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Sarah Palin Babygate

 Sarah Palin Babygate

CBS 11 doing a live interview as the legislative session comes to an end. (Notice the bump?)

Sarah Palin Babygate controversy is snowballing and god knows where its going to lead.

Bristol Palin is Gov Sarah Palin’s daughter and these days there is immense speculation about Bristol Palin’s  pregnancy in the media given that her mom Sarah Palin was recently picked up by John McCain as his running mate.

People are questioning whether Sarah Palin is indeed the mother or the grandmother of Trig Palin.

I would be skeptical to believe this though. Was Trig Palin born in a hospital or a home so that it could be faked?

If Bristol Palin is the real mother, was she confined to a home during the final stages of the pregnancy so that no body will notice her bump?

Too many questions and doubts swirling here. What do you guys think about this.

    60 Responses to “Sarah Palin Babygate”

    1. eric says:

      Like you said to many things dont add up in this story. Somethings up with this one… The whole plane ride explanation is just to much to comprehend? Something is up and who knows maybe this whole Down syndrome thing is just a cover for a baby from a teenage mother who supposedly took lots of diet pills and the baby got messed up.

    2. Larry McEntire says:

      I am for McCain. When I first say the link on Drudge I thought: “how low can they go!” but what I read was not that of some messed up It made sence to me as bad as I didn’t want it to. I wondered how you could get pregnant at 44 and not tell anybody. If true this will sink McCain, and if he choose her with out checking close enough he will deserve to loose. God help up with a president Obama!

    3. Lee says:

      Welcome to Political Science 101. Babygate – This one is called a Decoy. It’s a story planted by the GOP to shift the focus away from the real scandal dealing with her brother-in-law and concerns over her abuse of power. By the time the press hounds find that there is nothing to this, there will be no public appetite for another round of attacks.

    4. erik says:

      Interesting theory.. But they had the forethought to plant the story 4 months ago?? dont think so, they arent that good… but no public appetite for attacks on political figures. People live to see others crash and burn especially those in the public eye. Never the less both stories are projecting they are bumpkin white trash. Brother in law whos a drunk state trooper willing to taser a kid. Husband running around following his every move snowmobiling… Teenager is knocked up… Who knows, I will say without a doubt shes a bumpkin and there is no DNA results needed for that one.

    5. Troy says:

      Is this issue going to get into the mainstream media? I think one of the conservative host (tv/radio) has raised it and eventually the governor will have to at least talk about it.

    6. frank says:

      as an obama supporter, i gleefully read the daily kos story. She’s igloo-trash. if true, not only is it unethical to cover-up the truth as a public figure, but perhaps fraudulent if she claimed this poor little baby as her dependent under her insurance or taxes. the details of baby-gate AND trooper-gate (it’s only been three days – what’s next) are so tawdry and juicy, we need the national enquirer to step into the investigation and get the facts.

    7. Tracy says:

      The baby is not only a red herring, its off limits. This kind of smear is being publicly disparaged by Barack Obama: ‘Obama used the moment to reiterate his belief that “people’s families are off-limits and children are especially off-limits.”This shouldn’t be part of our politics, it has no relevance to governor Palin’s performance as a governor or her potential performance as a vice president,” he said. “And so I would strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories. You know my mother had me when she was 18. And how family deals with issues and teenage children that shouldn’t be the topic of our politics and I hope that anybody who is supporting me understands that is off limits.” ‘

    8. Wesley Moore says:

      Great commentary Charles. Something I think that we’re missing. Everyone keeps speaking about John McCain’s judgment in picking Palin over other possible female running mates. Are we sure that the other female candidates were willing to go on a McCain ticket against Obama? Were these other women ready to put their current positions on the line for a longshot with MCain?

    9. jn says:

      larry, your ideas and spelling demonstrate your lack of a dozen iq points to rub together. she can kind of run a state that’s given billions by the feds — too bad she can’t run a family while running on family values.

    10. PatD says:

      Apparently someone had the bright idea of looking in on Levi Johnston’s sister’s myspace page. some of the photo/captions were quite devastating to the babygate cover story. One had the sister in a rocker cradling Trygg in here arms with Sarah leaning over looking into the camera. The caption labeled Palin as “mother-in-law” !! Lots of gab about being a bridesmaid for Bro & Bristol too. The authenticity of it is an unknown so keep that in mind, but still … look for yourselves http://cajunboy./

    11. dontbother says:

      if you look at the pictures of sarah palin from super tuesday 1 month before the baby is supposed to be born this BUMP dosent exist :>

    12. c nilson says:

      I wish someone would explain why announcing Bristol’s current pregnancy and exposing her to a media storm was the best way to dispel the rumors surrounding Sarah Palin’s pregnancy. Why not just provide a statement from the physician, the hospital, a witness, or explain the peculiar hospital omission. Apparently Palin wanted to announce her daughter’s pregnancy after she was married. Why not stick with that plan and find a less ambiguous way to dispel the supposed rumors? Seems like she throwing her 17 year old under the bus should not have been necessary.

    13. blue22 says:

      http://images./imgres?imgurl=*:IE-SearchBox%26rlz%3D1I7GFRD%26sa%3DN page is gone but clearly not pregnant march 14 and not pregnant

    14. GTC says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Bristol Palin will soon suffer a “miscarriage” of her current “pregnancy.” I’m guessing the Palin’s lied about Trig – to insulate themeselves from their own BS about family values, etc. The residents of Alaska (where she enjoys an 80% popularity rating) believed her story, why not? Now it’s a National story and the facts are adding up. Bristol took a five month leave of absence from school for a case of “mono,” and currently looks like a woman who is carrying a bit of excess post-baby weight. Claiming she’s pregnant now, to cover up the initial lie about Trig, then having a “miscarriage” due to stress from the “insensitive” media attacks could prove to be the GOP’s greatest, most successful lie (this month).

    15. robert says:

      Why do all the palins not look pregnant… except of pictures from the 80s???? I havent seen one picture of either Bristol or Sarah looking pregnant. But even if this is a coverup (which i think it is) this is a looser for democrats. If they are hiding it then there is no way that you will EVER get the family to agree to a pratenity test. And that is the ONLY way to prove it. Even if pictures of Bristol emerge of her pregnant i doudt u will be able to date them. The republicans have even used this as a way to make it seem like she has been victimized. One thing i know for sure, we must keep her from getting the white house. If we are going to loose, i want to loose swinging.

    16. Elisabeth says:

      I have been reading a lot of blogs on this subject and I have to say how vastly different the Republican run blogs are compared to the Democrat ones. Nothing but name calling and immaturity on the Republicans’ side. Anyhoo, I am intrigued by this whole did she or didn’t she fake the pregnancy… at this point I think no one knows for sure (other than the Palins). But regardless, what I want to know is if Sarah is the mother of Trig, why the hell did she board an eight hour flight after her water broke??? That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. Even if I give her the benefit of the doubt and believe that her doctor told her she’d be fine, you’d have to question how a person would risk the life of herself and her unborn child by taking such a dangerous risk. To me, that is the hardest thing to swallow about this whole saga. I think that it screams coverup because obviously it’s much easer to cover this up at a local hospital. Although I agree that Bristol’s current pregnancy could be a cover up for her giving birth to Trig, I think if that were the case they would pick a better father for the “baby daddy”. That kid comes off as a real loser. And I also love how the religious right wing is embracing this pregnancy when we all know it would be political suicide if this were Obama’s daughter. Honestly, I wouldn’t have a problem with Bristol’s condition IF her mother wasn’t such an advid supporter of abstinence only teaching in school. Obviously that doesn’t always work so why not give all the facts to the teens. I would, however, have an issue with Palin lying about being preggers. They wanted to impeach Clinton about something he should have never had to testify about in the first place, but would be willing to look past this when it comes to their golden girl.

    17. Edward says:

      I’ve had two kids and the first thing I remember they did when the baby was born was put a wristband on the baby, myself and my wife. We could not remove the bands until right before we left the hospital. I found a picture online, that looks like it was taken at the hospital…

    18. Don Brown says:

      The details of Sarah Palin’s mysterious delivery of a Down Syndrome baby after flying back to Alaska from a Texas speaking engagement on April 18 of this year are as fishy as a can of tuna: The facts: According to Palin, she was speaking at the Republican Governor’s Conference in Texas, eight months pregnant, when she says her water broke(!) Fish#1: Instead of going to the hospital, she gave the speech and then flew to Seattle, changed planes, and flew on to Anchorage. Fish #2: She did not inform the airlines of her condition AND NONE OF THE ATTENDANTS NOTICED ANYTHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY. Fish #3: Instead of going immediately to a large Anchorage facility, she drove to a small hospital outside Wasilla, about 45 minutes. The Smell: First, no doctor would have allowed her to get on that plane. Sepsis could set in during such a long flight. Notification to the airlines is required in such an emergency. Possible complications from a premature birth of a Down Syndrome baby would dictate immediate attention at a major facility that could handle such a situation. In other words, this does not make sense…UNLESS. Sarah Palin was not pregnant. Here is what probably really happened: At 4 a.m. Texas time, she gets a cellphone call that her daughter Bristol’s water had broken prematurely. The baby was not due for another month. Palin had to keep the story congruent with what was happening to her daughter, so she told everyone her water had broken when that was not the case. She called her Bristol’s physician before she got on the plane and flew to Seattle and then called him/her again before flying home. Bristol gave birth the next morning. Substantiating Evidence: Bristol had been pulled out of school five months before, ostensibly for ∏mono.∑ Palin had to maintain this charade because she didn∂t want her Christian Right followers to know that her daughter had given birth out of wedlock. She has thus lied to the media and the American people. At Palin’s introduction last Friday, no mention is made of her daughter Bristol’s new pregnancy ‹ and it is obvious that she is trying to cover her signs by holding the child over her stomach with a large blanket for the entire photo op. Bristol’s pregnancy was announced on Monday, just after the National Enquirer revealed they had the story from the boyfriend in Alaska, emphasizing the fetus is 5 Months old ‹ to squelch rumors that the birth in April is also Bristol’s. Solution: Submit the child for a DNA test. If the test is denied, there is an attempted cover-up occurring. It will not work. If the investigation is diligent, doctors will talk under threat of losing their licenses. Lingering Questions: Query#1: If Bristol is the real mother…who is the real father? Query#2: Will McCain keep Palin on the ticket if she is proven to have lied?

    19. Maggie Woods says:

      I think Bristol got pregnant in 2007 and decided to have the baby and give it up for adoption. At some point, it was discovered that the baby had Down’s Syndrome. That probably ruled out adoption. Sarah Palin very likely did not want to saddle her young daughter with a challenged child at that age, especially since it’s not likely that there would be any health insurance. At that point, Sarah Palin decided to announce the pregnancy and take her chances with the press. She really didn’t have much choice. While I sympathize with the position she was in, she my have committed insurance fraud and, if this is all true, she certainly has been telling lies to the public. As sad as this is, in my opinion, Sarah Palin needs to come forward with medical records we can trust or DNA results.

    20. Joe says:

      I feel insulted as an American that this story was not been researched and called out as an complete fraud on the Public. This woman knows that she is not the mother of that baby. She committed fraud on her own State, Why is the question I am asking, why did she wait for 7 months to announce that she was pregnant. Most people would have applauded her for being in her 40s and bringing a child into the world. Most people would have agreed with her hoaky I’m a regular person who still has sex. No what did she do She kept it secret to her own state. She took her kid out of school for 5 months leading to the birth. People can post pictures and say that they were taken at this time and that time and even show video. Have you never seen those baby classes where the guy has to wear a Baby apparatus that simulates the feel of carring a baby. The problem is now this thing has gone too far and in the comming years, it will come out that Trig belongs to Bristol. At that point every dollar that was charged to the Tax payers of Alaska for Trig being considered Palin’s dependent should be investigated and she should be held accountable. Vidoes, You know I watch Chris Angle float from one building to another and David copperfield make the Statue of Liberty disappear. People can fake whatever they need to today. I am extremly glad that this woman will be nowhere near the White House after tommorrow.

    21. irina says:

      This story is not going away. Whether true or not, Palin’s actions speak to an appalling lack of judgement. Any doctor worth seeing would have advised her that one complication of leaking amniotic fluid is cord prolapse which constitutes a true medical emergency. This is not a potential situation anyone (especially a pro-lifer) should wish on hapless flight attendants at 36,000 feet. Not to mention planes full of people who just want to get to their destination. We know all too well by now that Sarah Palin has a very unusual relationship with the ‘truth’. To her, ‘truth’ is whatever she happens to be saying at the moment. There are at least three different versions out there of her acceptance of the VP nomination : 1) I didn’t even blink 2) I discussed it with the girls first and 3) Todd and I thought it over without telling anyone else. These can all be found in various newspaper reports and videos. It doesn’t seem to be of any concern to her that they are mutually contradictory. So I wouldn’t think the events of ‘babygate’ are of any concern to her either. It is up to those of us who see her future potential as a political dominionist to keep coming back to this issue. Politely and respectfully but adamantly. For the current and ongoing story go to

    22. irina says:

      Ooops. For the current and ongoing story go to

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    27. Benjamin Brave says:

      Wake up to the lies

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