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Tiger Woods New Mistress Tally Reaches 121

Straight from the pages of the 2010 Pulitzer-nominated National Enquirer, the same tabloid that brought you the story that Tiger Woods was having an affair with some unknown nightclub somebody named Rachel Uchitel, comes another story that the final straw in the mistress scandal was when Elin Nordegren found out that Woods had left out one of his mistresses when confessing during therapy.  While coming clean about who he had had affairs with, Tiger Woods apparently admitted to bedding 120 women.  But Elin Nordegren, according to the National Enquirer, seemed to be willing to forgive him his adulterous behavior — until she found out about the neighbor’s daughter. 

The National Enquirer also reported that Elin Nordegren is now in full divorce mode.  Being cheated on 120 times was bad enough, but having to find out about Tiger Woods’ mistress #121 via the media — just like she had learned about the first two dozen — must have been just too much to take. 

The National Enquirer broke that story as well.  Neighbor’s daughter and college student Raychel Coudriet, a girl Tiger Woods had known since she was 14, had engaged in a one-night stand with the famed golfer in 2009.  She’d felt bad about having sex with a married man, she said, so she had refused to answer Tiger Woods’ numerous texts afterwards. 

So why didn’t Tiger Woods mention the neighbor’s daughter while in therapy?  Did he think that having an affair with someone so close to home would be more than his wife could take?  Or did he just forget in his quest for catharsis and redemption?  Truly, there were just so many…   

The entire scandal started in the early morning hours the day after Thanksgiving when Tiger Woods crashed his SUV into a tree in his neighborhood.  Strange inconsistencies in the crash story and news of the Rachel Uchitel expose fueled speculative stories in the media that would only pale in comparison to truth and depth of scandal that would follow.  Within weeks over a dozen women had confessed to being mistresses of Tiger Woods.

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Tess Taylor Topless, “Pretty Wild” Playboy Model Pictured With Bong

“Pretty Wild” star Tess Taylor’s topless pictures have been posted on The Dirty (  Considering that Tess Taylor will grace the cover of Playboy‘s upcoming issue (June), finding topless pictures “leaked” or posted on the internet should not come as a surprise.  However, the topless photos obtained by The Dirty showing E! Television’s “Pretty Wild” star aren’t the airbrushed or glossed-over pictures of perfection one will see on and in Playboy.  Two of the three posted photos depict Tess Taylor with a bong in hand.  One shows her caught in the motion of what looks as if she is firing it up. 

Tess Taylor is the adopted daughter of Andrea Arlington, a former lingerie model, whose management of her three daughters’ careers is chronicled in the reality show “Pretty Wild.”  The show is currently in its first season and follows the three girls as they break into the Hollywood scene.  The current substory is the trial of Alexis Neiers, Tess Taylor’s 18-year-old sister, who was arrested in the summer of 2009 for suspicion of being connected to the “Bling Ring,” the group of teen thieves who broke into and stole items from the houses of celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Orlando Bloom. 

Tess Taylor, 20, is in pursuit of a modeling career.  She was a Playboy Cyber Girl before landing the cover of Playboy magazine.   

It is uncertain whether or not Tess Taylor will suffer any legal fallout from the topless pictures posted on The Dirty (warning: NSFW). Not that she has to worry about being topless in the photos, but she could face prosecution of some kind for brandishing the bong. 

Olympic swimming gold medalist Michael Phelps found out that he could have possibly suffered legal repercussions for a picture taken of him with a bong at a party in South Carolina.   The photo hit the internet in February 2009 but after an investigation, authorities decided not to press charges.  However, Michael Phelps was suspended by USA Swimming for three months and he lost his endorsement with Kelloggs.

Besides possible legal issues, Tess Taylor could face the same type of commercial backlash from her topless pictures (with bong).  Playboy could conceivably pull her cover.  Any deals or modeling contracts she may be involved in may now fall through or be abrogated due to some morals clauses in the contracts.   

“Pretty Wild” is set to air its last episode in May.

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Chelsea Handler Sex Tape: Comedy Or Porn Audition?

Chelsea Handler maintains that the sex scene on the comedy routine demo tape acquired by Radar Online was just a joke.  Apparently, a decade ago, when the audition tapes were sent out to various talent agents and comedy clubs in the hopes of getting some stand-up gigs, Chelsea Handler (and anyone else involved in the decision) thought it might be a good idea to spoof sex tapes.  At least, that’s her story.  The sex scene was phony, according to the late night comedian.  It was a joke. 

On “Chelsea Lately,” Handler’s popular talk show on E! Television, she took on Radar Online, who first reported on the sex tape.  She said, “I would like to say to Radar Online: A) thanks for ruining my surprise Christmas gift to my staff, and No. 2, it was made as a joke. I put it on an audition tape for a comedy club because I’m a comedian, and I’ve been showing it at birthday parties for (expletive) years!”

Radar Online isn’t quite so sure, noting that the sex scene on the tape certainly appears realistic.  The celebrity gossip website describes the scene as graphic, Chelsea Handler as naked with breasts swinging, smiling, and on all fours.  It appears about halfway through the audition tape, goes on for several minutes, then ends with the guy positioned behind her asking if they got the shot.  Then the stand-up routine begins again. 

The source of the sex tape told Radar Online that the existence of the tape may have remained out of the public eye because most of the tapes were probably thrown away after a couple jokes because Chelsea Handler’s material was so poor.  They may have never got to the sex scene to see Handler naked. 

Radar Online contends that Chelsea Handler might be attempting to cover up the reality of the circumstances of the tape.

Are they insinuating that Chelsea Handler made a sex tape, not expecting it to ever become public (the lament of so many others), and is simply attempting to quash the bad publicity in its nascency?  Or could they be intimating that the sex scene goes further, that there is more, and/or the footage on the audition tape was dubbed from some other source?  Of course, it is common knowledge that show business is a tough industry to break into.  A few get in through porn and soft porn movies, but there is no indication that this is anything of the kind, nor has Radar Online overtly said as much.  Still, it exists as a possibility, and Radar Online’s allegations of a cover-up seem to leave a lot of room for speculation, like:  Could Chelsea Handler have mixed up her audition tapes? 

Now that would be an amusing set of circumstances… 

But Chelsea Handler could be telling the truth as well.  It might simply be the ‘naked’ truth that the sex scene was filmed as a joke, one where Chelsea Handler is spoofing Rob Lowe and Pam Anderson (and a few others).  If so, it simply makes the sex scene on the tape salacious, satirical, cynical, and an attention getter, but also remarkably prescient.  Just look at all the sex tapes that have been made and/or “leaked” in the past decade.   

But while speculation continues, Chelsea Handler and Radar Online remain locked in a war of words over whether or not the sex scene on the tape is a joke or not

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Annette Edwards Wants To Be Jessica Rabbit, Gets Breast Lift, $16,000 In Plastic Surgeries (Video)

Annette Edwards is a famed British rabbit breeder and a 57-year-old great-grandmother who wants to look like the sexy Jessica Rabbit in the hit movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”  A one-time model, Edwards has been breeding world record-sized rabbits for two decades.  She just set another record with a 40-plus pound giant named Darius.  And if getting her name in the Guinness Book of World Records on a constant basis wasn’t enough, Annette Edwards has caught the attention of the media with her passion for dressing up (red sequined gown and purple gloves) and attempting to look like Jessica Rabbit. 

A few months ago, the Daily Mail reported that Annette Edwards spent $16,000 on cosmetic enhancement surgeries in order to look more like Jessica Rabbit.  Included in the surgeries were chin and cheek implants, botox injections, a brow lift and a breast lift.

“My love of rabbits made me decide to go for the operations and make the big change,” she told the Daily Mail.  “Since I had it done I have had loads of compliments and I love the way I look now.”

Edwards told the British tabloid newspaper that she also went on a strict diet, losing weight to trim down and look more like the voluptuous Jessica Rabbit.   “…I’ve just really lived a bit like a rabbit,” she said, “eating only salads and cereals; it’s been mad.”

Many people are content to alter themselves in order to look more like their favorite movie star or celebrity, but those individuals are usually living beings.  Still, Annette Edwards seems happy to emulate the wife of Roger Rabbit, a character that was voted the sexiest cartoon character of all time.  She admits that her children — she has ten – think she’s a bit daft, but they’re not shocked by what she does anymore. 

Annette Edwards even has a YouTube video wherein she performs as Jessica Rabbit.  Some might think her children might be on the right track…

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Leave Fan Message For VH1’s ‘Behind the Music: Bret Michaels’ Special

As rocker and reality star Bret Michaels remains hospitalized after suffering a brain hemorrhage last week, VH1 will be airing a special “Behind the Music” with fan messages on Thursday night. 

Bret Michaels

VH1, the home to Bret Michaels’ “Rock of Love” reality show, will be airing a selection of reader comments during their special re-airing of “Behind the Music: Bret Michaels” on Thursday, April 29 at 11 p.m. ET/10 p.m. CT. 

If you would like to share your sentiments about Bret with everyone who will be watching the “Behind the Music” special, all you have to do is leave a comment here.

Michaels is the lead singer of the rock-glam band Poison.  He has also made a career as a reality star with VH1’s “Rock of Love” and is currently starring on the third season of “The Celebrity Apprentice” on NBC on Sunday nights.  As of this week, Michaels is still in the running for “The Apprentice.” 

Get the latest on Bret Michaels’ condition on his Web site at

Click here to send your message to Bret and for more details about the special.

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Party Kentucky-Derby Style With Mint Juleps, Hats, Online Bets

Will you be watching the 136th Kentucky Derby this weekend with friends?  Find out how to place your bets online and make mint juleps (the popular Kentucky Derby cocktail) for your gathering.

Mint Julep at Kentucky Derby

You’ll feel like you are at Churchill Downs for the big race on Saturday, May 1, 2010, if you sip on a mint julep and place your bets online.  And while you are at it, make a festive Kentucky Derby hat to wear for your gathering.

Where To Watch Kentucky Derby Coverage

  • Kentucky Derby 136:  Race 11, 6:24 p.m. EDT post time

  • Kentucky Oaks 136:  Race 11, 5:45 p.m. EDT post time

    • Coverage will air on Saturday on ESPN for Kentucky Derby Undercard from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET.
    • Access to Kentucky Derby/Red Carpet Special will air Saturday on NBC from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. ET.
    • Kentucky Derby 136 coverage will air from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on NBC.

    Click here for more details on Kentucky Derby TV coverage.

    Mint Juleps (This is one of many recipes that can be found online. Watch the video below, too.)


    • 2 cups water
    • 2 cups white sugar
    • 1/2 cup roughly chopped fresh mint leaves
    • 32 fluid ounces Kentucky bourbon
    • 8 sprigs fresh mint leaves for garnish


    1. Combine water, sugar and chopped mint leaves in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil over high heat until the sugar is completely dissolved. Allow syrup to cool, approximately 1 hour. Pour syrup through a strainer to remove mint leaves
    2. Fill eight cups or frozen goblets with crushed ice and pour 4 ounces of bourbon and 1/4 cup mint syrup in each. (Proportions can be adjusted depending on each person’s sweet tooth). Top each cup with a mint sprig and a straw. Trim straws to just barely protrude from the top of the cups. Serve juleps on a silver platter.

    If you are using silver goblets, place them in the freezer for at least half an hour before serving. Handle frozen goblets with a clean towel, holding them by their edges, so as not to mar the lovely frosted surface.


    Online Kentucky Derby Betting

    Can’t make it to the big race? Click here for complete details on the Kentucky Derby and how to place a bet online.

    Kentucky Derby Hats

    Tell friends to wear their original Kentucky Derby hats and have a prize for the best one.

    Or set up a hat station at the party for friends to make their own. Have them bring a plain hat, and set up a table with lace, ribbons, feathers, plastic horse figurines, flowers, or anything else that can be glued or pinned to the hat.  Have a glue gun, pins, etc. handy for assembling the decorations on the hats. You can also have a prize for the best hat.

    Share your ideas, thoughts, and recipes for a Kentucky Derby party below for others.

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Chelsea Handler Sex Tape

If you want to get noticed in Hollywood, you can go old school and work hard and hope and pray.  Or you can go new school and do something outrageous or get naked or make a sex tape video.  It seems that Chelsea Handler may have gone the sex tape route.   Kind of.  Maybe.  At least, that is what Radar Online has reported, noting that they have seen the sex tape in question and, Chelsea Handler’s protestations aside, believe the sex tape to be authentic. 

Chelsea Hander, appearing on her E! network show, “Chelsea Lately,” joked, ““I would like to say to Radar Online: A) thanks for ruining my surprise Christmas gift to my staff, and No. 2, it was made as a joke. I put it on an audition tape for a comedy club because I’m a comedian, and I’ve been showing it at birthday parties for (expletive) years!” 

Chelsea Handler’s sex tape scene includes a guy with a British accent.  The two, according to Radar Online, suddenly appear naked and physically engaged in the middle of a stand-up demo of material that Chelsea Handler sent out to comedy clubs ten years ago to drum up work.  Handler and her manager both insist that the entire 10-year-old demo tape, including the sex scene (which was supposedly phony), was all a “joke.”    

But Radar Online doesn’t seem to think so.   Claiming to have seen the tape, Radar Online says that Chelsea Handler certainly looks as if she’s actually having sex.  Describing the scene, Radar Online reveals that Handler is naked and on all fours, the scene seemingly dubbed over some stand-up material which picks up again after a guy with an English accent asks, ““Did we get the (bleep) shot?” 

Radar Online states: “Chelsea Handler made a sex tape — and while she claims she made it as a “joke” — if that’s true, it’s one XXX joke!”  

Radar Online openly wonders if Chelsea Handler and her representatives might be engaging in a cover-up. 

The source of the sex tape notes that when Chelsea Handler first arrived in Los Angeles, the demo tape was sent to talent agents and comedy clubs in order to find a stand-up gig.  The source said that it was possible that “most people just threw them out because her stand-up was so bad…”  Some probably didn’t even see the “joke” because they “didn’t even watch past the first couple of minutes and missed the sex tape part altogether.” 

But it is quite possible that the sex tape scene was noticed by talent agents and comedy club owners — and although the tape didn’t make it into popular circulation like the sex tape videos of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, it may have been the springboard that began the series of events that led the comedienne to “Chelsea Lately.”  And it is quite possible that most — if not all — of these individuals saw a naked and sexually engaged (phony or not) Chelsea Handler and got the sex scene as a joke. 

Which means that Radar Online just doesn’t get it…

“Chelsea Lately” can be seen on at 11:00 p.m. EST weeknights on E! television network.

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Boobquake — Baring Cleavage To Disprove Earthquake Madness Causes Earthquake?

One of the most ridiculous statements to come out of Iran since Mahmoud Achmadenijad became president was, for the first time in years, not uttered by said president.  It was proclaimed by a Muslim cleric.  The cleric, Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi, said that scantily clad women and those who acted promiscuously were the cause of all the recent earthquakes. 

His words were: “Many women who do not dress modestly … lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which [consequently] increases earthquakes.”

Of course, someone had to prove him wrong.  Enter: Jennifer McCreight, student at Purdue University. 

McCreight went on her blog, “Blag Hag,” and put out a call for women to unite in a show of cleavage.  She wrote: “Time for a Boobquake.  On Monday, April 26, I will wear the most cleavage-showing shirt I own. … I encourage other female skeptics to join me and embrace the supposed supernatural power of their breasts.”

She also took to Twitter and posted a picture of herself in her most revealing shirt.

Jennifer McCreight told WGN in Chicago, “When I heard what the Iranian cleric had said, I thought it was ridiculous — but it was also something we could test scientifically.” 

By Monday, over 200,000 women had responded to Jennifer McCreight’s Facebook call to arms (cleavage? boobs?).

But did boobquake work?  Judge for yourself. 

Thousands of women wore their most revealing apparel Monday, April 26, in support of the idea that showing cleavage had no effect on seismic activity within the earth.  At 10:59 a.m. Tuesday, April 27, a 6.5 magnitude . 

Cause and effect?  Or coincidental independent events: boobquake and earthquake?  Does it matter?  Each side will no doubt dismiss the argument of the other…

But you just know that somewhere in Iran a Muslim cleric is feeling quite smug — outraged over the cleavage, but smug nonetheless…

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Searching For Erin Andrews Peephole Video? Look No Further

Some had never heard of ESPN reporter turned “Dancing With The Stars” contestant Erin Andrews until she issued the statement in July 2009 that it was indeed her that was naked in that blurry peephole video making the rounds on the internet and that she would do everything within her power to see the person or persons responsible caught and prosecuted.  Three months and a weeks of scandal later, everyone had heard of Erin Andrews and Michael Barrett was arrested in Chicago for making the illegal peephole video, which consisted of several short films spliced together from at least half a dozen that were taken in various hotels.  In the meantime and afterward (and even before Erin Andrews went public), the internet burned with people trying to find the beautiful blonde’s naked peephole video.  Some did, but many were finding the links purporting to give access to the Erin Andrews peephole video leading them to sites that held various malware, sites selling products, and sites that infected computers with viruses. reported in August that many were taking advantage of the popularity of the search for the Erin Andrews peephole video and the desire to see the ESPN reporter naked.  They were using it to drive traffic to their sites.  Some simply inconvenienced the user, taking them to sites selling products or to articles or videos that that the link creator wanted viewed.  Some led the user to sites where their computer would be infected with spyware of various sorts.  Although a bit sneaky and annoying, these links amounted to simply being aggravating.  But then there were the links promising a naked Erin Andrews as seen on the elusive peephole video that led to sites that infected the users’ computer with viruses that shut said computers down or caused any number of problems within a computer’s software. 

So instead of seeing Erin Andrews naked, the user more often as not ended up with a poorly operating computer or one that no longer operated at all.

When Michael Barrett was sentenced to 30 months in prison for interstate stalking in March, a renewed interest in Erin Andrews and the peephole video prompted to again warn users that clicking on links that supposedly led to the video might access a virus instead, one that could possibly crash one’s computer or eliminate files, costing considerable time, inconvenience, and — in worst cases — money to rectify and/or replace. 

And then the ESPN sideline reporter was named to the Season 10 line-up of “Dancing With The Stars.”

With Erin Andrews starring as a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars,” there seems to be constant internet searches for the peephole video.  And the warning must be given:  Those that undertake accessing links looking for the popular ESPN reporter naked might instead catch a computer virus.  And the question must be asked: Is seeing the Erin Andrews peephole video worth the loss of irreplaceable files or the purchase of a new computer?

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Bret Michaels: Latest From His Web Site

Fans of Bret Michaels have been flocking to his Web site for news about the rock and reality star’s health, which has made the pages hard to load.

Bret Michaels

So for those who could not get through to on Monday, here is the latest from his camp:

Once again we can’t thank everyone enough for all the well wishes and prayers being sent Bret’s way!

As of now Bret remains in ICU under 24 hour surveillance. Further testing this week will help locate the source of the bleeding.

Look for an official medical report from doctors this week here at
Please remember Bret is, and always has been, a fighter and survivor and is under the best medical care possible.

Thanks for your support!

Michaels, 47, is in the ICU in critical condition after suffering a brain hemorrhage on Thursday. 

Michaels is the lead singer of the rock-glam band Poison.  He has also made a career as a reality star with VH1’s “Rock of Love” and is currently starring on the third season of “The Celebrity Apprentice” on NBC.  As of Sunday’s (yesterday’s) episode, Michaels is still in the running for “The Apprentice.” 

NBC made a brief statement at the end of Sunday’s “The Celebrity Apprentice” wishing Bret Michaels a speedy recovery.

“The Celebrity Apprentice” currently airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. (ET) on NBC.

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