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A Montana Fishburne Sextape Video Controversy- Chippy D vid goes viral

Montana Fishburne sextape video controversy may not even be a controversy at all! Montana is the daughter of LawrenceFishburne, the actor. Chippy D is the stage name of Montana, and the video released by Vivid entertainment isn’t a controversial tape at all.  It’s not a leaked tape from a rendez-vous with a boyfriend. It’s not a tape she made by herself. It’s an actual production that she meant for people to view.

Being the daughter of a Hollywood A-list celebrity, Montana Fishburne probably wanted the same star status as her father.  Instead of gaining it from more traditional areas, she decided to turn to the sextape industry.  Now, people can watch the Chippy D sextape and know that it is actually Montana Fishburne.

According to MSNBC, the escapades in the video take you through the backseat of a car, a hotel room, and in a public mall. Hmm she appears to be…uh…multitalented?

What do you think about Montana Fishburne’s sextape video?

    4 Responses to “A Montana Fishburne Sextape Video Controversy- Chippy D vid goes viral”

    1. Maranda says:

      This chick has no sense of self!She really needs some attention but is going about getting it in the most degrading way. What exactly will she bring to the porn industry that others didnt to make Hollywood bang down her door to get her parts in movies? Can you say dissillusioned? Not to mention her dad who could have been instrumental in helping her. Too few want to work hard or wait for anything anymore.This microwave society has ruined too many!I hope someone can shake some sense into her.Sexy photos with a hairlip is just not a good look……..not to mention a disgrace to be doing this in the first place. She needs to get some self esteem and surgery on her lip!

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