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Kevin Skinner Americas Got Talent

Right now this cat Kevin Skinner is getting a lot of buzz on the internet and I am going to update this page as soon as I come across some relevant info.

But so far, the only dirt I can get on him is that he is a convicted felon and he insists  that he sold the white powder to singer Whitney Houston. But this is from way back in 2003 and it could be some other Kevin Skinner.

PS: You guys need to realize not everybody watches AGT and then when suddenly people want info, you muster up all resources to find out more about that fellow. I hear ya all below and I have made updates to this page. Thanks for the correction.

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Diprivan Did Michael Jackson In

Michael Jackson’s nutritionist is now coming out and saying that the King of Pop desperately sought a sedative called Diprivan.

Nurse/Nutritionist Cherilyn Lee has had the fortune of treating Michael Jackson as a patient tells the media that during the final days Whacko Jacko was adamant about receiving a powerful intravenous sedative called Diprivan or Propofol.

But not only this, the story gets even more interesting here. Just three or four days before Michael Jackson passed away, one of Michael Jackson’s assistant placed a desperate call to Lee, telling the nurse that Jackson was extremely ill.

‘One side of my body is hot, it’s hot, and one side of my body is cold,’ ” Lee overheard Jackson saying in the background.

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Wheel of Fortune Million Dollar Winner

The first ever million dollar winner of the popular game show Wheel of Fortune has just been declared.

The lucky winner is a spry 24 year old girl Michelle Loewenstein who got recently married and now with this win they can look forward to some sudden rocketing of fortunes.

Michelle Loewenstein is a floral designer from California, I believe from the city of Santa Monica and she hit the jackpot for the first time in the history of the show.

Incidentally this jackpot was introduced quite recently, in fact last September. Well as the winner would, just in time, just in time.

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Arnold Klein: Real Father To Michael Jackson Kids

Michael Jackson may have pranced around like a fruit cake in his songs and especially in Billy Jean in which he crooned about being a Big Daddy but guess what, it was actually Arnold Klein who is the real father to the kids that were earlier supposed to belong to King Of Pop MJ.

The popular magazine US Weekly revealed that the real father of Michael Jackson’s kids Prince and Paris is a gentleman who was Michael Jackson’s dermatologist actually.

So the dermatologist who turned Michael Jackson into a white man also fathered his kids as well. Quite a find by the tabloid magazine there. But I can’t say I am surprised. Besides singing and acting like a fruity, MJ was not much of a man’s man.

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Calorie Restriction Diet Plan

Some days back I happen to watch this fascinating show on Oprah that featured Dr Oz and his fantastic Calorie Restriction Diet Plan.

Everybody wants to look young, fresh, beautiful and this want increases with age. The desire to stay young or preserve oneself is not something new and has been around for ages, since the days of pyramids and mummy.

Today in the market you will find plenty of panaceas for all kinds of issues and non issues like creams, pills, lotions, animal and plant extracts etc but then here comes along Dr Oz on Oprah’s show to actually do a demo of what people are doing to stay young and young effectively.

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Fox News: Billy Mays Dead


Enough of it, I can’t do this any more so let me settle back into the usual lower case caps but you get the drift.

All american hall of famer salesman par excellence Billy Mays was prounced dead yesterday and if the news at dead is any popularity index, then Billy Mays is way up there.

Billy Mays is definitely going to be missed but I am not sure if I would like the idea of his infomercials being shown to eternity.

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Oxiclean Guy Billy Mays Dead

All American Hall of Famer Salesman par Excellence Oxiclean Guy Billy Mays has died. The 50 year old was basically known to indulge in shouting matches while selling the stuff that he was promoting.

The news obviously came as a shock since there has been a spate of deaths in the celeb world and now all of a sudden you have a healthy guy kicking the bucket.

Life is indeed very unpredictable. We of course wish the best to the surviving family and kids.

The autopsy will be performed and the cause of death will be announced then.

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Miley’s Face Wash? Sensai Cosmetics

Are you afflicted with acne and is it giving you sleepless nights? Well fret not, immediate help is at hand. And best of all, its a tried and tested approach. Tried and Tested by none other than Miley Cyrus.

Recently Miley Cyrus was gushing about a face wash from Sensai Cosmetics. Miley could’nt stop singing peans about this body care products.

Apparently Miley used the acne face wash and it got rid of all her acne and gave her a smooth skin. Sensai face wash has changed my life I just washed my face and SMILED! That is a miracle.

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Disney Princess Protection Program

Two of the world’s most celebrity teen actresses, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, will don their MC hats to host three nights of television structured around the debut of movie, Princess Protection Program, on this coming Friday, June 26 at 8:00 through Sunday, June 28.

These movies are actually by Disney and as always the kids are looking forward to loads of love, fun and entertainment.

Recently I happened to see the latest Disney production UP and trust it, it had some of the best visually delightful scenes that I have seen lately.

The weekend you get to take a peekaboo at plenty of upcoming events like an hour’s show of Hannah Montana, titled aptly the Wizard on Deck with Hannah Montana, the Disney channels Original Movie Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie and the exclusive first look at the highly anticipated Walt Disney animated feature, The Princess and the Frog.

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Pabst Wins Ugliest Dog Contest

Pabst is a mutt owned by a gentleman in California who has now been labeled as the proud owner of the world’s most ugliest dog.

If you can’t have the world’s cutest dog, to hell with them. Be a man and get the most bada$$ dog.

Pabst is basically a hybrid of boxer that was rescued from a shelter by Miles Egstad of Citrus Heights, California.

Now he has won the annual Ugly Dog contest.

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