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(Video) 2-Year-Old Child Cigarette Smoker Video Causes Internet Outrage

There is a viral video on the internet depicting a 2-year-old Indonesian child smoking a cigarette. The video shows the toddler nonchalantly smoking, his leg propped up, flipping a cigarette between his fingers, and exaggeratedly blowing smoke upward into the air.  The video has garnered outrage throughout the world.

According to the Associated Press and other news outlets, Ardi Rizal, the toddler in the video, is just 2 years old.  He smokes up to 40 cigarettes a day.  His father claims that if he wants a cigarette and does not get it, he throws a tantrum.

Ardi Rizal’s father reportedly gave him his first cigarette when he was 18 months old.  The town officials of Musi Banyuasin, a fishing village in South Sumatra province where Ardi lives, have offered to buy the family a vehicle if they get the 2-year-old to stop smoking.   The father has reportedly refused.

Ardi Rizal’s smoking video also went viral in March — until YouTube pulled the video.  Like a cyclical virus, the viral video simply returned.

But little Ardi isn’t alone in picking up his smoking habit at such a young age.  Back in June 2009, a 2-year-old Chinese boy made world headlines smoking a pack a day.  According to the Daily Mail, the child learned to smoke when he was just 18 months old as well.  His father gave the child cigarettes believing smoking cigarettes might alleviate the pain of an inoperable hernia (because of his age of 18 months).

The video of 2-year-old Ardi Rizal follows…

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“Real Housewives” Kelly Bensimon “Much More Crazy” In Real Life Says Alex McCord

Alex McCord came right out and said it.  She told Us magazine that the mental breakdown that Kelly Bensimon seemed to be having “was much more [crazy] in real life.”  Crazier than calling someone (McCord) a vampire and that they were “channeling” the devil?  Crazier than telling anyone who would listen that one of the Housewives (Bethenny Frankel) was trying to kill her?  As crazy as it might sound, Alex McCord said that they left the craziest parts on the editing room floor.

According the McCord, they did it to make Kelly Bensimon look better.

According to the blogosphere, they didn’t do a good enough job.

“I remember the first time that Kelly mentioned that she thought I was channeling the devil,” Alex McCord told Us magazine.  “It was in the middle of the soup course!  That wasn’t the first time that had happened. Throughout the trip, it just came out of the blue.”

Alex McCord was speaking, of course, about the now famous episode on “The Real Housewives of New York City” where Kelly Bensimon seemed to alternate between a mental breakdown and a regular person.  She told Us that it was Housewife Sonja Morgan that figured that Kelly Bensimon’s behavior was just erratic.  The women had been taking most of Bensimon’s outbursts in stride, just laughing about the things she said, until Sonja Morgan pointed out that there was something more disturbing going on.

Morgan told the others that Kelly Bensimon wasn’t “being rational.”  McCord continued: “There was definitely a moment when we all clicked into realizing we had to stop picking part all the insane things being said because there’s a reason beyond anyone’s control, beyond her control.”

But one woman’s breakdown is another woman’s breakthrough.  Kelly Bensimon does not see her behavior as anything out of the ordinary.  In fact, that’s how she described her behavior to New York‘s “Vulture” — a breakthrough.

Bensimon explained her strange actions as honesty.  She told “Vulture” that she was asked to go on a weekend outing with women who do not like her.  She says she was “hated on” and felt “trapped.”  And then she had a “breakthough,” which is a psychological term for a moment of insight that leads to progress, usually during therapy, after there was initial resistance.   She said, “I just let go, I was crying, just, like, stop harassing.”

Even with all the others hating on her, Kelly Bensimon says she loves her role on “The Real Housewives of New York City.”  “I’m completely honest,” she told “Vulture.” “I have a ton of integrity, and I love doing this show. The minute that I walk into the room, I create a frenetic energy — it’s not kinetic, it’s not, like, a forward motion, it’s just like this stagnant frenetic energy. And let’s be honest, it makes for awesome TV. I mean, haters are part of the ecosystem, and if they’re not hating on you, you’re not doing something right.”

Alex McCord described how the other women on “The Real Housewives of New York City” felt about that episode, which was filmed back in November.  She told Us that the other Housewives have discussed it.  She admits that afterward there was doubt and that they began to believe that it was they who may have been been irrational about what happened.  “We thought maybe our memories had distorted. But when [my husband] Simon saw it he said, ‘Okay. Now I understand what you were talking about!”

And yet, Alex McCord also said that what was seen by the viewing public wasn’t nearly as bad as what was edited from the final episode.  If that is so, exactly what did happen, and how far is Kelly Bensimon willing to take her breakdown-as-breakthrough?  Honesty is a virtue, but honesty in a delusional framework isn’t honesty that others understand. If Kelly Bensimon is truly having a mental breakdown, will her honesty allow her to get a glimpse of it, at least long enough for her to seek treatment?  And if her worst moments were on the editing floor, isn’t the show contributing to her problems by making them look less severe than they truly are, perhaps even reinforcing her delusions and erratic behavior?

Or is “The Real Housewives of New York City” just a television show where faux craziness has hooked us all into the melodrama?

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Ring-Shaped UFO Over Los Angeles (Video)

A ring-shaped UFO appeared over Los Angeles over the Memorial Day weekend, spinning and floating across the sky.  Although it is difficult to say what the object might actually be (one suggestion was that it was a helicopter whose blade tips were lit up), it is obvious that the guy filming the ufo is awed by it.  The best line?  When he predicts that someone will accuse him of having had too many Foster’s (Australian for “beer”). “Hey, I only had one,” he tells his future interrogator.

The videographer (and assumed poster of the video) films for six minutes.  He gives the viewer a long shot for perspective and estimates that the UFO is about five miles away, moving around over Redondo Beach or Manhattan Beach, “close to the airport.”  He also says that the UFO is higher than planes usually fly, but how he is able to determine that from his vantage point is unclear.

Truthfully, although intriguing and entertaining, the object looks like it could be some type of cicular lighting somehow attached to the top of one of those small personal aircraft that people seem to always be constructing in their garages, usually made out of lawnmower engines and fiberglass.  Our UFO cameraman tells us several times that there is a humming sound, so…

The video was posted to YouTube on Saturday, May 29.

Stephen Hawking recently noted on his PBS documentary “Into The Universe” that although it is more than likely that extraterrestrial life exists, it is another thing to expect such life to conquer space and time limitations to visit and explore the Earth with abandon.  It is more likely that they would be scouting expeditions for a colonization or conquering force… With that in mind, check out the Foster’s drinker’s intriguing “Ring-Shaped UFO Over Los Angeles” video…

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Gary Coleman’s Parents Want Wife Shannon Price To Explain Death, What Happened

Gary Coleman’s parents, Sue and Willie Coleman, want the “Diff’rent Strokes” actor’s wife, Shannon Price, to tell them how he fell and received his head injury.  They insist they aren’t angry or accusing Coleman’s young wife of anything, but they would like to know what happened when the 42-year-old Coleman fell.  The want to know because it was that fall that led to the traumatic head injury that is believed to have caused the brain hemorrhage that generated the coma in which Gary Coleman slipped into a day after he fell, a coma that he never came out of, a coma that forced the doctors to put the young actor on life support until his wife, Shannon Price, made the decision to discontinue the artificial sustenance of his life.

“We would’ve loved to have been there by his side at the hospital,” Sue Coleman told People magazine, “to let him know we love him before he passed away.  This is a shock to us.  We loved Gary very much.”

But the Colemans could not get a message to Shannon Price.  They attempted to get through via the Santaquin Police Department  on the day the “Diff’rent Strokes” actor was taken off life support.

It had been years, over a decade, since the Colemans had talked with their son.  They were estranged, having been locked in a bitter lawsuit for years in the early 90s.  Gary Coleman had sued his parents and ex-manager, thinking they had stolen the fortune he had amassed while a child actor.  In 1993, the court agreed and awarded Coleman $1.3 million.

“We’re not pointing fingers at anyone, but we need to know exactly what happened,” Sue said to People. “We’re not angry. We’re just concerned. Did our son fall down the stairs? Did he fall in the bathtub? We need to have some closure on our son’s life.”

And the reason Sue and Willie Coleman are concerned is that there has been nearly no information about what happened. Shannon Price, Gary Coleman’s 24-year-old wife, has said nothing about the actor’s death other than a simple statement that Gary was taken to the hospital because of “medical problems.”

Janet Frank, spokesperson for the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, the facility where Gary Coleman would ultimately die, said that Coleman had arrived at the hospital after an accident at his home.  She gave no more information other than to say that the investigation into the cause of death was still ongoing. Shannon Price requested that no further details be divulged.

Which is what Shannon Price told Gary Coleman’s lawyer…

Santaquin Police Chief Dennis Howard told People, “There was absolutely nothing suspicious about [Coleman’s] death. There is no [criminal] investigation going on.”

And there may never be.  If the cause of death is consistent with natural causes or with the circumstances that caused the traumatic injury to Gary Coleman’s head, then a criminal investigation will not be necessary.  If the circumstance are inconsistent, then the Santaquin Police Department might find it necessary to launch a criminal investigation.

But, with what is currently known, which is that Gary Coleman fell and suffered a head injury, such a determination cannot be made.

Meanwhile, Gary Coleman’s parents, who adopted the “Diff’rent Strokes” actor when he was an infant, simply want an answer to their questions.  They believe that their son’s wife, Shannon Price, can give them answers to those questions. How did it happen?   What exactly happened?  How did their son die?

The Colemans’ curiosity and need for closure notwithstanding, Shannon Price and Gary Coleman’s marriage was volatile, a matter of public record. Police were called to their Santaquin home on more than a couple occasions.  Both were arrested — at different times — on charges of domestic violence.  The history alone should prompt at least a cursory examination into the matter.

Shannon Price and her family’s silence has not been helpful.  A simple explanation of how the “Diff’rent Strokes” actor was injured would suffice.

Just what exactly happened at the home of Gary Coleman on Wednesday, May 28?

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Kendra Wilkinson Exposed As Liar: Never Fought Release Of Sex Tape Video

The star of “Kendra” and “Kendra Exposed,” Kendra Wilkinson, is playing fast and loose with the truth, according to a Radar Online investigation report.  According to the celebrity gossip website, despite the public veneer Kendra Wilkinson is putting on the sex tape scandal, it is all for show — and for her show, E! Television’s “Kendra.”  In the second season’s finale, Kendra rails against the betrayal of her former boyfriend and sex tape video partner, Justin Frye, but what she does not disclose on her reality show is that not only did she know about the tapes, she knowingly made the tapes, tried to market the tapes herself, and received a huge advance from Vivid Entertainment for the sex tape video, “Kendra Exposed,” just released.

She doesn’t use her former boyfriend’s name as she cries out against the unfairness of it all.  She cries that he “broke my heart” and “how can u do that when I have a baby?”  She also says that she hopes that people “don’t press play” to look at her sex tape (which makes absolutely no sense, considering that the sex tape video has to be bought and downloaded — and why do that if one wasn’t going to “press play” and view it?).  Radar Online asserts that Kendra Wilkinson is simply engaging in blatant feigned histrionics.

Back in 2008, Kendra Wilkinson formed a company, Home Run Productions LLC, to handle the sale of her sex tapes, which there seem to be quite a few.  That venture failed.  Justin Frye, however, was able to get the sex tapes to Vivid Entertainment, who purchased them for a reported $100,000.  Kendra Wilkinson then publicly claimed she was doing everything possible to stop the sale  and dissemination of the sex tape.

Radar Online notes that legal advisors told them that Kendra Wilkinson had a virtual “slam dunk” case if Vivid had released the tapes without her permission.  Her actions belied her public stance.  She not only signed off on “Kendra Exposed” (signed legal permission for its sale and distribution) but got a reported $680,000 advance on the tape.  It was also reported that she will receive 50% of the profits from sales.

And Justin Frye, the man who originally sold the sex tapes to Vivid, isn’t talking.  Radar Online reported that their sources agree that Frye knows Wilkinson is lying about everything but the ex-boyfriend is contract-bound to keep his mouth shut.

“We had sex and every now and then we’d videotape it,” Kendra says on her show.  “I didn’t know I was going to become a celebrity. Most people these days do sex tapes when they are a celebrity.”

Right.  Tell that to Kim Kardashian, Tila Tequila, Paris Hilton…

“Kendra Exposed” was released for download at on May 26 and quickly became the #1 video torrent.  From pre-sales and sales since its release, it has been declared the best-selling sex tape video in the history of Vivid Entertainment, which boasts such celebrity sex tapes as the aforementioned Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, as well as Pam Anderson, Shauna Sand, former Miss USA Kelli McCarty, and Mindy McCready.

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Lawyers To Tiger Woods: Lay Off Women Until Divorced

Tiger Woods has been ordered by his legal team to keep a low profile and stay away from women until after his divorce with Elin Nordegren is finalized.  Their reasoning is simple, the less ammunition Elin Nordegren goes into the courtroom with, the better Tiger Woods’ bargaining position will be.  In the wake of the mistresses scandal and his public admission of “transgressions,” it can be assumed that Tiger Woods’ position is not one of optimal advantage.

A source told Us Weekly, “Elin’s building a character case [based on his serial philandering].  Elin’s team is watching [Tiger’s] every move.”

Although it seemed as if Elin Nordegren supported Tiger Woods through the first few months of the mistresses ordeal, even reportedly attending counseling sessions with him (and it was in those sessions where it was reported that she found out about the 120 mistresses he had while married — but neglected to tell her about the neighbor’s daughter — that was the last straw for the former model), the two have remained estranged since the highly publicized mistresses scandal began in late November.  Nordegren also lives in a rented house about a mile from Woods and has refused to move back in with the golfer.

Both also hired divorce lawyers.  It is believed that Elin Nordegren will seek full custody of the couple’s two children and $750 million.

In a case involving that much money, the party believed to be on the offending side usually begins to take a low-profile stance.

But Tiger Woods was reportedly out golfing with a blonde friend last week.  And, according to Radar Online, he has been seen hitting the nightclubs as well.  Apparently Woods legal team thought a word of extreme caution was in order…

“She wants more money than Michael Jordan’s ex got,” another source told Us Weekly.  In fact, if the $750 million is accurate, she wants over four times what Michael Jordan’s wife got in her divorce settlement, which was $168 million.

But can he do it?  Can Tiger Woods stay away from women until the divorce is final?  When he returns to the Tour, will he be able to just golf and go back to his room or return home in between tournaments?  Can he refrain from dating?  Will he be able to maintain a low profile and stay clear of women long enough to avoid scandal or gossip where only what his wife’s legal team has against him now will be all they have to work with when they get to divorce court?

If Tiger Woods doesn’t want to lose up to three-quarters of his estimated billion dollar fortune, it is assumed that he will most undoubtedly attempt to follow his lawyers’ legal advice…

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Michelle McGee Gets Naked For Cheater Website,

In another installment of “If The Website Fits, Become A Paid Endorser,”, the website set up to help cheating spouses have discrete extramarital affairs, hired uber-tattooed model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, Jesse James’ alleged former #1 mistress, as a spokesmodel for the company.  TMZ reported that Michelle McGee was in Toronto this weekend to do a photo and video shoot for for a set of promotional commercials.  It is also being reported that the former webcam girl will pose naked for promotional pictures and in some of the commercial spots being filmed.

TMZ said the tattooed alleged former Jesse James mistress was hired out at $500 per hour for the pictures and commercial shoots.  But that wasn’t all.  The celebrity gossip website also learned that Michelle McGee also inked a deal with to share in a percentage of the profits made from any new traffic McGee might bring to the website.

Michelle McGee, who has had no trouble getting naked in front of cameras before, will film the spots in a strip club.  It is not known whether or not Jesse James alleged former mistress was booked at the strip club and came to her, or if rented the club for the video and photo shoot.

This will not be the first online venture where the tattooed McGee has attempted to make a few dollars, either.  Just days after her expose on Jesse James hit the newsstands, TMZ reported that she launched a website where users, after paying $9.95, could see her modeling, stripping, and/or naked — in pictures on on video.  As noted previously, she was at one time a webcam girl at, where, for a fee, one could chat or go on a “cyber date” with the ‘Bombshell.’

The question arises:  Will the indiscrete and heavily tattooed Michelle McGee, alleged mistress who brazenly outed high profile reality show star Jesse James, be a good fit to promote, a site that promotes itself as a discrete site whereon one can set up extramarital affairs?

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“Basketball Wives” Suzie Ketcham Arrested On Camera

As if there wasn’t enough drama on and off the set of “Basketball Wives,” a live taping of a reunion show in Los Angeles turned ugly Saturday when Suzie Ketcham threw a bucket of water on a “surprise guest” that she had had difficulties with on a previous episode.  As her “Basketball Wives” castmembers and the studio audience watched, the dousing led to Suzie Ketcham getting arrested while cameras were rolling.  And the situation very well could lead to a lawsuit.

According to a source for Radar Online, during the filming of VH1’s reality show “Basketball Wives,” it was announced that a “surprise guest” would be joining the cast.  When “Sandra,” a “groupie” into whose face Suzie Ketcham had thrown a drink earlier in the show’s first season, walked out, Ketcham, obviously angered, walked off.  She soon came back, however, with a bucket of water, throwing it at Sandra.

In her efforts to evade the water, Sandra fell, injuring herself.  While cameras rolled, paramedics were called.  The police also showed up.  Before it was over, Suzie Ketcham had been arrested and taken away for questioning while Sandra had been carted away on a stretcher.  The source told Radar Online that “the first words out of her mouth were, ‘Call my lawyer.'”

It is unclear as to the extent of Sandra’s injuries or if charges were filed against Suzie Ketcham, although it is reported that Sandra does want charges to be levied.

As for a lawsuit, whether or not it gets to that stage is as yet unclear as well.

Another member of the “Basketball Wives” is already involved in a lawsuit.  Evelyn Lozada filed a lawsuit against Vanessa Davis a few weeks ago, according to documents obtained by TMZ.  Evelyn Lozada alleges that Davis, jealous over not being chosen as one of the basketball wives for the reality show, engaged in harassing activities against her.  According to the papers filed by Lozada, Davis allegedly sent her harassing e-mails, hacked into her account, stole topless pictures out of her files, and posted said topless pictures online.  Vanessa Davis denies it all, of course, and has threatened to counter-sue Evelyn Lozada for defamation.

“Basketball Wives” airs on VH1 on Sundays.  The reunion show, which was pre-empted due to the confrontation and injury was scheduled for broadcast on June 20.  It is not known as yet if it will be rescheduled until the filming of the episode can be finished — or if VH1 will air the footage that they have.

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Seen Hayley Williams of Paramore’s Topless Twitter Picture (Twitpic)?

Hayley Williams, lead singer of Paramore, took to Twitter Thursday evening to tell all her 600,000 plus followers that her Twitter account had been hacked.  Apparently, a picture of Hayley Williams topless was posted on her account without her permission.  But was the half- naked Twitpic really hacked?  Was it placed on her Twitter account for all to see as a prank?  Or was this a quick publicity move to ramp up for the new “Twilight” movie, considering that Paramore got their big breakout from being on the first “Twilight” soundtrack?  Or is it to just keep Paramore in the headlines until the next album is released?

“Well…my night just changed drastically, got hacked,” the 21-year-old singer tweeted Thursday.  After discovering the topless picture on her account, she immediately deleted it.

But deleting it did not stop the half- naked picture of the Paramore singer laying on a bed with her breasts exposed from making the rounds on the internet, nor did it stop the bloggers and the social networkers from debating whether or not someone actually hacked into Hayley Williams’ Twitter account or if it was done as a publicity stunt.  Because that debate has become standard with regard to racy, naked, or topless pictures that wind up on the internet by being hacked, stolen, sent to the wrong person, or used without the permission of the “victim.”

And the debate always leads to the same conclusion: If one never wants a naked picture or video of themselves to ever appear on the internet, then one must never allow oneself to be photographed or videotaped naked.  Period.

Regardless of whether or not the Paramore singer did it herself or actually got hacked, she got a lot of love from her fans.  She took to Twitter again:  “Always knew we had the greatest fans. Thank you so much for all the support. Overwhelming.”

Hayley Williams also posted, “Today is a new day. Gonna keep my head up high.”

According to many who have seen the blazing redhead’s topless picture, she has every reason to…

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Gary Coleman’s Wife, Shannon Price, Too Quiet About Dead Husband’s Head Injury?

Gary Coleman’s sudden death will no doubt get a few people to thinking, and one of those thoughts will undoubtedly be: Why is Shannon Price and her family being so quiet about how “Diff’rent Strokes” actor Gary Coleman died?  I mean, just listen to what the family has said since his death.  Basically, it’s been “thanks for your thoughts and prayers” and done.  But what about Gary Coleman’s fall?  What are the circumstances surrounding it?  Is there an investigation underway, or do authorities have any reason to think they need to investigate?

What happened when Gary Coleman fell?

Silence when a celebrity dies bring out the sleuth in everyone.  Of course, the public isn’t privy to all information with regard to things said and statements made, but one wonders if authorities were interested in the Gary Coleman incident and if so, what they learned from those that were at the Santaquin, Utah, house the day Gary Coleman fell.

Why should anyone wonder what happened?  Given the nature of the relationship between Gary Coleman and his wife, Shannon Price, which was reportedly a rocky one where both parties had been arrested in the past year or so on domestic violence charges and were in a constant state of on-again-off-again divorce-seeking, law enforcement should take more than just a passing glance at the manner with which the 42-year-old actor might have died.

At present, all that is publicly known is that Gary Coleman fell and received an injury to his head.  That traumatic injury resulted in an intracranial hemorrhage which induced a coma.  Coleman never came out of the comatose state he slipped into a day after he was hospitalized.

The only reason why it is known that Gary Coleman received a head injury from a fall is because his brother-in-law, Shawn Price, told TMZ that that is what happened.  Shannon Price, the wife, told Randy Kester, Gary Coleman’s lawyer that, besides the brief statement the family produced on Thursday, they did not want to release any details about the situation.

Kester told the Associated Press, “Anything they could say would be premature because they don’t know the full extent of his condition right now.”

What exactly does that mean?  What does the extent of Coleman’s condition have to do with the family saying something about the incident?  Were they afraid Coleman would contradict any public statement made on the matter?  Did something happen where someone is legally liable and Gary Coleman’s condition was a contingency that would be weighed in the final determination?

And then there is the life support situation.  The decision to cut of life support, which Coleman was placed on when he slipped into a coma on Thursday, was made by Shannon Price.  And quickly.  Gary Coleman may have had DNR (do not resuscitate) documents or something to that effect, which made his wife’s decision easier or legal, but to do it in such a quick fashion, just hours after Coleman went comatose seems relatively desperate and/or cold.  Of course, this could mean nothing (but conspiracy theorists will be ecstatic, pointing to it as an obvious sign of a family cover-up).

Regardless, it is common knowledge that celebrities, especially Hollywood celebrities, never die of natural causes.  There is always a backstory, a subplot, and underlying theme or motive that is the true story.  Nothing is ever cut-and-dried, black and white.  And there should always be some sort of investigation…

Nothing untoward may have occurred at the Santaquin house.  There may have been no fighting, no pushing, no shoving, or anything that might have caused the “Diff’rent Strokes” star to fall and hit his head.  He may have simply fallen doing some mundane chore and struck his head on the floor.  Coleman was prone to seizures, so the intracranial hemorrhage may have been caused by a blow received to the head as his body spasmed.

But those details are not known.  And fans of celebrities abhor a vacuum.  They tend to fill it with speculation.  A simple explanation of the circumstances surrounding just how and why Gary Coleman fell would suffice.

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