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Oprah Chimp Victim: A Bad Attack Chimp Victim Featured on Oprah

Oprah chimp victim is popular. The Oprah chimp victim is the victim of a chimp attack. The Oprah chimp victim had her lips, eyelids, nose, and hands ripped off. The Oprah chimp victim took off her veil for the first time on the Oprah show yesterday.

The amazing thing about the Oprah chimp victim is her determination to do well with her life.  She doesn’t want to know too much about her condition, as she doesn’t want to worry about her injuries.  The Oprah chimp victim just learned that she will probably never see again, as she lost both of her eyes.

Charla Nash tried to help the chimp’s owner lure him back in to her home. The chimp was agressive and state biologists warned officials that the chimp was  aggressive and capable of really hurting someone.  Nothing was done and Charla’s life was forever changed.

The chimp is no longer living, as police shot it on the day of the chimp attack. The Oprah chimp victim had to move to Ohio because of the extent of her injuries.  Her daughter, who is a senior in high school, is still in Connecticut with friends.

The Oprah chimp victim is proof that you shouldn’t own an exotic animal. Exotic animals are best in controlled environments such as a zoo OR they are actually better left alone.

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