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Lawyers To Tiger Woods: Lay Off Women Until Divorced

Tiger Woods has been ordered by his legal team to keep a low profile and stay away from women until after his divorce with Elin Nordegren is finalized.  Their reasoning is simple, the less ammunition Elin Nordegren goes into the courtroom with, the better Tiger Woods’ bargaining position will be.  In the wake of the mistresses scandal and his public admission of “transgressions,” it can be assumed that Tiger Woods’ position is not one of optimal advantage.

A source told Us Weekly, “Elin’s building a character case [based on his serial philandering].  Elin’s team is watching [Tiger’s] every move.”

Although it seemed as if Elin Nordegren supported Tiger Woods through the first few months of the mistresses ordeal, even reportedly attending counseling sessions with him (and it was in those sessions where it was reported that she found out about the 120 mistresses he had while married — but neglected to tell her about the neighbor’s daughter — that was the last straw for the former model), the two have remained estranged since the highly publicized mistresses scandal began in late November.  Nordegren also lives in a rented house about a mile from Woods and has refused to move back in with the golfer.

Both also hired divorce lawyers.  It is believed that Elin Nordegren will seek full custody of the couple’s two children and $750 million.

In a case involving that much money, the party believed to be on the offending side usually begins to take a low-profile stance.

But Tiger Woods was reportedly out golfing with a blonde friend last week.  And, according to Radar Online, he has been seen hitting the nightclubs as well.  Apparently Woods legal team thought a word of extreme caution was in order…

“She wants more money than Michael Jordan’s ex got,” another source told Us Weekly.  In fact, if the $750 million is accurate, she wants over four times what Michael Jordan’s wife got in her divorce settlement, which was $168 million.

But can he do it?  Can Tiger Woods stay away from women until the divorce is final?  When he returns to the Tour, will he be able to just golf and go back to his room or return home in between tournaments?  Can he refrain from dating?  Will he be able to maintain a low profile and stay clear of women long enough to avoid scandal or gossip where only what his wife’s legal team has against him now will be all they have to work with when they get to divorce court?

If Tiger Woods doesn’t want to lose up to three-quarters of his estimated billion dollar fortune, it is assumed that he will most undoubtedly attempt to follow his lawyers’ legal advice…

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