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Upscale Salon Chez Gabriela at Beverly Hills Busted after Liv Tyler, Loree Rodkin Ripped Off!

Beautician Maria Gabriella Perez, 51, is accused of jilting Liv Tyler and Loree Rodkin out of nearly $300,000.  Allegations include that Liv Tyler had $214,000 in fraudulent charges on her credit card over a five month period – and jewelry designer Loree Redkin noticed $68,000 missing. She confronted Maria Gabriella Perez, who offered her $25,000 in free services.

Now the whole thing is disgusting.  Here we have a beautician to the stars, who had the blessing to work with many, many A-listers – and if the allegations are true, she totally took advantage of the situation. As if what she charged wasn’t enough, she had to use credit cards as her own personal credit line.

Perez faces up to 25 years in prison and 2 counts of fraud.  Her lawyer believes that she will be exonerated of all charges.

The allegations include ringing up bogus services from the salon. The charges were manually keyed in instead of swiped with a card.

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Emma Watson Haircut PHOTOS – Actress Debuts Pixie!

Emma Watson haircut photos are hot! Jennifer Hudson may shave her head, but Emma Watson cut of her long Hermione locks. Photos of Emma’s hair cut will bring the Pixie  haircut back, there’s no doubt Small framed women all around the world will be sporting this lovely do.

photo Credit: Twitter

The pixie cut is not for everyone. But the people that the haircut works on, make it look really good. It takes me back to the 1960’s when Twiggy revolutionized fashion and beauty.

For those who don’t know who Emma Watson is, she plays Hermione in the Harry Potter series.  The series is nearing its end, and everyone from the cast to the fans are very disappointed.

Here are photos of Emma Watson’s hair cut…what do you think? Would you cut your hair like this?

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Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss – Amazing 6 from 16 Transformation

Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss continues to make news. Jennifer Hudson is an actress that I know best from her small, albeit very important, role in Sex and the City. The actress was a size 16, but after the birth of her son whittled her weight down to a svelte size 6.  This is amazing and inspirational.
Hudson wanted to ensure that her son has a strong role model. She wants to live a healthier lifestyle so she can not only keep up with him, but so that he can have a mom to be proud of.

What I applaud about Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss is that it was done the old fashioned way. She cut down on eating, and she exercised.  She also used the Weight Watcher program, and has since become their spokeswoman.

She lost the weight for the right reasons, in the right way – for that I say you go girl! Hopefully women all around – not just ones who have recently given birth – will use you as inspiration for their weight loss endeavors.

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Michael Jackson had Dozens of Skin-Whitening Creams

s MICHAEL JACKSON BLEACH large Michael Jackson had Dozens of Skin Whitening Creams Detectives found large quantities of general anesthetic and dozens of tubes of skin-whitening creams in Michael Jackson’s home after the singer’s death, search warrants unsealed Friday show.

Investigators went to Jackson’s rented mansion June 29 following a lengthy interview with his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, who told them he had placed a medical bag in a cupboard in a closet.

At the home, detectives found 11 containers of the powerful anesthetic propofol, some of them empty, as well as a range of sedatives and various medical items including a box of blood pressure cuffs, according to the warrants, which were redacted and unsealed after The Associated Press filed a legal motion.

Jackson’s June 25 death at age 50 was ruled a homicide caused by an overdose of propofol and other sedatives. Murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter.

During their search, detectives found 19 tubes of hydroquinone and 18 tubes of Benoquin, both of which are commonly used in the treatment of a skin condition Jackson had called vitiligo. The disease creates patches of de-pigmented skin, and creams can be used to lighten skin that has retained its color to give a more even appearance.

Some people with vitiligo get to the point where there is so much of them that is pale, it makes more sense to remove the bits that are brown,” said Dr. David Sawcer, assistant professor of clinical dermatology at the University of Southern California.

Benoquin is derived from hydroquinone. Though the creams can be used at the same time, it is unusual to do so, Sawcer said. The medications typically come in travel-toothpaste-sized tubes and each treatment usually lasts a few months. Side effects include acute sensitivity to the sun.

“In the places they have no pigment, they are exactly like an albino,” Sawcer said.

The discovery of medical creams in Jackson’s home dovetails with an odd remark Murray reportedly made soon after Jackson’s death.

The skin cream was not listed as a factor in Jackson’s death nor was it detected in a toxicology report. What killed Jackson, according to the autopsy report, was an overdose of propofol, an anesthetic normally used for surgery. Murray told police he gave it to Jackson to help him sleep, a use anesthesiology experts have said is grossly improper.

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Jennifer Aniston Makeup Tips and Tricks

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is one of Hollywood’s most beautiful leading ladies. One of the reasons the actress, who will soon star in The Bounty Hunter with Gerard Butler, is so popular is because she has the classic “girl next door” appearance. The main reason is because Jennifer Aniston tends to go for a very natural look. Here are some Jennifer Aniston makeup tips and tricks.

1. Only use eyeliner on the top of your eyelid. Jennifer Aniston rarely wears eyeliner on the bottom lid. Even when Jennifer Aniston does wear eyeliner on her bottom lid, she will only wear a very fine line. Opting for a lighter color than you usually choose, such as a gray or light brown, can also give you a much more natural appearance. Keep in mind that Jennifer Aniston does wear mascara on both the upper and lower lashes.

2. Make it appear as though you’re wearing no eyeshadow. Jennifer Aniston is never seen wearing dark or bright colors. She is also one of the celebrities who is not well known for wearing doing the smoky eye technique. Light grays, beiges, lavenders, and light pinks are some of the best options. Keep in mind that Jennifer Aniston never cakes on her eyeshadow.

3. Consider using a bronzer. Jennifer Aniston does have a great natural tan. If you don’t want to spend time at the tanning salon, you may want to think about using a sunless tanning lotion. Be sure to opt for one which is designed for the face.

4. Decide if you want to wear foundation. Jennifer Aniston always does wear it.However, many people have a difficult time blending in foundation or concealer to the point where it looks natural. Skipping foundation or concealer altogether can help you achieve the all naturale look like Jennifer Aniston that you are aiming for.

5. Select a natural lipstick or gloss color. Jennifer Aniston keeps her lips looking very natural. The actress is rarely seen wearing dark shades of brown or bold shades of red. A clear lip gloss can look great. If you’re looking for a bit more color, consider a very light shade of brown, peach, or pink. Keeping your lips as close as you can to their natural color is very important.

The key to looking like Jennifer Aniston is to make it appear as though you are wearing to little or no makeup. While other actresses may cake their makeup on or opt for the smoky eyeshadow technique, Jennifer Aniston has a very natural appearance. Achieving her look isn’t that challenging, except for the fact that most women are used to wearing lots of makeup.

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Best Celebrity Bob Hairstyles

Best Celebrity Bob Hairstyles 4 150x150 Best Celebrity Bob Hairstyles

Best Celebrity Bob Hairstyles

Are you looking for a great bob hairstyle? There are many different types of bobs to choose from. No matter what your face shape is, there is a bob hairstyle that will look great on you. When you visit a hairstylist, you will most likely want to bring a picture to show her what type of bob you’re interested in. Here are some of the best celebrity bob hairstyles.

Long Bobs

A long bob can look great on anyone. There are a few different celebrities who have had a long bob at some point. Jennifer Aniston had one when she was in Friends, and Cameron Diaz had one while she was in the movie “The Holiday.” Lauren Conrad of “The Hills” is also known for her long bob, which had side swept bangs as well. Jessica Simpson has been seen sporting a longer bob. Right now, Selena Gomez has a long bob that is really popular among young girls.

Bobs With Bangs

A few celebrities have also had bob hairstyles with bangs. Katie Holmes and Paris Hilton have both had chunky bangs with a very short, sleek bob hairstyle. Nicole Richie and Hayden Panettiere have both had bob hairstyles which have side swept bangs. Adding some bangs to your bob hairstyle can be a great choice, regardless of what your face shape is.

Asymmetrical Bobs

When you select an asymmetrical bob hairstyle, it is important to consider how uneven you want the two sides of your bob to be. If you are looking for a drastically asymmetrical bob, consider the one which Rihanna had before the Chris Brown incident. For an only mildly asymmetrical bob, consider the Kelly Clarkson, Tila Tequila or Christina Applegate bob hairstyles. The Nicole Richie and Katie Holmes bob hairstyles which have bangs is also a good example of a slightly asymmetrical bob. People with rounder face shapes tend to be well suited by asymmetrical bobs.

These are just a few of the different types of bob hairstyles that you may want to take into consideration. Remember that there are celebrity bobs which are a good option for any face shape. It is a good idea to do a Google search for celebrity bob hairstyles in order to see what ones may be the most suitable choice for you. It is ideal to think about celebs share your face shape, as this can help you determine what bob hairstyles will look the best on you.

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Beauty Tips For Pregnant Women

Beauty Tips For Pregnant Women 150x150 Beauty Tips For Pregnant Women

Beauty Tips For Pregnant Women

Many women want to feel beautiful during their pregnancy. Since you have a baby bump and may gain weight in other areas of your body, it is likely that you will feel fairly self conscious while you’re pregnant. Here are a few beauty tips for pregnant women.

1. Consider highlighting your hair. If you are used to dyeing your hair, highlights are a good alternative. They are considered to be much less harmful for the baby, which is mainly because highlights are not applied directly to the roots of the hair. When you opt to try out foil highlights, you also don’t need to worry about inhaling the fumes of the dye.

2. Only worry about eye makeup and lip gloss. Due to the change of hormones, many women notice that their skin becomes pimple and blemish free during their pregnancy. This is part of why pregnant women are said to have a “natural glow.” There is no need to worry about foundation and concealer during this time if you don’t want to.

3. Shop at trendy maternity stores. Being pregnant does not mean that you have to wear ugly clothing. There are plenty of maternity stores and department stores which sell maternity clothing that is very stylish. Shopping for basics and buying a few pieces which can be worn during special occasions is ideal. If you’re pregnant during the months of summer, sundresses are a great way to look trendy and keep yourself cool.

4. Accessorize. Coordinating headbands or other hair accessories, dangle earrings, bangle bracelets, brightly colored or patterned shoes, and handbags are a great way to make a fashion statement during your pregnancy. You may not be able to fit into the other styles that you would like to wear during this time, but you can always wear accessories!

5. Try new styles with your hair. If you generally use the flat iron or curling iron on your hair, you may get sick of doing it every single day of your pregnancy. Why not try some new styles, such as clipping up the top layer of your hair, applying some moose, scrunching it, and allowing it to dry naturally? Coming up with new and creative ways to wear your hair during pregnancy can be a lot of fun.

Looking glamorous while you are pregnant does not need to be challenging. All that you need to do is be creative. Finding creative ways to make yourself look beautiful will make you feel good about yourself and put everyone who is around you in total awe. No matter how hard you try, remember that many women look their most beautiful while they are pregnant!

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Pursuing a Career in Esthetics

Are you fascinated by makeup and skin care? Have you even be told that you are talented at different makeup techniques? Do you think that you have what it takes to work in a salon setting? If so, you may want to think about pursuing a career in esthetics. Here are some of the things that you should know about this job in the beauty industry.

Salon Procedures

When you choose to pursue a career in esthetics, there are a few different salon procedures that you will be qualified to do. Aside from makeup, you will also be able to do facials and waxing. You will be able to wax areas of the face, legs, underarms, back, and bikini area. Keep in mind that estheticians are trained to perform these procedures in the safest manner, taking the safety of their clients into consideration.


In order to pursue a career in esthetics, you are going to need to attend a cosmetology school. Each state has their own requirements about how long your education needs to be, but most esthetics programs at cosmetology programs last about three months to six months, or three hundred to six hundred hours. Keep in mind that the cost of school will vary, but most people can expect to spend about $2,000 to $5,000 on their schooling.


After you have completed an esthetics program, you are going to need to become licensed to work in this area of the beauty industry. This means that you are going to need to take the state examination, which consists of a hands-on test following oral instructions and a written or proctored test. Most salons will not want to hire you until you have received your esthetics license, as it is a liability for you to work before becoming certified.


The amount of money that you can earn as an esthetician will vary greatly, according to your location and the salon you are planning to work at. Most of your earnings will come from tips, which is why it is ideal to work at a spa where people are willing to spend more for their salon treatments. Some estheticians may earn less than $15,000 a year, while others may earn more than $50,000. Certain seasons, such as wedding and prom seasons, may help you earn more money than other times of the year, when salons may not see very much business.


The good thing about a job in esthetics is that many of these positions are very flexible. It makes it a great job choice for someone who is looking for a part-time job, moms who are looking to get back to work, and those who need a secondary supplementary income. If you want a job that may let you create your own hours, esthetics can be a good option for you.

If you enjoy doing makeup and skin care, a career in esthetics may be a great option for you. Anyone who is interested in the beauty industry may want to think about a career in esthetics, whether you choose to pursue this career alone or incorporate it into the overall career of a cosmetologist.

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Tips For a Glamorous Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the one day during the year when you will want to impress the special person in your life. How far do you need to go to look beautiful for your sweetie though? Here are some tips for a glamorous Valentine’s Day.

Eyebrow Wax

There’s nothing wrong with plucking your eyebrows, but you don’t get that beautiful look that comes with waxing. Whether you’re going out or staying in, an eyebrow wax will make you feel beautiful this Valentine’s Day. Be sure to get your eyebrows waxed two to three days before Valentine’s Day, or your eyebrow area is going to look red and puffy.

Bikini Wax

It is likely that your Valentine’s Day will lead to extra romanticizing. It is a good idea to think about getting a bikini wax for this special day. Although most people will admit that bikini waxes are not the most comfortable experience, many do not find them to be any more painful than eyebrow waxing. Note that you must have about 1/4” of hair grown in order to get a wax, however. Be sure to go for your bikini wax at least two days before Valentine’s Day so that your skin won’t be irritated on the night of.


Depending on what you are planning to do for Valentine’s Day, it is ideal to glam yourself up by choosing the best outfit you own. Something a little bit shorter and a little bit lower cut than what you would normally wear is ideal. Whether you are wearing a little black dress or a gorgeous shirt with a pair of jeans that make your butt look gorgeous, it is important to put some thought into your Valentine’s Day outfit. Most will also find that this is the one day of the year when they may want to throw on a pair of heels!


Remember the difference between nighttime and daytime makeup. If you are going out to a club, it is appropriate to do a smoky eye look with dark or bright colors, heavy eyeliner, and a bold lipstick color. Most people will be going out to dinner and perhaps a movie for Valentine’s Day, however. This is when it is best to wear daytime makeup. The goal is to look more natural, by choosing colors like browns and lavenders. Don’t go too heavy on the eyeshadow and consider a natural shade of lip gloss. Keep in mind that your Valentine loves you for you, so there’s no need to cake the makeup on!

These are just a few of the things that you will want to keep in mind when trying to glam yourself up this Valentine’s Day! Ultimately, remember that the person you are sharing this special day with should love you for who you are. While you want to impress them, there is no reason to do anything too extraordinary, as you don’t want them to forget who they are spending Valentine’s Day with!

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5 Tips For More Beauty Sleep

Not sleeping can really impact your appearance and overall health. In addition to causing your eyes to droop and look puffy, not sleeping enough can also lead to obesity, according to various research. Here are five tips for catching up on your beauty sleep.

1. Shut the lights off at least an hour before going to sleep. When you have the lights on, your body remains adjusted to the light and feels as though it should be awake. By turning off the lights, you will be able to gradually prepare your body for wanting to sleep.

2. Stop eating the wrong foods before bedtime. When we are eating a late night snack, many of us reach for the leftover pizza. It is important to keep in mind, however, that what you eat can determine how well you are able to sleep. Try to avoid eating anything for three hours before bed but if you feel the need to, you should try to eat a small piece of fruit or popcorn, which is high in fiber.

3. Try to clear your head of all the stresses in your life. Ever hear the old saying, “Never go to bed angry”? There is a lot of truth to this. Try to deal with anything that may cause you to feel stressed out, upset, or angry at least a few hours before bedtime.

4. Take a short nap during the day. Keep in mind that a short nap means one hour. The length of the nap is so important because if you nap for longer than an hour, you are going to throw your whole sleep routine off balance. The best thing that you can do is use an alarm when taking a short nap during the day.

5. Avoid drinking anything before bedtime. Just like eating right before bedtime, you will want to avoid drinking anything as well. Otherwise, you can expect to be up all night feeling the urge to urinate as you have dreams about waterfalls. Not drinking anything before bedtime is even more critical than not eating the wrong foods before you try to sleep.

As you can see, there are a number of different ways to increase your chances of getting a good night’s sleep. Since sleep is so critical to functioning like a regular human being, as you may increase your likelihood of getting into a car crash when you are overly tired, it is important to do all that you can to get a good night’s sleep. Beauty sleep will also help you out if you are trying to reduce puffy, droopy eyes that you wake up with in the morning.

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