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Searching For Erin Andrews Peephole Video? Look No Further

Some had never heard of ESPN reporter turned “Dancing With The Stars” contestant Erin Andrews until she issued the statement in July 2009 that it was indeed her that was naked in that blurry peephole video making the rounds on the internet and that she would do everything within her power to see the person or persons responsible caught and prosecuted.  Three months and a weeks of scandal later, everyone had heard of Erin Andrews and Michael Barrett was arrested in Chicago for making the illegal peephole video, which consisted of several short films spliced together from at least half a dozen that were taken in various hotels.  In the meantime and afterward (and even before Erin Andrews went public), the internet burned with people trying to find the beautiful blonde’s naked peephole video.  Some did, but many were finding the links purporting to give access to the Erin Andrews peephole video leading them to sites that held various malware, sites selling products, and sites that infected computers with viruses.

Sophos.com reported in August that many were taking advantage of the popularity of the search for the Erin Andrews peephole video and the desire to see the ESPN reporter naked.  They were using it to drive traffic to their sites.  Some simply inconvenienced the user, taking them to sites selling products or to articles or videos that that the link creator wanted viewed.  Some led the user to sites where their computer would be infected with spyware of various sorts.  Although a bit sneaky and annoying, these links amounted to simply being aggravating.  But then there were the links promising a naked Erin Andrews as seen on the elusive peephole video that led to sites that infected the users’ computer with viruses that shut said computers down or caused any number of problems within a computer’s software. 

So instead of seeing Erin Andrews naked, the user more often as not ended up with a poorly operating computer or one that no longer operated at all.

When Michael Barrett was sentenced to 30 months in prison for interstate stalking in March, a renewed interest in Erin Andrews and the peephole video prompted Sophos.com to again warn users that clicking on links that supposedly led to the video might access a virus instead, one that could possibly crash one’s computer or eliminate files, costing considerable time, inconvenience, and — in worst cases — money to rectify and/or replace. 

And then the ESPN sideline reporter was named to the Season 10 line-up of “Dancing With The Stars.”

With Erin Andrews starring as a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars,” there seems to be constant internet searches for the peephole video.  And the warning must be given:  Those that undertake accessing links looking for the popular ESPN reporter naked might instead catch a computer virus.  And the question must be asked: Is seeing the Erin Andrews peephole video worth the loss of irreplaceable files or the purchase of a new computer?

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