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How to Prevent Bikini Razor Bumps

Bikini razor bumps can be a very embarrassing and uncomfortable problem. If you regularly shave your pubic hair, you may be wondering what you can do to prevent razor bumps. Here are some of the things that you should know about how to prevent this problem.

Use a brand new razor any time you shave pubic hair. A sharp razor is much less likely to cut you than a dull one is. Keep in mind that disposable razors are also more likely to cut you and cause bikini razor bumps than razors which have disposable heads.

Make sure that your skin is soft when you shave the bikini area. A good way to do this is to run a washcloth under hot water and place it on top of the skin for a few minutes to steam it. This will make the skin much softer and less susceptible to bikini razor bumps.

Apply shave gel or cream to the bikini area. It is important to make sure that you apply as much as needed. This is typically much more than you would apply to other areas of the body when shaving. You may even find that you will need to reapply more shaving cream to the pubic area when you shave. Never, ever shave without razor gel or cream because you are basically guaranteed to get bikini razor bumps.

Shave the hair in the direction that it grows in. If you shave the hair in the opposite direction, your skin is going to be more prone to nicking and irritation. This is one of the main keys to ensuring that you will not get bikini razor bumps as a result of shaving in this area.

Don’t think that you are done with the shaving process just because the hair has been removed. Many people experience bikini razor bumps because they do not complete the process. After you have finished shaving, you will want to make sure that you wash the shaving gel or lotion off of the skin. Finally, you will want to apply an aftershave lotion to the skin, which will help any irritation subside and may reduce the likelihood of there being any razor bumps later on.

Preventing razor bumps isn’t all that challenging. It is important to keep in mind that the above mentioned factors can help reduce your chances of experiencing bikini razor bumps. The best thing that you can do is pay attention while you are shaving. Often, bikini razor bumps occur because people don’t pay much attention when they are shaving the pubic area. Being aware of what you are doing instead of making a quick movement is important to preventing razor bumps.

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How to Get Smooth Hair Like Jennifer Lopez

Regardless of Jennifer Lopez’s age, the Latin singer always has flawless hair. Are you trying to get smooth, silky hair? Here are some of the things that you should know if you are trying to get straight hair like Jennifer Lopez.

Use a good shampoo and conditioner on your hair. A great option is Silky Hair by Sexy Hair, the maker of Big Sexy Hair. You are going to need to blow dry the hair, so you will want to use a good protective product in your hair. Jennifer Lopez’s hair is smooth and silky, which shows that it is not damaged. Preventing your own hair from getting split ends is very important.

When blowing your hair dry, you will want to clip it up into sections. You can do this using one big clip for your hair and remove each section, or you can do it by using many hair clips. Begin at the bottom layer, blowing the hair dry. You will want to use a brush. It is ideal to brush the hair under, towards your chin, as you blow it dry.

In order to get smooth, silky hair like J-Lo, it is necessary to invest in a good flat iron. Most stylists will recommend you to use a Chi, but it is important to keep in mind that there other great brands that can help you achieve the same effect. Sudoku, Nano, Sedu, and Solia are some of the other high end choices.

Apply a good hair straightening serum to the hair before you begin using the flat iron. Divide the hair into small sections. They should be about two inches big, regardless of the size of your flat iron. Begin at the bottom layer and work your way up, just as you did when blowing out your hair. If you have bangs, you will want to pay close attention to them. As you straighten each section of hair, you will want to use a wide tooth comb. This is a necessary element to getting your hair looking as smooth and silky as Jennifer Lopez’s.

When you have finished straightening the hair, you will want to use a good hairspray to hold it in place. Keep in mind that it is best to use a hairspray that won’t cause your hair to look greasy or stiff, as neither of these qualities can be seen in Jennifer Lopez’s hair.

Getting hair that looks as beautiful and smooth as J-Lo’s can be somewhat challenging. If you simply do not feel as though you are going the effects that you want, talk to your hair stylist about it. She may be able to give you tips for hair straightening based on the type of hair that you have.

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How to Get Flawless Skin Like Kristen Stewart

Whether you love or hate Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella Swan in the Twilight movie series, you must admit that the actress has flawless skin. If you want your skin to look as great as Kristen Stewart’s, there are a number of things that you should know. Here are some tips on how to get great skin like the Twilight saga actress.

Avoid UV Ray Exposure

One of the things that sets Kristen Stewart apart from other actresses her age is that her skin is very fair. It is very easy to see that the Twilight actress avoids lots of UV ray exposure. This means that you will want to avoid basking for too many hours in the sun and stay out of the tanning beds. This will help keep your skin looking young for years to come and will reduce your risk of skin cancer because you will not be getting damage from the sun or tanning beds. If you want to get a tan, your best bet is to visit a salon that offers spray tanning or use a sunless tanner from a bottle.

Develop a Skin Care System

Any Kristen Stewart fan will be able to tell you that the actress doesn’t have any pimples or blemishes. To prevent this from being a skin problem of your own, you will want to develop a skin care system. Using a daily facial cleanser, exfoliator, toner, and moisturizer is the best thing that you can do if you are looking to keep your skin looking radiant. Buying products for your skin type, such as dry skin or oily skin, can also help reduce your problems.

Wash Your Makeup Off at Night

Another one of the things that sets Kristen Stewart apart from other actresses is that she does not wear tons of makeup. At any given time, she will usually be photographed wearing almost no makeup, except for on her eyes and lips. Not only is it ideal to avoid wearing tons of makeup, unless you are choosing mineral varieties, but it is necessary to wash your makeup off at night. Otherwise, your skin will most likely show wrinkles later on in life.

Kristen Stewart from the Twilight movie series is a great example of an actress who has nearly flawless skin. Having flawless skin yourself requires the effort of creating a daily skin care routine that consists of using the above mentioned products and washing your makeup off at night. Getting minimal UV ray exposure is also ideal if you are trying to protect yourself from sun damage.

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Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian Quick Trim Commerical Controversy

Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian Quick Trim commercial controversy is strong.  There are those that think that Kim and Khloe Kardashian’s commercial was too sexually charged for what it was.  Others think that the advertisement is suitable for the product.

There’s no secret that the purpose of the commercial is to showcase the Kardashian sister’s curvacious bodies.  Of course, there’s more to weight loss than just simply popping a pill.  Kim and Khloe spend a lot of time eating right and exercising in addition to taking these types of supplements.

Khloe Kardashian recently lost a lot of weight, and since then has become a spokeswoman for Quick Trim.

Kim Kardashian’s curves and booty have always been the source of envy for many women.

SO what do you think about the Kim and Khloe Kardashian Quick Trim commerical? Is it sexy? Wraunchy? Too much? Not enough?

Personally, I think the company is wanting to sell a product.  Women want to be sexy for men, and seeing Kim and Khloe may be enough of a motivator to get may women off their couches and in the store to purchase the product.

Below is the commercial so that you can judge for yourself. What do you think?

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Dry Winter Skin Care Tips

Many people experience a lot of skin problems during the months of winter. The reason is because the cold air can cause your skin to dry out. If you’re suffering from this problem, you may be wondering what you can do to control the problem. Here are some tips for dealing with dry winter skin.

Use a Good Moisturizing Lotion

There are a number of great moisturizers out on the market for you to choose from. It is important to make sure that you are using any type of moisturizer for your skin. Unless you use a moisturizer, it is likely that your skin is going to flake and become rougher in texture.

Avoid Tanning During Winter

If you use tanning beds, you may want to avoid using them during the months of winter. While tanning beds can be very relaxing, they have a tendency to dry out the skin. If you are going to use a tanning bed during the winter time, be sure to use a moisturizing lotion afterwards to prevent skin dryness.

Keep Your Lips Protected

It is very common for people to experience lip chapping during winter, but not at any other time during the rest of the year. The best thing that you can do is use chap stick or lip balm any time that you go outdoors to keep your lips protected.

Cover Up as Much as Possible

Wearing a hat, scarf, and gloves to keep the skin as covered up as much as possible is ideal during the wintertime. You should be sure to wear all of these things when you are outdoors in the winter. Protecting your skin from the wind and cold weather is very important.

Drink Lots of Water

Keeping yourself hydrated will help ensure that your skin remains hydrated. Drinking the daily recommended eight 8 oz glasses of water can help keep your skin looking beautiful, and will also prevent it from drying out quite as easily. Since people mainly focus on drinking water to prevent hydration during the summer, this can be a problem.

Dry skin can be a problem. It is important to keep in mind that preventing it from occurring in the first place is the best thing that you can do, as getting rid of dry skin is not all that easy. By keeping your skin moisturized and protecting both your lips and skin, you will be able to prevent dry skin from being such a problem for you.

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Best Eyeshadow Colors For Blue Eyes

No matter what your eye color is, it is important to choose the right eyeshadow color. The right shadow can really make your eyes pop, while the wrong color can cause your eyes to look a lot smaller. This is a common problem with those who have blue eyes. Here are some of the eyeshadow colors which are an excellent choice for your blue eyes.


People with blue eyes are most complemented by browns. Be sure to explore a wide array of browns, ranging from chocolate browns to beiges. If your skin is fair, it is likely that you will look the best with light shades of brown.


Many people with blue eyes also look great with gray eyeshadow. Once again, your skin color will determine what shade of gray is the best choice for you. People with very fair skin will look the best with light shades of gray, whereas those with medium skin can usually get away with charcoal eyeshadow.


Another great eyeshadow color choice for people who have blue eyes is pink. Unless you have tan skin, you will want to stray away from wearing hot pink. Some people may be able to get away with a fuchsia color, but most will look best with pastel shades of pink eyeshadow.


It is very risky for people with blue eyes to wear green eyeshadow, but it can look great. If you have blue eyes which have a hint of green, this is not the best eyeshadow color for you. When you do select a shade of green, you will want to opt for an emerald or forest green. Stay away from lime green and especially be sure to avoid teal green, as it simply does not look right with this eye color.

It is important to be aware of what colors you cannot wear if you have blue eyes. Most people with blue eyes do not look the best with shades of yellow and orange. Since most people with blue eyes have very fair skin, you will want to stray away from eyeshadow colors which are too dark. Also keep in mind that white eye shadow can make your eyes to look a lot smaller if it is not used in combination with another color of eyeshadow. Blue eyes are not best complemented by purple eyeshadow. While people who have blue eyes are not typically recommended to wear blue eyeshadow, it is a shame because with the right shade, this can be a great look. You will want to select a blue eyeshadow that is not the same shade as your eye color, however.

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Grammy Fashions 2010 Are A Buzzin’

Grammy Fashions are a buzzin.  There were various Grammy Fashions on the red carpet, from Lady Gaga’s out of this world gear to Brittany Spears’ WTF fishnet stocking dress there were many stars to see.  Out of all the Grammy Fashions, there are five dresses that would look great for every day women across the country.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s Grammy fashions was a great call.  Her dark blue off-the-shoulder dress was to die for.  Paired with her flawless makeup and soft curls, this look was to die for.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman’s black dress was cut where it will flatter a multitude of figures.  The longer dress with sparkles in it was very flattering and elegant.


Rihanna’s white turtleneck dress was also to die for.  It was classy, elegant, and flowing. This look would look great on any African American woman, or a woman with a nice tan.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum’s tunic style dress would look great with a pair of dark brown leggings and a chunky gold belt.  Although it would be a tough look to pull off by itself, it’s a great overall look.

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood’s white and silver gown looked spectacular. This would be the perfect look for a simple and casual wedding.

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Best Eyeshadow Colors For Brown Eyes

Selecting the right eyeshadow color can be very challenging. The good thing about having brown eyes is that your options are limitless. Unlike blue and green eyes, you can wear just about any color of eyeshadow and get away with it if you have brown eyes.  Here are some of the different eyeshadow shades which are the most suitable choice for brown eyes, however.


Believe it or not, one of the best shades of eyeshadow for someone with brown eyes to wear is brown. One of the main keys to choosing the right eye shade of brown is taking a closer look at what your eye color is. If you have really dark brown eyes, you would benefit most from wearing a lighter shade of brown. Those with light brown eyes will look best with dark brown eyeshadow. Gold, beige, and bronze are all colors to consider. Also be sure to look for metallic shades of brown, as they tend to look best on those with brown eyes.


Another eye shadow color which seems to complement those with brown eyes very well is green. Green eyeshadow can really bring out the lighter specks in your eyes. This is why it is a great option for those who have hazel eyes as well. Opting for a darker shade of green eye shadow, rather than a lime green, is the best way to go for a sexy and natural look. Note that green eyeshadow is a particularly good choice for people with brown eyes and darker skin.


Charcoal, grays, whites, and blacks are eyeshadow colors that look good on just about everyone, but particularly good on those with brown eyes. The smoky eye makeup technique looks great when it is done with these colors on people who have brown eyes. You can’t go wrong when using these colors of eyeshadow, regardless of what shade of brown your eyes are!


Depending on your skin color, purple can be a great eyeshadow color choice for those with brown eyes. It tends to be an excellent option for those who have light or medium skin tones. Be careful if you have darker skin tones, however. While purple eyeshadow can still look good on you, it is important to conscious of what shades to choose. Very dark and very light purples are not the best choice.

Now that you know what colors look great with brown eyes, it is important to be aware of what colors don’t look the best with them. You will want to stay away from shades of red and orange. Blue is also not the best eyeshadow color choice for people with brown eyes.

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Miss America Pageant 2010 and a Controversial Judge

Miss America Pageant 2010 has a unique and controversial judge.  Miss America Pageant 2010 has 7  judges, one of which is Rush Limbaugh.  Yup, you got it – the conservative radio show host that everyone loves to hate is going to be a Miss America Pageant 2010 judge.

Although Rush Limbaugh as a judge is a little strange, I can see why he would jump at the opportunity.  He’s critical, and he’s against feminism.  He once said something to the effect that feminism was created so that unattractive women would have access to certain parts of society.

So now, Rush Limbaugh will be charged with judging scantily clad and sometimes “lofty” women and figuring out which ones “deserve” a scholarship. He will get to point out cosmetic flaws and criticize what the girls say.

Sounds like it will be right up his alley.

The Miss American 2010 Pageant happens tonight, so be sure to stay tuned to find out who your next Miss America winner will be.

Let’s just hope that the Miss America pageant 2010 winner this year will be a little more charming and charismatic than Carrie Prejean.  Hopefully the pageant won’t ask the women to delve into deep philosophical and political debates.

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2010 Prom Dress Trends

Every school year, prom dress styles change drastically. If you are a high school girl who is going to be attending your prom this year, you may be wondering what type of prom dress trends you should expect to see when shopping. Here is a list of the most popular 2010 prom dress trends.

Long vs. Short Prom Dresses

For the past few years, short prom dresses have been in. This year, the trend is going to be all about long prom dresses, however. While there will still be some short dresses, they are not nearly as short as other years. A lot of mid-length dresses, which fall just above the knee, are also going to be in this season. In addition, most of the prom dresses for 2010 are going to be sleeker. If you wear a puffy prom dress, you are likely to stick out at your prom this year. Since puffy dresses are often referred to as “princess dresses,” you may be getting just what you are asking for.

Open Back Prom Dresses

One of the most popular prom dress trends for 2010 is open back dresses. Some of them may dip low and others may have a design, such as a crisscross. Think Kate Hudson and the gold dress she wore in the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. These dresses will look best on girls who do not have very much back fat, however.

Prom Dresses With Ruffles

There is no doubt that ruffles are going to be one of the biggest trends this season. This is especially true for shorter prom dresses, but there are also going to be quite a few longer prom dresses with a design that consists of ruffles. Another trend with ruffles is going to be an asymmetrical design, in which the prom dress looks like there is one leg not covered by the dress.

Floral and Polka Dot Designs

You are going to be seeing a lot of polka dot and floral designs this prom dress season. The floral designs are often going to be bright and colorful, much like what you would imagine a bathing suit to look like. What’s interesting about the polka dots is that they are not going to be in the form of black and white necessarily. The dress may have polka dots in the same color or in silver.

2010 Prom Dress Color Trends

There seem to be three main colors this season which you are going to see a lot of. They are a bright shade of blue or turquoise, red, and purple. Coral is also going to be a fairly popular color trend. You may seem more black prom dresses than you have in recent years.

These are just a few guidelines that you should take into consideration when choosing a prom dress this season. Remember that most girls are only able to go to one prom, however, so it is important to choose the dress that you absolutely love!

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