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Michelle McGee Gets Naked For Cheater Website,

In another installment of “If The Website Fits, Become A Paid Endorser,”, the website set up to help cheating spouses have discrete extramarital affairs, hired uber-tattooed model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, Jesse James’ alleged former #1 mistress, as a spokesmodel for the company.  TMZ reported that Michelle McGee was in Toronto this weekend to do a photo and video shoot for for a set of promotional commercials.  It is also being reported that the former webcam girl will pose naked for promotional pictures and in some of the commercial spots being filmed.

TMZ said the tattooed alleged former Jesse James mistress was hired out at $500 per hour for the pictures and commercial shoots.  But that wasn’t all.  The celebrity gossip website also learned that Michelle McGee also inked a deal with to share in a percentage of the profits made from any new traffic McGee might bring to the website.

Michelle McGee, who has had no trouble getting naked in front of cameras before, will film the spots in a strip club.  It is not known whether or not Jesse James alleged former mistress was booked at the strip club and came to her, or if rented the club for the video and photo shoot.

This will not be the first online venture where the tattooed McGee has attempted to make a few dollars, either.  Just days after her expose on Jesse James hit the newsstands, TMZ reported that she launched a website where users, after paying $9.95, could see her modeling, stripping, and/or naked — in pictures on on video.  As noted previously, she was at one time a webcam girl at, where, for a fee, one could chat or go on a “cyber date” with the ‘Bombshell.’

The question arises:  Will the indiscrete and heavily tattooed Michelle McGee, alleged mistress who brazenly outed high profile reality show star Jesse James, be a good fit to promote, a site that promotes itself as a discrete site whereon one can set up extramarital affairs?

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