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Ireland vs Manchester United Updates – Friendly, Results

Ireland vs Manchester United updates for the international friendly match are desired by soccer fans.  This is an exciting game,Manchester United 8 300x225 Ireland vs Manchester United Updates Friendly, Results and aired at 2:45 PM EDT on the 4th of August.  Many who did not get to watch the game are now looking for the results and updates as they become available.

The Manchester United team just returned from their North American tour.  They continued their pre-season winning streak beating the Irish 7-1 in Dublin.

It was a great game, and many in the UK argued over which team was better.  Surely, Manchester United has the biggest favor because they did really beat Ireland at today’s Friendly international match.

Were any of you at the game, or did you watch it on ESPN 3? If so, please let us know what you thought some of the highlights from this match were.

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Brett Favre Retires 2010, Again – Do you Believe It?

Brett Favre retires, again – do you believe him? Favre, the famed quarterback best known for his decades long stint with the Greenbay Packers was most recently in the Minnesota Vikings uniform. Showcasing that he still had it in him, he almost lead the Vikings to last year’s Super Bowl. Such would have been an awesome end to his career – leading his former team’s arch nemesis to the Super Bowl. Oh well. That didn’t happen.

So now, Favre is hanging up his NFL jersey and retiring. He is giving up a $13 million contract in doing so.

Many do not believe that Favre is actually going through with the whole retirement thing.  The 40 year old quarterback has been one of the league’s greatest. With the #1 overall draft pick, also a quarterback, snatching a $50 million contract – many think Favre is just trying to get more money.

After all, the $50 million man likely won’t set foot on a field this year. Favre will. We will just have to see how this all pans out.

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Sam Bradford: Contract, Salary, Jersey Top NFL Fan Discussions

Sam Bradford was the #1 overall NFL Draft pick for the Rams. The Sam Bradford contract and salary topped the NFL Fan discussions. Sam Bradford’s jersey and girlfriend are also hot topics, as everyone cannot get enough of this shocking football star.  In fact, the Rams paid a guaranteed $50 million to ensure that their #1 pick signed with them. Of course, this means that even if he ends up flopping he will get to laugh all the way over to the bank.

The Rams think that he’s worth the $50, and will become a bargain. If he’s the franchise quarterback, they could be right.  Then again, he injured his shoulder easily and has never set foot in a pro game. He’s got the talent, so it will all depend on how he gets trained up over the next couple of years.

Sam Bradford is #8 for the Rams, and a picture of his jersey is attached.  Currently, he is rumored to be dating Kelsey Kurtz, although there aren’t any recent articles that I have found that indicate that they are still together.  Could the $50 million man be an eligible bachelor too?

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Lorenzen Wright Found Dead, 911 Call Investigation Underway

Lorenzen Wright was found dead in a field behind an apartment complex in Memphis, Tennessee.  According to reports, he went missing on July 19th. This was the last time his family seen or heard from him.  Reports also indicate that a 911 call was made from Wright’s cell phone.  The call is reported to have had a male voice on the other side of the line, and then several gunshots were fired.

Of course, Lorenzen Wright wasn’t found until over a week later. So what happened to Lorenzen Wright’s 911 call? According to a Memphis media source, the call was fielded by the Germantown police department and was handed over to the city of Memphis for the homicide investigation.

Do you think there is a controversy over the 911 call? Do you think it was handled properly? It will be interesting to find out what happens in this tragic saga that ended in the death of a Memphis icon.

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Eddie Munster Actor to Marry Fan: Former NFL Cheerleader Donna McCall

Pop culture icon Butch Patrick, known to television fans as Eddie Munster, is reportedly marrying former Philadelphia Eagles NFL cheerleader Donna McCall.

Butch Patrick

Patrick, 56, and McCall, 55, reportedly met at Pennsylvania’s DraculaCon II in May.  McCall said she has had a crush on Patrick for decades, and even wrote him a letter as a child to express her love, according to reports.

A wedding date has not yet been set.

Former child star Patrick starred as the pointy-eared and youngest of the Munster clan on “The Munsters” in the 1960s.

McCall was an NFL cheerleader in the 1970s.

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X Games 2010, 16 Schedule

The X Games 2010 are taking place in Los Angeles July 29 through August 1 and it’s going to be a major event.  X Games 16 is in full swing, and those who love extreme sports are very excited about this year’s events. The Coliseum is the birthplace of supercross, and is also the landscape for the tournament for the past 7 consecutive years.

X Games 15 boasted higher ratings than ever last year, and as such coverage on ESPN of X Games 2010/16 is now expanded. Now, there will be about 10 hours of coverage as opposed to just a few in years prior.

Today, the X games will have plenty of skateboarding, BMX, and extreme sport action.  This of course is very exciting.  Coverage of the games will be on ESPN, and you can always head online to view updates if you are unable to watch TV or if your event isn’t covered.

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Cincinnati Bengals Signs Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens, the ego of the Dallas Cowboys, has signed a two year contract with the Cincinnati Bengals. Cincinnati fans are very excited to have the famous TO playing for their team. Mr. Owens agreed to the contract late Tuesday so it looks like it is a done deal.

Sources say that the two year contract is worth a whopping two million dollar with an additional two million in incentives. This sounds like a Chad for TO and the players and the fans couldn’t be happier.

Pre season camp starts on Wednesday and it is expecting that Terrell Owens will be there to show his new team what he has to offer. This will be an exciting year for Football.  We will have to wait and see how Terrell Owens will do playing for the Bengals but all bets on them having a great year.

Source: USA Players

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Kay Cowher: Cancer Causes Death at Age 54

Kay Cowher lost her battle against skin cancer at the age of 54.  Her death has affected the Pittsburgh Steelers to the core, as she is the wife of their former coach, Bill.  The former NFL coach indicated that his wife was his “backbone” and is devastated by the loss. Bill Cowher is now a CBS analyst.

Kaye has a twin sister named Faye, and the two played basketball in college at North Carolina State.  Both went into the Woman’s Basketball League – the WBL – playing for New York and New Jersey.  The late sister was one of the league’s most notable players.

Both met while attending NCSU, and Bill proposed in 1981.  He resigned from his post as coach of the Steelers in 2007 when they moved back to North Carolina, as he wished to watch his daughters play basketball.

Kay Cowher will be sadly missed by not only her family and friends, but also the sports community.  She was a strong athlete, a mother, and a wife to an NFL coach.

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Pacquiao vs Margarito: Boxer Replaces Mayweather for November Fight

Pacquaio vs Margarito will be a big boxing match which will take place in November.  Everyone was hoping that Manny Pacquiao would go up against his arch nemesis, Floyd Mayweather, Jr but that fight won’t take place.  The two were said to be [again] in negotiations but Mayweather missed a deadline to accept a deal to fight Pacquiao in November.

Instead, the Filipino fighter, who most recently made the transition from the boxing ring to life as a politician, will fight Margarito.

Although the Pac Man is now a Congressman in his native Philippines, but knows that his people love him as a fighter. His rumored opponent, Antonio Margarito, is a highly ranked boxer.

The fight is said to be taking place in Las Vegas on November 13.  It’s bound to be a huge fight that will rake in millions of dollars for both fighters. Maybe after the Pac Man beats out Margarito, Mayweather will be ready to fight.

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Reggie Bush Scandal – Gamblers Are Feeling the Heat

The Reggie Bush scandal centers on the football player’s Heisman Trophy and USC having its entire season wiped away.  There is one thing about the scandal that is receiving a lot of press – gambling.  The USC’s whole season was thrown out because of various violations, meaning that people that voted in favor the team could end up owing money back.

However there’s another aspect of this story.  Should the gambler’s be left holding the bag? Should the past be uprooted? After all the true games WERE won by the team.  The betters didn’t take into consideration various violations that may or may not occur within the team.

The gambling wins should stay as is. It would be far too difficult to go back and re-calculate all the winnings and losses experienced by everyone who placed a bet.

On the other hand, there are those who bet against USC – and find that it is not fair that they lost their money on a team that was clearly violating various regulations.  To these people, they think they should be vindicated, even if it means that USC itself needs to pay them back (good luck with that.)

So what do you think about the Reggie Bush Scandal? Should gamblers get their money back??

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