyelids off, and doctors had to later remove her eyes.  Travis also tore off her lips and here hands as well.

Charla Nash is suing Travis’s owner for $50 million. The owner of the chimp wants the claim treated as worker’s compensation claim, as Charla was her employee.

Police shot and killed the chimp.  The Oprah chimp woman is not angry about the attack.  She prefers not to ask to many questions about her injuries.  She just found out a week ago that she would no longer be able to see.

Want to see Charla Nash pictures after the chimp attack? Click HERE for more details.

    4 Responses to “Oprah Chimp Woman: Woman Mauled by Chimp Pictures Featured on Oprah”

    1. David C. Fox says:

      Charla, you are without a doubt one of the strongest people I have ever seen or heard of in my lifetime. Please maintain that incredible inter-strength you now have to set an example for any and all people/s that have had any type of disfiguring injury, even though your own beauty comes from within. Your strength will give many the hopes they need to continue on with life and not to just give up, and to help them that life in any form is an exceptional gift and never to be taken for granted. Also for all of those “animal-lovers” out there who have made some really dumb comments. There is a reason that dogs and cats are called “domestic animals” and it took hundreds, if not thousands of years for these animals to become domestic. It didn’t just happen one day that someone said “let’s take that cute “wild dog” and keep it in our home, come on folks, let’s get a grip. Wild animals are called wild animals for a reason- never forget this so hopefully we can spare someone the same type of tragedy in which Charla has had to endure, but at the same time shows how to be a shining example for all to see and learn from.

    2. Dean @ Search says:

      Hi great article thanks for sharing. Do you think the owner of the chimp that mauled the woman, escaped and was shot should be charged by police?

    3. ZooPidity says:

      Chimps aren’t monkeys! They do not have tails, thus withdrawing them from the monkey family. They are apes.