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Sarah Palin Hand Notes Center of Gibbs Joke

Sarah Palin hand note are the ceer of Robert Gibbs jokes.  Sarah Palin hand notes read “energy, tax cuts, lift American Spirit.”  While the hand notes made many people question how serious Sarah Palin is, there are those that just couldn’t help themselves but to mock Sarah Palin.

White House Press Secretery Robert Gibbs couldn’t help but make fun of the vivacious Republican. He wrote a grocery list on his hands along with the words “hope” and “change.”

Now, if Letterman had done the same thing it would be side-splittingly funny.  However, Robert Gibbs is far from a joker and has a rather not funny personality.  His hand notes were meant out of meanness.

What do the Sarah Palin hand notes mean? Do they mean that she’s too much of an airhead to lead the American people, or does the focus on the hand notes indicate that she’s a very powerful voice in American politics?

Elisabeth Hesselbeck from “The View” pointed out that people are scared of Sarah Palin’s power.  She drew a large crowd in Nashville, and she has a strong following.

All of this while not really being a politician.

Still yet, there are those that disagree.  They say that Palin gave up on Alaska, and that means she will give up on the US.

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Palin Hand Notes are Alarming and American Public is Shocked

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