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Chelsea Clinton Wedding Pictures

Chelsea Clinton Wedding

The web is currently going crazy for Chelsea Clinton wedding and dress photos. We don’t blame the people for this search. It is human curiosity to see what the stars wear, what their taste is like and whom they favor.

Good news is I have been able to get my hands on some of Chelsea Clinton Wedding Pictures which also show her wedding gown and her pre wedding dress.

I believe her dress was personally designed by the famous designer Vera Wang who also happens to be a very close family friend. Vera Wang was also invited to the wedding and was spotted in Rhineback during this weekend.

Chelsea Clinton has come a long way since the days her dad used to occupy the White House. Chelsea has blossomed from an ugly duckling to quite a stunner that she is now. (Of course there are rumors doing the round that she got plastic surgery done).

Do write in the comments whether you like Chelsea Clinton’s wedding dress.

Chelsea Clinton Wedding Pictures

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Photo: Natasha Alam Playboy pictures excite vampires and humans alike!

Natasha Alam Playboy pictures are drool-worthy both for vampires and humans. Natasha plays “Yvetta” the newly imported Estonian exotic dancer at Eric’s Fangtasia strip club. The Playboy pictures are very va-va-voom and very sexy. Not only did the actress never believe she’d be on a show like True Blood, she definitely didn’t think she would be on THE COVER of Playboy magazine!

It’s strange that the real-life princess (She’s married to Amir Ebrahim Pahlavi Alam, the grandson of the Shah of Iran) is a vampire – but it plays on both her levels of beauty.  On one hand, she’s beautiful in a princess sort of way. She’s also got a very deep, vamp-y beauty that is the center of her Playboy spread.


She’s been auditioning for True Blood since it come out. She was excited to land a role during the third season, but not as excited as being in Playboy.  Here are some pictures of Natasha Alam for your viewing pleasure.

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Are they Dating?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart … are they dating? Did they breakup? Such is the topic of debate in the Twilight circles.  Of course, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have not addressed the various dating rumors on a verification level, although they joked around when they were on Oprah in May.

It’s said that fame is hard to handle, and that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart do it in very different ways.  Robert says he’s “bored” of Twilight, although experts claim that is his way of dealing with being a sex symbol.  Kristen Stewart has grown fatigued and has even said in an Elle magazine interview that she feels as if the media is raping her.

So are Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart dating? I don’t think so and here’s why: if they were dating, I think they would come out with the information. However, I think they are really close friends and that one day they may find out that they are soul mates just like Bella and Edward.

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A Montana Fishburne Sextape Video Controversy- Chippy D vid goes viral

Montana Fishburne sextape video controversy may not even be a controversy at all! Montana is the daughter of LawrenceFishburne, the actor. Chippy D is the stage name of Montana, and the video released by Vivid entertainment isn’t a controversial tape at all.  It’s not a leaked tape from a rendez-vous with a boyfriend. It’s not a tape she made by herself. It’s an actual production that she meant for people to view.

Being the daughter of a Hollywood A-list celebrity, Montana Fishburne probably wanted the same star status as her father.  Instead of gaining it from more traditional areas, she decided to turn to the sextape industry.  Now, people can watch the Chippy D sextape and know that it is actually Montana Fishburne.

According to MSNBC, the escapades in the video take you through the backseat of a car, a hotel room, and in a public mall. Hmm she appears to be…uh…multitalented?

What do you think about Montana Fishburne’s sextape video?

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A Chelsea Clinton wedding dress debate: Vera Wang or Oscar de la Renta?

Chelsea Clinton’s wedding is in full swing, and people are still chattering about her wedding dress.  What type of gown didChelsea wear while marrying hedge fund manager Marc Mezvinsky?  The Washington Post reported that she visited Vera Wang two days before the wedding…so many think Vera is the key.


I want Chelsea to wear Vera because she is the queen of weddings.  There’s nary a bride who wears Vera that walks away from their wedding day unhappy.  Still yet, Oscar de la Renta is another very popular gown designer, and makes exquisite gowns that are befitting of a daughter of two of America’s most powerful politicians.

Although the ceremony is over, the dress designer and details have not been leaked yet.  People are chomping at the bits trying to figure out what the beautiful bride wore. ONce we find out and have access to a picture we will update our readers.

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Natasha Alam Playboy Pictures

Natasha Alam Playboy

The popular show True Blood actress and hot model Natasha Alam has been featured in the all American magazine Playboy. This has been an instant hit with the men and boys everywhere who are now searching the internet for photos, pics, images…anything they can lay their hands on.

Natasha Alam is of Russian-American heritage and by the looks of it she is trying to capitalize on her success in the Vampire series by showing us what she got.

This Playboy showing the second in such experiences for this beautiful damsel. Earlier she had bared it all for the club dancer scene.

Incidentally Natasha Alam has even a more interesting past. She was married to the Shah of Iran’s grandson, Amir Ebrahim Pahlavi. My research tells me they are no longer together.

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A Jersey Shore Snooki Arrest: Could it be for Ratings?

Jersey Shore’s Snooki got arrested in New Jersey, and was charged with disorderly conduct.  Snooki’s arrest has sparked a good deal of debate over whether or not the whole thing was a publicity stunt, or if this was really something that just happened on a whim.  The Jersey Shore cast is now back in our homes, as the second season of the show premiered last week. So one can’t help but wonder…was Snooki’s arrest for ratings?

Snooki’s ex told Radar Online that it’s Snooki’s dream to be on Celebrity Rehab. He claims she will drink and drink and drink until she drops. Perhaps the arrest was also a way to spark VH1’s show producers interest in this ‘celebrity’ case.


There’s also a new face on the Jersey Shore cast, and Snooki could have a bit of jealousy.  Maybe she got arrested as a plot to stay the most popular guidette on the show?  What do you think?

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Justin Bieber Smoking Weed Picture, Photo – Bad Boy Bieber Breaking Law?

A Justin Bieber Smoking weed picture, photo has been circulating…you guessed it! TWITTER! Bad Boy Bieber appears to bebreaking the law once again.  Of course, you and I both know that this is a hoax, and that there’s really not a photo out there of the Canadian singer smoking narcotics.

Bieber got is bad-boy on as Jason McCann in the upcoming season of CSI.  Bieber’s TV debut on CSI yielded a photo of the singer in an orange jumpsuit, which of course started “Justin Bieber Arrested” Rumors.


Of course…Bieber doesn’t smoke weed. Bieber hasn’t been arrested, and he’s not in jail. He is, however, a hot commodity and there are so many teens and tweens who are absolutely in love with him.

My opinion is that this photo is a fake.  The way Justin Bieber is holding the pipe just doesn’t look natural to me. This looks like a really good photoshop job. Perhaps the folks over at BP should have contacted the person who made the Justin Bieber smoking weed photo. Maybe then they wouldn’t have gotten called out on their doctored oil spill photos.

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Android 2.2 Froyo Release Date – August 3 Starts Evo 4g Froyo Update

The Android 2.2 Froyo release date for HTC Evo 4g users is going to start being pushed out starting on August 3rd.  This means that Evo 4g users can look forward to getting the newest update to the Android OS beginning next week.  Bear in mind that not all users will get the push at the same time, and some won’t get the upgrade until later next month.

Froyo is among the first mobile operating systems that has integrated flash support.  We all know how frustrating the Flash/iPhone saga has been.  Apple won’t add flash support despite the pleadings of app developers and iPhone users.

Other Android based cell phones will get the improved operating system as the manufacturers and carriers push them out.  Until then, they can enjoy their HTC Evo 4g with the 2.1 update.

Are you looking forward to the Android 2.2 Froyo release date for the HTC Evo 4g?

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Blackberry 9800 Slider Release Date, Pre-Order, Features, Cost

The Blackberry 9800 slider is a highly anticipated RIM handset. As a Blackberry owner I can tell you that the 9800 slider will be of the highest quality, and will be a very dependable and responsive phone.  One retailer is already accepting preorders for this phone, and that’s Mobile City Online in NYC.   It’s estimated that the release date will be in late August.  The retailer has priced this AT&T locked device at $600.

The phone will run the BB OS 6, and the focus of this upgrade is multimedia playback.  The slider will have the physical features that we love – such as the keyboard and stable OS but will compete more with the iPhone and Android based smartphones.

The Blackberry is still the premiere business smartphone. However, RIM must keep innovation up if they want to continue competing successfully against the Android phones and the iPhone.

More will be announced about the Blackberry 9800 when August 3rd rolls around and BB and AT&T have their event in NYC.

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