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Sam Bradford: Contract, Salary, Jersey Top NFL Fan Discussions

Sam Bradford was the #1 overall NFL Draft pick for the Rams. The Sam Bradford contract and salary topped the NFL Fan discussions. Sam Bradford’s jersey and girlfriend are also hot topics, as everyone cannot get enough of this shocking football star.  In fact, the Rams paid a guaranteed $50 million to ensure that their #1 pick signed with them. Of course, this means that even if he ends up flopping he will get to laugh all the way over to the bank.

The Rams think that he’s worth the $50, and will become a bargain. If he’s the franchise quarterback, they could be right.  Then again, he injured his shoulder easily and has never set foot in a pro game. He’s got the talent, so it will all depend on how he gets trained up over the next couple of years.

Sam Bradford is #8 for the Rams, and a picture of his jersey is attached.  Currently, he is rumored to be dating Kelsey Kurtz, although there aren’t any recent articles that I have found that indicate that they are still together.  Could the $50 million man be an eligible bachelor too?

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