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Charla Nash Pictures After Attack: After Attack, Charla Nash Looked Horrible See Charla Nash Pictures after Attack

Charla Nash pictures after attack are in demand. Charla Nash pictures after attack show Charla Nash after having been mauled by a chimpanzee. Charla Nash is a Connecticut woman that was mauled by a 200 pound chimpanzee. I can only imagine how Charla Nash pictures after attack looked.

Charla Nash is appearing on Oprah today, re-sparking the interest in the mauling victim.  The chimpanzee ripped off Nash’s hands, nose, lips, and eyelids.  She is truly lucky to be alive. Connecticut biologists warned state officials that Travis, the chimpanzee that mauled Charla Nash, could seriously hurt someone.  Travis’s owner asked Charla Nash to help her lure Travis back in to their home.

Now, if someone came up to me and asked me to help them lure a chimp back in their house, I would politely decline.  If it’s not a dog or cat, I don’t want to be anywhere around it for fear of getting hurt.

Charla Nash appeared on Oprah wearing a hat with a veil across her face.  A picture of Charla Nash before the attack showed a very beautiful woman. Later in the show, the veil was removed and a picture of Charla Nash after the attack was shown.  You can log on to Oprah if you like, but I must warn you the pictures may make you cry.

The Charla Nash pictures after attack are sobering, and a reminder that it’s what is on the inside that counts.

    24 Responses to “Charla Nash Pictures After Attack: After Attack, Charla Nash Looked Horrible See Charla Nash Pictures after Attack”

    1. Jeannie Murphy says:

      Charla Nash is one hell of a women!!!! She has a heart of gold and the courage she shows is incredible!!! After what happened to that poor women you would think she would just want to give up or at least be bitter as hell. Goes to show it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. She’s a person that needs to be a role model for people that have experienced tragic events and need someone to talk to.

    2. suzy says:

      i think that the owner should not of let anyone around this animal. im sure the chimp didnt intend to attack charla but she was around and must of been very angry. i think the owner or this animal should have to face the consiquences of owning it she put herself and many others that she invited over at risk. its sad that it took a poor woman getting her face and hands ripped off to realize that “hey maybe that wasnt such a good idea!”

    3. Jody says:

      I would not have the courage or strength to have gone on the Oprah show to do the interview…. BRAVO to Charla! I am just shocked that the chimps owner didn’t face Oprah to apologize to her friend for the life altering event caused by her owning such an animal!

      • Debby says:

        I totally agree with what Jody has said- I have been following Charla’s recovery process that her brother, Michael, has been writing about in his emails to those who wish to hear of the on going events in Charla’s life. Charla is truly a miracle, and has such a heart of gold, and God has kept her alive all this time- and now her daughter Brianna still has her mother and visa versa and her brothers still have her in their lives- and so do we!! But I agree, that the chimp’s owner should appear on Oprah or some TV station to apologize to her friend for what has happened to her. I am praying that she will- she has to be very thankful that she has such a kind and forgiving friend in Charla. May God bless Charla, and take the best of care of her every day of her life, and if it is the wish of Charla’s to one day have a face transplant, may that also come to pass in her life.

    4. Rinna says:

      I feel sorry for Travis, the chimpanzee. After 14 years of being with Sandra Herold, she repeatedly stabs him with a butcher knife! How could she? The poor chimpanzee. Travis ran from that and tried to get into the cop car, and probably not to attack them. He’s seen police before and had the idea that they were protection. But they shot him. Poor Travis. It’s a horrible shame what happened to Charla Nash. I read where she told Herold to get rid of Travis because he may get dangerous. Travis probably understood her words and it made him angry. Chimpanzees are very smart, but they are not humans and adult chimpanzees should not be kept in the home as pets. They are not pets. They are wild animals and should be left to the wild.

      • lilly says:

        YOU ARE AN IDIOT. I feel bad for Carla and the chimp, but seriously, you are giving the chimp way too much credit. It’s not a human, it knows its own instincts, not what Carla may or may not have said to Sandra. And I’m pretty sure that a chimp would never try to get into a cop car, that’s ridiculous. If anyone is to blame here, Sandra for having this DANGEROUS UNPREDICTABLE WILD ANIMAL in the first place and the stupid black market smugglers who make it possible for these apes to come into this country and live with people who don’t know how to take care of them.

    5. Sdog says:

      Oh my god i feel sooo bad for Charla.
      No one should keep chimps as pets it’s NOT
      a good thing to do. I agree with Jody and Debby her
      friend should of come on Opera and apologized
      to her. Everyone should give her lots of love and I
      hope they can do a face transplant one day.

    6. J-G says:

      I feel so bad for Charla.She looks horrible, but at least she is still living after that horrible attack! I also feel bad for Travis. I’m an animal lover and hate to see ANY animal get killed. They could of at least told him to stop or pull him off! That’s just really sad how they killed him, and i would hate to see that happen.. if she loved her chimpanzee then why would she freaking kill it like that. Seriously… its dreadful. But Charla don’t worry everything will be fine in a couple of years.

      Recover soon!

      • joe says:

        How could you say that?
        Don’t you know that a chimp is 5 times stronger than a human?
        It would have taken 5 men to pull that animal off of her….
        and once they go in a rage like that, you can forget about commanding them, because they will not listen. This isn’t like the movie king kong. And Charla will never have a normal life. Think before you type.

        • Danielle says:

          I agree Joe and how dare you say that she looks horrible no crap a massive chimp mauled her to near death!! She needs positive enforcement not people telling her that she looks horrible shame on you beauty is within and as far as im concerned Charla Nash is miss america!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Amanda says:

      I think that the chimp owner should be check for some mental problems. Who the heck owns a chimp? And why didn’t the owner hit it with something to get it off of her friend? Instead she decides to call 911 and wait God knows how long for them to get there? That woman should have been shot along with the chimp.

    8. Carol A says:

      Charla you are a very special person. You were smart to go on Oprah to show your face. First because YOU got to show the world – what you look like instead of being stalked by some photographer. That should make you have one less thing to worry about. I was very moved by your interview, I have enormous respect for you. You may not look the same BUT you are still YOU and that came through. As for the chimp, I too love animals but wild animals are wild animals – NOT cute little pets.I could be wrong but I think I remember hearing the owner had given him some kind of pill (prozac or something) that very well could have made him attack anyone! I just want to wish you only the best – I will be following your progress I want to know when you have your first hot dog or slice of pizza.! God Bless You !!!

    9. amy says:

      charla my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. I think your friend should also get time in jail… I know it was not intent to kill but you almost died becuase of her so called pet did to you.. You are still a beautiful person its not how you look on the out side its really whats in side that counts. God bless you

    10. Danielle says:

      I feel that Charla is the bravest woman alive!!! I prolly would have given up and many of us probably would have!! It is tragic what she has gone through and what she will go through the rest of her life! I dont blame Travis, but Sandy should be to blame she kept a 200 pound animal in a cage in her living room Oh My goodness how would any human feel being trapped in a cage there whole life? Thats where we nor Travis belong he deserved to live a normal chimp life and he was pissed cuz Sandy took that away from him so he lashed out and unfortuneatly Charla was the brunt of his anger!! Let this tragedy be a lesson to the rest of the world that dogs and cats were meant to be pets not monkeys, chimps, tigers, alligators etc. PLEASE learn from Sandys mistakes!!!!

    11. aimee says:

      no pet larger than u should be kept as a pet diddnt you hear about the black lab that ate its owners face off so u cant have adog or a chimp

    12. aimee says:

      in the case with the dog she had the 1st face transplant

    13. Joshua C. says:

      You cannot tell me that over the years the owner of this chimp was not warned by multiple people (even some professionals I’d imagine) about the high risks of owning a MALE chimpanzee. I must think that this woman believed herself to be the “chimp whisperer” by putting this poor animal into such awkward and purely eccentric situations over the years. Well now my OLD eccentric woman friend! YOUR friend is now a piece of meat isn’t she? I hope all the stubborness, egotistical and self righteous behavior you displayed toward your “detractors” over the years was well worth it. YOU should be ashamed of yourself lady!…

    14. Meliza says:

      Amanda, she did hit it with something; she hit it with a shovel. & at one of the above comments, do you really think ‘stop’ or ‘get off her’ is gonna make a x10 stronger than human chimpanzee get off her?

      Sandra shouldnt of kept the chimpanzee in the first place, it was obviously distressed of 14 years inside and all the best goes for Charla, she was an innocent woman, summoned into her own tragedy by one of her close friends.

    15. sandra k says:

      A chimpanzee is not a monkey, first of all. It is an ape. It is an incredible animal and has amazing strength, intelligence and feelings. In the wild they are territorial and protective of their families. They will kill each other. This is not a pet. This is not a cute little animal that should be exploited on TV, dressed in clothes, given wine to drink, treated like a human. It is not the chimps fault this poor woman was mauled. I feel so horrible for her and the chimp. She deserves every dime she is suing the state for. I’m sure she would much rather want her face and hands back.