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Sarah Palin Babygate

CBS 11 doing a live interview as the legislative session comes to an end. (Notice the bump?)

Sarah Palin Babygate controversy is snowballing and god knows where its going to lead.

Bristol Palin is Gov Sarah Palin’s daughter and these days there is immense speculation about Bristol Palin’s  pregnancy in the media given that her mom Sarah Palin was recently picked up by John McCain as his running mate.

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Wendy Venturini Photos

Wendy Venturini

A bit about the background, Wendy was born on January 30, 1979, in Chicago, Illinois. She is 29 years old. Racing comes to her from her family background as her dad Bill Venturini is a two time ARCA Champion.

After finishing high school, Wendy Venturini went to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and Psychology.

Wendy Venturini also minored in Journalism as well.

That she was immensely talented was no surprise as while at UNC, she hosted a show for Sports Xtra at UNC-CH Student Television.

Find a girl friend like Wendy, Check Out this site.

She also worked as a sports intern for the NBC affiliate, WCNC. While at WCNC, she was a field producer for NASCAR specials during race weeks at Lowe’s Motor Speedway. (Phew!)

Wendy Venturini

Wendy Venturini

Wendy has been happily married to Jarrad Egert. Her husband is an engine tuner for Tony Stewart.

Some views I have been able to gather off the net.

I’ve always liked Wendy as a NASCAR reporter. But since her recent marriage to a JGR employee, she seems to be showing a little bit of bias. What say you, NASCAR Nation?

I should have mentioned that I thought that she “soft-pedaled” her reporting on the JGR Nationwide penalties. She defended their actions, as a good wife should. But maybe a good wife shouldn’t be reporting about her hubby’s team? I still like her, I’m just a little disappointed.

I dont think so. If I had a relative in Nascar I would probably show bias too.(Guilty as charged) Ive watched her before in those school bus races up there in NC and she tenacious plus she has racing in her blood with I believe her dad or brother. I would rather watch her than Jimmy Spencer any day.

Check out Wendy Venturini interview videos below from Youtube that I have been able to gather. Don’t forget to leave a shout out to Wendy Venturini below if you like her.

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UCLA Intramural Field

Whats going on with Jack Jackson at UCLA Intramural Field.

Check out comments and feedback section to find out more on Jack Jackson at the UCLA Intramnural.

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Is Ratan Tata Pulling Out

With the Singur blockade going into its 6th day, it is only seemed a matter of time before Ratan Tata pulled out of West Bengal. We cannot blame him for it actually. The TMC workers have constantly threatened and physicaly abused the workers who had shown up at the factory and forced them to stay indoors. The entire Durgapur highway was blockaded and temporary structures erected along the road which created more congestion.

Apart from this an entire convoy of in excess of 50 vehicles, carrying employees of the Nano factory were not allowed to leave the workshop premises for over an hour. Among those present in the convoy were engineers from Japan providing technical support to the project.

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Uneasy peace in Kashmir

Finally the Government of India has been able to resolve the Amarnath land issue with the Amarnath Yatra Sangharsh Samiti. It has been agreed that the Shrine Board will have complete authority over the much disputed land for the period of the yatra only.

With this solution the Sangharsh Samiti has suspended its agitation in the Valley much to the relief of everone. There was jubilation in Jammu as people defied curfew and took to the streets to express their acceptance of the decision. But there was some violence in parts of Srinagar where curfew had to be reimposed.

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Robofly Fly O Vision

To study the aerodynamics of flapping flight, Dickinson’s Lab has developed a series of large robots, permitting them to quantify the forces and flows generated by flapping wings.

In designing these robots they make use of the principles of dynamic scaling, in which size, flapping frequency, and velocity of the robots, as well as the viscosity and density of the surrounding fluid, are chosen so that two dimensionless parameters (Reynolds number and reduced frequency) of the devices match those of the animals of interest.

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Sarah Palin Grandmother

Is Sarah Palin actually a grandmother and not just a mother. Is she Trig’s grandmother?

I think we’ll bite the bullet and mention it here.

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Oil Market Gustav

The fact that Gustav is going to have an impact on the Oil market and Gas prices in US is a given. What we can debate on however is, how much will be the impact.

Available news reports show that oil prices fluctuated sharply when it became known on Thursday that Hurricane Gustav has spun toward the Gulf of Mexico and was gaining strength with every passing hour.

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Mercenaries 2 World In Flame Cheats Tips Hints

Mercs 2, is the another unofficial but popular name of the game otherwise known as Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames has been released and is available to purchase in stores. The other day I saw the commercial of this on TV and from whatever little they showed about the game, it looked Kick ass. Something similar on the lines of Grand Theft Auto IV.

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Posted in Featured, Gaming7 Comments as some of you would have figured out is the website by Proctor and Gamble brand sample site.

In this day and age of high gas prices and worrying economy, some of the best shopping is to be done sitting from home and through the internet.

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